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Hello, My name is Evelyn a mother of two teenage children, a lovely daughter, and a son with special needs.

evie and her handsome son

As you can see, in the first image, my son is cheesing very big. He loves taking pictures and despite the fact that he can’t wear braces due to his autism, he has no shame about his teeth and I love that about him, that is my boy right there!

The second image is when my daughter was around 10 years old. She likes this picture so I decided to add this one with me and her imitating each other.

I also enjoy spending time with my children and love watching them blossom into young adults.

I also enjoy watching shows such as Shark Tank, Project Runway, Master Chef, and Top Chef are just a few of my shows. I love to read books and spend time on the Internet learning new things.

evie and lovely syd

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and since I have a child with special needs, I figured I would venture out into the online world and see if I could put my entrepreneurial spirit into good use.

When I ventured into the Internet world, I found out quickly that there were a lot of business opportunities and information out there.

I tried a few businesses and I lost money with businesses claiming I could make money with them. It was hard to find help. When I Google something I got more of the same, a bunch of scams.

Even though I didn’t succeed yet, what I did is took a step back and did some research. It became time-consuming and I found out that the good reviews and the bad reviews are sometimes fake.

So who do I trust online when there is so much “money-making drama” out there?

The first lesson I learned, if it is fast, quick and easy, don’t even think about it, click it off.

I knew there were people out there making real legitimate money online. I just had to find that right person and I did.

I came across someone who I now call my mentors.

His website has great information and everything was free to join.

I did my research even though it was free, Lol, I took the plunge and things turned around for me.

Why I Want To Help People Make Money Online!

I know there are others like me out there looking for the right resources.

I feel for people who lost their money and time on scams.

My goal is to help others out there who experienced the “money-making drama” as I did.

I put time and effort into what I’m doing and each day I do that, I get to help others out there find what they are looking for.

I hope I can help you, as I know it is overwhelming out there in the Wild Wild West.

What Is My Goal With Begin At Zero

Okay, when I started my website BeginAtZero.com, as I said earlier, I too tried other opportunities online.

I named my website BeginAtZero because I knew I was starting all over again.

At the beginning of anything you do, it begins at zero and the slate is clean.

My goal with my website is to help you find information, strategies and business opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.

Again, my name is Evelyn and I look forward to helping you reach your goals to become your own hero.

If you have any questions, leave a reply below.

You can also email me at evelyn@beginatzero.com.

All the best,


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  1. Your children are beautiful! I work with autistic students and love them! I came across your website while looking for something to do to make some extra income on the side of teaching. Sigtrack caught my interest but I was wondering whether you actually worked for them and what your experience was. I’ve read pros and cons and I’m undecided whether to try them out. If you have a moment and can share your experience with me, I would appreciate it. I’m just wondering whether it’s worth my time and if I can actually make some decent money on the side.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      No, I haven’t worked for Sigtrack, but I have a friend who did, and that is how I heard about them. She indicated to me that you could make some decent money when it’s peak season. Being that I’ve worked at home and from what others experience is that most work at home jobs tend to have peak seasons.

      So if you’re going to venture into working from home arena, know that most jobs are not going to be a full-time pay position. Since a lot of people are interested in Sigtrack, it seems to take a very long time to get a response, and it wasn’t like that when my friend applied.

      People these days are looking at all legit opportunities to work from home. More than likely, you’re going to work for maybe two to three different services if you want that decent money.

      As for me, I wanted more control over the way I wanted to make money from home, so that is why I eventually ventured into websites.

      So, if you apply at Sigtrack, know that it is going to take some time to get hired.

      There are peak seasons. I believe my friend said she made around $900 a month during peak seasons.

      My friend doesn’t work through Sigtrack anymore.

      She does Uber and Lyft now, she loves it and now has regular clients.

      I wish you the best and I hope I answered all your questions, Blessings to you Jennifer, Evelyn.

    • Yes I’m a little familiar with Netqube, it’s one of those matrix type comp plans along with getting paid through affiliate sales, if we are talking about the same thing. As you know John, MLM or any type of business model like these is not for me. All the best, Evelyn.

  2. Hey Evelyn,

    I’ve been reading your site for a while now. I’m looking to switch from Wix to WordPress, (which should be the name of a blog post) I want to install the free WordPress and start using their themes. Do you have a referral link to hosting or do you recommend a hosting company? I noticed yours was super fast which I think is a combination of hosting and word press.



    • Hey Nancy,

      Lol in regards to the name of the blog post,check out Wealthy Affiliate, You will get WordPress websites, hosting up to 25 websites at no additional costs, keyword tool and on top of that, it is free to check out without pulling a single credit card out, all the best, Evelyn.

  3. Hi Evelyn, How are you and your family doing today? First of all, we love your honest reviews and articles. We use Jaaxy to find great keywords for our websites. Why do we need WA? From our experience, great “buyer” keyword research wins 80% of the time. And since we have Jaaxy, we have all we need. Correct?

