AndThanks2U Review: Why You Should Stay Away

I came across AndThanks2u on the net.

This program is very similar to the Feeder Matrix. Generally, it is a matrix system that claims because they have a product it’s not a gifting system.

I’m highly against businesses like these because to join these types of matrix systems the fee is minimal, but the consequences can outweigh the $2.50 fee.

These types of matrix businesses are on the rise.

You may have seen Matrix types of business models on social network sites.

I hope you’re doing your research on sites like these before you join and if you are, I commend you for doing that.

I want you to continue to keep reading this article about my AndThanks2U review and why you should stay away from joining this type of business model.

Specs About AndThanks2U


Product Name: AndThanks2U
Year: 2014
Price: Starts at $2.50
Free Access: No
Website URL: Overall Rating: 0/10

The Rundown

What is AndThanks2u?

  • AndThnks2u is similar to Feeder Matrix. it’s a matrix type business that you resell digital products to people you sign into the “business”.

How does it work?

  • It’s a matrix type business where you move up in stages and tiers. Once a person pays $2.50 to join the business, now that person is in stage 1 tier 1. Once you find four other people to join AndThanks2u and pay $2.50, you earn $10 and move up to tier 2. To give you a better idea, I will break it down into stages and tiers.

Stage 1

Tier 1 – Cost $2.50 get 4 people to pay $2.50 you get $10.00
Tier 2 – Cost $5.00 get 16 people to pay $5.00 you get $80.00
Tier 3 – Cost $10.00 get 64 people to pay $10.00 you get $640.00
Tier 4 – Cost $20.00 get 256 people to pay $20.00 you get $5,120

Stage 2

Tier 5 – Cost $100.00 get 2 people to pay $100.00 you get $200.00
Tier 6 – Cost $200.00 get 8 people to pay $200.00 you get $1,600.00
Tier 7 – Cost $500.00 get 32 people to pay $500.00 you get $16,000.00
Tier 8 – Cost $1,000.00 get 128 people to pay $1,000.00 you get $128,000

My Take

When I come across business models like these, it’s very tempting because it cost nearly nothing to join.

$2.50 is ten quarters that I can muster up easily. These matrix type plans make it sound really easy to do, but in reality, it’s very difficult.

Finding four people probably isn’t that hard, but think about it. When you explain the business model to people, many people are gonna question it and that is a challenge in itself.

You may get four people to join, then the four people you find have to find four people so you can get your money and move up a level.

When I did my research on AndThanks2U, you may discover that even though, a person made a buck on this stuff, it doesn’t mean it’s something you should do. I discover some details that you should consider before you join.

Let Us Research

I want to dig into why a person shouldn’t join a matrix type of business.

I’m not just gonna give you my opinion, I’m gonna give you some research that I did.

I know that it’s entirely your decision to join AndThanks2U or any other matrix business, but let’s cover some things that you should be aware of before you join.

Research One

The first thing I did was went to AndThanks2U Terms and Privacy page.

If you become a member, you opt-in to receive other emails from AndThanks2U.

If you don’t want to receive the emails you can cancel your membership.

attu signup

The Admin of these matrix businesses doesn’t make money from the people that join these matrix systems.

The Admin has to make money some way so companies that do these type of business practices usually sell your information to make a profit or they are in the matrix.

Usually, people run to their friends and family and tell them about these types of businesses.

Some of these names are fresh to the Internet and the person running the matrix system has new names to sell to companies.

Research Two

Payment Method. These businesses usually ask you to open a PayPal account.

According to PayPal policies, they don’t allow Matrix-type businesses to transfer money to their accounts.

If you do that, you are subject to lose your account because of a $2.50 investment.

AndThanks2U PayPal Prohibits

On AndThanks2U website they recommend when you get to Stage 2 Tier 7, this blew me away, they suggest you use FedEx to transfer money.

at2u fedx

OMG, is AndThanks2U asking their members to launder money? Isn’t that a Federal Offense? Did you read thanks to your motto?

  • Gratitude
  • Faith
  • Teamwork
  • