Celebs That Did The Unexpected: Bringing Ideas To Life

I love it when people, in general, do something that is unexpected.

That is what three celebrities did.

I know that there are more celebs that do the unexpected.

I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with trying new things and bringing ideas to life despite the fact that many people may not agree with the unexpected.

As long as laws are not being broken and it may be another ding to add on their bucket list then all I can say, is more power to them.

Who Are These Celebs?

I will list them in no order. So let us just get right to it.

First Celeb Is Madonna

Madonna is coming out with her new album called Madame X.

Medellin is the first single from that album that is going to be released.

I get it that Madonna is doing what she does, but still doing it at 60 isn’t very typical in her industry.

You’d expect someone like her to have a Vegas show, but why not make another album and do another run at what she does best, shock us with her behavior.

After watching her Medillin teaser, to me, she’s being that Madonna.

If you grew up knowing who Madonna is, you know how she is, she just does it.

She comes up with an idea, then of course shock us with her behavior.

If you haven’t watched the teaser, you can watch it below.

People reacted and said such harsh things like…!

She should retire and stick to the old material.

Why should the material girl stick to doing old material? After watching the teaser video, most people who reach the age of 60 probably wouldn’t do it as Madonna does.

They probably would do what most women her age do and that is travel, wait for grand-babies or take a new hobby.

I must add if you’re reaching or are 60 and doing that there is nothing wrong with that either.

What is most important is that you shouldn’t stop living your life as long as you’re living.

You have the right to go out and do what you want to do especially at the age of 60.

We all know that women have come a long way and doing the unexpected at any age just keeps women evolving to new heights.

Speaking of women evolving, this brings me to the next celebrity.

Second Celeb is Kim Kardashian West

I actually love what she’s doing and I’m pretty sure there are some people who are going to disagree with me.

I get it that people have opinions and that is all good.

Kim is studying to become a lawyer. The way she’s doing it is through a 4-year apprenticeship with a law firm. Once she finishes her apprenticeship, she plans on taking the bar.

We know Kim for her beauty, cosmetics, and of course her reality TV series.

But why not set out and do something unexpected. We all know that her father was a successful attorney and out of all the Kardashians, you would think or expect Rob to become the attorney.

However, Kim took the throne and is setting out to do it her way despite the fact that people are all over the place with this one.

Some people feel she should stick to what she knows while others feel it’s a great thing.

In the CNN clip below, Kim knows that people are either nay or yeah with what she’s doing, but it’s not stopping her.

Here is the thing, if Kim passes the bar and starts winning case after case after case, people are going to take what she does seriously.

What is so awesome about this, is that Kim is showing people that you can go out there and try. I get it that she has the means to actually try and do anything.

However, being who she is and the public is watching her, puts a lot more pressure on her to succeed.

Only time will tell what will happen, but I love the fact that a woman with an LA face with an Oakland booty is doing it! Let’s bring this to court!

Speaking of beauty, let’s get into what the final celeb that is doing the unexpected and that is Snoop.

Final Celeb, It’s Snoop

I get it that Snoop works with Martha Stewart which is not the norm and why not do more unexpected things.

By keeping his flavor going and his voice is just sooo cool, he narrates Nikkie Tutorials when she applies her make-up on her YouTube Channel.

What was so cool is that they both were smokin-it out! You will know what I mean once you watch the video below.

After watching the video, I felt it was another notch not just on Snoops belt, but Nikkie’s as well.

Why not do the unexpected and enjoy life to it’s fullest.

Not Very Typical

When I started my blog, I knew it was going to be challenging for me because I avoided writing at all costs. The typical thing for me to do is find something that fits me.

Well, why not give a blog a shot, I thought! Why not try something else that is so out of the box for me and see what happens.

I took a leap when I got 10 lessons on how to start a blog.

It’s been a wonderful journey. It does take work to keep at it, but not doing the typical thing and going out of your comfort zone isn’t easy but pays off in the end if you just do it.

All In All

Dreaming is one thing, but putting yourself out there and just doing it makes you a hero in my book.

Taking a leap of faith and looking at that glass as half full is what sets the brave apart from the weak.

If you’re afraid of what the nayers will say, then you’re not living your life to the fullest.

People will always be there to nay, but these three celebs did it regardless of what the outcome will be and what people say.

You just gotta go out there and try.

What is your take about the 3 Celebs, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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