    • Hey Tony and Claudia, My family are doing great and I appreciate the compliment. If you’re doing fine with just using Jaaxy, then you’re okay. Everyone has different needs. Some people love the support that WA provides, others want access to WA’s live weekly training with Jay, some people need WA’s training, while others may enjoy helping others.

      WA also provides hosting and some people are happy with using WA’s hosting along with all the perks that comes with WA. If you didn’t know this, WA even provides a keyword tool for their members. WA’s keyword tool is not as sophisticated as Jaaxy, but it gets the job done. Some people starting off would rather get the training and use WA’s keyword tool.

      That is what makes Wealthy Affiliate so special, they offer everything! Some people need training and don’t know where to begin. That’s how it was for me when I started my online business.

      I wanted proper training and I didn’t want to go researching everywhere to find this and that, I personally don’t have time for that.

      I also like the fact that I learn new things that may change from time to time. It’s a service that I totally enjoy using and respect because people can started from the ground up with either a monthly fee or yearly fee as a premium member.

      There are some people who leave WA and decided to just use Jaaxy when they are finished with their training and others come back because they just love it there.

      But, like I said, It just depends on you and your needs. If you’re doing fine using Jaaxy then I wouldn’t worry about it.

      I hope I answered your question and If you have any others questions feel free to ask. Appreciate your great question and wish the both of you many blessings and tons of success, Evelyn.

    • Hey Michael, thanks I wrote an article about the list. Doesn’t mean I won’t do it in the future, I just have a lot on my plate right now and don’t want to fill too soon. Thanks for the compliment Michael. Many blessings to you, Evelyn.

  4. Hi Evelyn, Thanks for your candor, I like what I see and I have just joined as a Starter, and am researching the Premium offer but, so far, I have not found the answer to these questions:

    1. Where is the $300 and something premium offer you mentioned in one of your articles (if you pay for whole year), and

    2. Is an auto-responder service included in the $47 monthly fee or will I need to purchase one separately


    • Thanks Joe, the $359 yearly membership you will get access to once you pay the premium membership. WA will deduct the money from the $19 dollar you pay for premium. As for an autoresponder, it is not included with WA premium membership. You would have to independently look for your own autoresponder service. A good one is Aweber some people use Getresponse or Mailchimp. I hope I answered your questions Joe If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I’m looking forward to chatting with you inside WA, Many blessings, Evelyn.

  5. Hello Evelyn, I am a french speaking mother, willing to earn money home, and I found you while searching about TSFM. Thank you so much for your advice and warnings. Wish more people could help as much as you do instead of leading you into a big big hole! You are a blessed person, really! Hope I will find my way with your help, Zoary.

    • You’re very welcome Zoary, I really feel people shouldn’t have to spend all that money to earn money from home. My #1 Heroic Site helps people get there. It’s a great service that you can check out for free. Read my experience and then I suggest you check it out and see if it’s a right fit for you. I wish you many blessings Zoary, Evelyn.

  6. Evelyn, you are a straight talker, well done on responding to a couple of ‘critics’ there. All you can do is call it as you experience it, I completely agree with you about MLM schemes, they are classic ‘get rich quick’ scams which present to people as legitimate businesses. no one makes money other than the ‘top tiers’ Facebook has hundreds of people seeking to recruit people into their particular brand and it is all rubbish. You are absolutely right about building your own business, with your own websites regardless if you are an affiliate or create your own products. Once again it is refreshing to encounter a genuine person online who is promoting authentic methods we have to recognize each other and support the true cause, real people seeking to be independent by using this amazing resource we all have access to!

    • Hey Michael, Thanks, I’m so not of fan of the MLM business model. It is so nice to come across someone who agrees that you can really build a business with your website. What makes building your own website wonderful is that you’re not obligated to any a particular product like the MLM industry does. You have the freedom to choose which products you feel are great to promote. Thanks for your thoughts, I really appreciate it Evelyn.

  7. Hi Evelyn, Thanks so much for this information. I have spent money looking for financial freedom online and offline. Network marketing, SBI, etc. But these all left me still seeking online success. Thanks so much for creating this site with information to help us steer away from all the scams.

    • Hey Van, You’re welcome, I’m not a fan of MLM. At one point I just had to say no more MLM. Every time someone comes to me with any Network Marketing base business, I just say no thank you. It’s expensive and I believe it’s not even worth it. What makes a lot of sense is to just build your own business. With the internet today, a lot of people are doing it.Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for people to learn and grow your own business. Thanks for your wonderful compliment Many blessings to you, Evelyn.

  8. Hi Evelyn, I’ve spent quite a while on your site. You have some great articles here. What I want online is to do what I love and make money. I love to write, and I love to teach people. I have a daily blog on Bible teaching, and I share a few products using my Amazon affiliate links, but I’m not seeing many visits. Those who do visit give compliments, but they’re not clicking the links. I said all that to ask if your WA program is for those of us who only want to set up with things we believe in. In other words, I shop a lot at Amazon (especially on Kindle books), so I share those. I also want to share the Zazzle sellers I like, the CafePress products I like, etc. Mostly, I want to share the books of fellow writers, and I do that mostly with Amazon. So, does WA make it easier to do that? I haven’t even created an Amazon store to go with my affiliate program, but I did register my affiliate ID with my Hub Pages account. I need something simple because I’m involved in so many things with my writing and my volunteer activities. Thanks. Crystal.

    • Hey Crystal, Thanks, I went through your site and I absolutely love your site. If you like all those things you will absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate. WA encourages you to build a site on things you’re interest in and what you like to do. We have quite a few authors and affiliates with Amazon and other affiliate programs, it’s up to you on what you want to do. What WA does is teach you how to make money with your OWN website. The training there is phenomenal. You do have to invest your time in learning everything, but you do it at your pace. If you do want to make money through internet as a career, I high recommend you go premium, actually it’s a must. I’m telling you right now, I’ve looked into so many programs out there, you will not get what you will get through WA. If I were in your shoes, I would check out WA’s FREE version. They give you ten free lesson so you can get better idea if this is something for you. I personally feel you will benefit from WA. You will learn about SEO and how to gain revenue through Amazon or where ever you choose to. They are running a Black Friday special to be a premium member, I suggest you check it out. It’s free to sign up with no pressure. Just check it out and see if it’s right for you. Thanks for your comment and checking out my site, I really appreciate it. I wish you the best and hope to see you at WA. If any have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. Many blessings to you! Evelyn.

    • Hey Viola, Thanks, I try to do my best and let people know what is out there. I’m such a fan of Master chef. I like to watch shows that people use their talents and try to achieve their dreams. Thanks for thoughts, Evelyn.

    • Hey Hans, I totally understand what you mean. Some people just want to make some extra cash online, but sometimes you got sift through a lot scams to find a good one. Check out all my recommended sites to your right. These sites here I do all the time and make some extra cash from them. If you want to learn about build a nice income from home, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a fantastic place to learn how to build a business from home. All the best to you, Evelyn.

  9. Just curious, how do you know AndThanks2U is a scam? Were you scammed by them or know someone that was? What makes the businesses you suggest much better? I’ll bet its because you just happen to be a member of those businesses which makes you a bit of a scam yourself. I’m sure you won’t post this because you might have to publicly answer my questions but, it sure would be interesting to know why you think you’re the expert, when you’ve had no experience with a program and its only your amateur opinion.

    • Hey Anita, Thanks for taking the time to comment. I researched everything before I think about joining a business. What I found about AndThanks2U is that it’s a classic matrix system. Usually classic matrix system works when you get people to join something for a small cost or even for free and they go into a waiting list to get their prize. Then they move up a level to get a bigger prize, it could be money, TV, Computer or even a car. These types of matrix businesses now try to hide behind a product to make it seem legal. Even though they sell a digital product, the main focus of the business is to get people to join. You don’t make any money or prizes unless someone joins the business. This is why I don’t recommend AndThanks2U or even would think about joining. The businesses I recommend I do or have tried and do make money from. This is a passion of mine to find legal ways to make money online and showing people how I do it. I also advise people not to join a business because of the business model. As for the amateur comment, you can call me that if that’s how you feel. Some people know more than me about making money online and some people know less. I’m going by my research and what I experience. What I recommend or don’t recommend doesn’t necessarily mean that people will or will not follow my advice, that is totally up to them. All the best to you, Evelyn.

    • So you must be an “expert” to know when something is a bad idea? I’m guessing YOU would need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows huh? And you believe if someone warns others about a bad idea while promoting a better one automatically makes them a scammer? Are you serious?

  10. We share the same story line. I am also at the beginning of my online business. As you said we can get help or answer of question that we have during our learning stage. The real business take time to grow but once it ready to produce an income nothing can stop it.

    • Hey Zolkifle, We sure do share the same story. You’re right, real business takes time to grow and for some reason people think that online businesses grows at the speed of light. Maybe because we get info so quickly we expect growth quickly. Yeah, there are things that go viral, but like you said, once a business is built at a slow and steady pace a solid based business is built and a steady flow of income is generated. Thanks for you comment, Evelyn.

  11. Hi Evelyn, Very good information on the matter. You offer real help I see and I know it will help others. I can advise all who reads your articles they will learn of the very best way to learn and earn if they apply it, Coach Ed.

    • Hey Coach ED, I totally agree with you, in order to learn and earn is to take action and apply it. Thanks so much for stopping by, Evelyn.

    • Thank you Tess, I’m glad that I’m able to keeping you informed. There are so many scams out there and people need to know about them. It’s sad when people lose their hard earn money on sites that don’t help them at all. Thanks for your reply Tess. It’s nice to know I’m doing my job and keeping you informed, Evelyn.

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