Affiliate Site Review: Do Not Waste Cash

I wanted to do a review on Affiliate Site Pros aka AFP because of a review I did on Gim System.

When I started this review, I can see how this system is just funneling people into a monthly bill.

Before you even get involved in Affiliate Site Pros, please take the time to read my review and save your cash.

Specs About Affiliate Site Pros

asp review

Product Name: Affiliate Site Pros
Year: 2016
Free Access: No
Price: Starts at $1.95
Website URL: Overall Rating: 0/10

The Rundown

What is Affiliate Site Pros aka ASP?

  • It’s a service that provides you with a turnkey website.

How does it work?

  • ASP supplies websites that are supposed to generate revenue. All you have to do is generate traffic to the website.

How does it cost?

  • $1.95
  • $47 monthly

Who can join?

  • 18 years or older
  • Global

My Take

As I was watching the video of ASP, it’s quite similar to a lot of these videos I see online.

They offer people what appears to be a profitable way to earn money from home.

Their system seems pretty simple because they offer a turnkey website for you.

Before you get too excited, though, I’m going to tell you about some red flags that you should be aware of.

The reason being is that I started this review as I mentioned at the beginning of this review called GimSystem.

I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I’m going to let you know to have your guard up.

I hate to see people put good money into something that seems appealing.

I always state that if you want to make money from home it’s going to take work.

I’ve yet to come across anything that is done for you and all you do is sit there and all this money will be in your bank account.

If it was that easy we’d all be doing it.

Trust me, I will be doing it in a minute and advocating it like there was no place like home.

Let’s get into this review and I want to start with the video.

Video Ad

AffiliateSitePros One dollar

The video starts off with a money-making website that is done for you. They claim that it would normally cost $397 to build this “profit website”. They are only going to charge you $1 to get this website.

Once you give up your buck, they will have everything taken care of for you. All for just a buck!

  • Design The Website
  • Programming
  • All The Content
  • And Even The Hosting

All you have to do is use your coupon code and you’re good to go.

Rush Tactics

asp sale

Then they go on with the rush tactics. They say you have to do this right away because they are only making a certain amount of these websites for a limited time.

How Does The Turnkey Site Work?

The good news is that they are going to make people a one of a kind website. ASP calls it a profit website.

They claim that this specific website is set up to generate money. They claim that this website works with a company that wants to pay you for visitors.

There Is A Catch

ASP Visitors

Being that you’re going to get this done for you, turnkey website, you’re going to have to generate the traffic.

I’ve reviewed so many services that do this stuff, but here’s the problem, HOW!

These services always claim they have a system that will help you do this and that, but in the end, people are mainly asking for a refund.

Think About This

With any business, you do need traffic. If you put a business in the middle of nowhere you’re not going to make any money.

Just like the Internet, they are going to give you everything you need except the one thing that is supposed to bring in the bacon and that’s TRAFFIC.

Think about these MLM businesses, they have everything set up for you too, but there is one missing component and that is TRAFFIC.

You’re going to have to put in the work to get traffic to this site they claim only cost a buck.

This is why I advocate My #1 Heroic Site, they teach people how to generate traffic with your OWN site.

It takes work to learn this, but once you get a handle on how everything works you’ve got some knowledge and power on your hands to generate revenue.

Another Key Point I Want To Point Out

Another point I want to make is that they don’t show you what kind of website you’re going to get for a buck. Is it a Dollar Store Website?

Shoot, I’m just saying, they are not showing you anything. They are just telling you what this Jack has laid out.

So I got a little curious and was about to give my buck until I got to the payment option.

It Wasn’t Even A Buck

afsps fees

When I clicked on to see what would happen, it went to Profit With Jack which I will do another review on for you.

I was like, what happened to the buck, it turns out it cost $1.95. They didn’t say under $2. Then the fine print came into play.

This buck or $1.95 is only for a 7-day trial, then it’s going to cost you $47 a month for this turnkey money-making a website that you have to generate traffic to.

Now The Trust Is Broken

At some point when the trust is broken, it’s time to move on. Let me explain why. You got seven days to try this so-called turnkey website.

If things are not working out, you’re going to have a tough time getting your money back.

I get so many comments from people who pay for stuff like this and then they say they can’t get a hold of anyone.

Why put yourself through that. They already stated in that video that it cost a buck, then it turns out to be more than a buck. It’s just time to say NO and move on to something else that is reasonable.

All In All

Time is money and taking the time to do your research first will save you money. You’re going to have to work at this just like anything else.

ASP makes it seem like they are giving you everything, but everything is traffic. Another thing is what kind of content is on these websites.

That’s like purchasing something unseen. You gotta know what you’re buying before you buy.

If you like checking things out then I highly suggest you check out My #1 Heroic site. You can check them out for free to see what they have to offer.

What is your take about Affiliate Site Pros, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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