5 Things To Look For From Opportunities Online: It Is All In Front Of You

I decided to write an article about why I don’t purchase some of the products that I review.

These are the top 5 things to look for from opportunities online before you buy.

Sometimes we don’t see the answer, but believe it or not; the answer is all in front of you.

The reason why I’m writing this article is that people leave comments, and some of these people are a bit upset that I didn’t spend my money when I knew darn well that it is a sham.

Before We Begin

Before I give you my top 5 reasons, I’m not just going to give my money to scams, especially if it’s an obvious scam.

For What?

I’m going to point out to you what my reasons are, and if you don’t see my logic, then that’s fine.

Seriously, if you think I’m going to waste my time and money to give some scammer a dime, you have another thing coming.

I’m going to warn people right now.

Most of these business opportunities tend to be scams, so you gotta look at what is visible when making money online.

Here Are My Top 5 Reasons

  • First Reason Red Flags

fivethingstolookfor those flags

Red Flags are huge. When you see any red flags and disregard them, you’re really setting yourself up to lose money. Some of these red flags would be located in the fine print.

Look for anything that says in the sales page a one time fee, then when you go to the fine print it would say there is a monthly fee.

Why couldn’t they tell people that upfront? Why do they have to hide that?

Another Red Flag

When I X-out and the site does what I call the waiting tactic.

Sometimes the price can go down to as little as $1.

Obviously they want you to pay that monthly fee.

Not only that, what is really the value of the product or service if they are willing to go as low as one buck.

Obviously something shady is going on.

Why do they have to down-sell people like that? It could be they just want your email address to try and get you the next time.

I know some of you are thinking it’s a business tactic, I call it a Red Flag. Look, we are on the Internet here, sometimes people will say anything to make a buck.

Your money and my money is not their playground.

  • Second Reason Downright Obvious

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Some of these money-making opportunities are just surprisingly shocking that they would tell people these lies.

You get that a lot with these binary software videos.

They say that it’s free in these videos, and show people how much money they can make by the prediction of their trading software.

Yeah, the software is always free, but you will still have to deposit at least $250 dollars into the trading account.

Another thing people need to understand is that no bank anywhere is going to allow all these people to make trillions of dollars.

Seriously, if you got millions of people investing a minimum of $250 and they are all winning millions from a small investment, where do you think the bank is going to get all this money?

  • Third Reason Those Common Lies

five things to look for lies

Flashing all this money and shiny objects. A lot of us are visual people and want to see the money, but it’s not proof.

Anyone can stand in front of an expensive car and house and claim it’s theirs.

I know it’s tempting when we see these fantastic flashes of money and material things, but most of the time it’s just a fantasy.

  • Fourth Reason The Price

cost fttlf

Most money-making opportunities are affordable to start, then there are some that are just plain pricey.

It doesn’t mean it’s a scam, but I’m not paying $5000 dollars just to see if it works.

In the online world, it shouldn’t cost someone an arm and a leg to get a business going. It’s just as simple as that.

  • Fifth Reason It’s An MLM Opportunity

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I noticed with most of the really pricey business opportunities are usually MLM type businesses. I’m not into that and I will steer away from them.

I’ve tried MLM in the past and it’s not for me. It doesn’t mean people don’t make money from them, but MLM’s tend to be a very difficult business model to build.

Not only that they can really come close to some sort of Ponzi scheme.

I really try to advocate that if people are going to join one of these MLM businesses, research their product.

You should be able to make money by selling their product without recruiting people.

If it’s a product you’re not interested in, most likely you’re just wasting your time and money.

A Little Deeper

These are the top 5 reasons why I don’t buy. Some of you will come across an opportunity with no reviews out there. You only have what the website is stating.

I like to show people what to look for when there’s nothing to go by.

It can all be right in front of you Just by looking at what they are offering you and what they want you to do.

This is why it’s important to read the fine print, look at the business model, and look at how much it cost.

It’s important to start trusting your judgment and if all else fails, maybe it’s a good idea to just wait.

Why Is The Business Model The Most Important?

This is what you are going to do to make money. It will be you who will be representing the business, model.

If you look at the most reputable businesses in the online world, they are websites.

It’s not a done for you website either. It’s a website that was created from the ground up just like a seed you plant in the ground.

Be like Googe, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Angie’s List, Wealthy Affiliate, and so on.

These are all websites.

They started from the ground up by planting a seed and now these sites have a growing business.

All In All

There is a big difference between making money and ripping people off. It kills me when services charge people the outlandish amounts of money to make fast profits.

Research is key, but if all else fails, look at what they want you to do and don’t let the flashing fool you.

Most big businesses online started with a website. If you don’t know where to begin then I highly suggest you check out this site here!

This is where I began my journey more than nearly 4 years ago and I must say it’s a great experience.

What is your take about 5 things to look for from opportunities online, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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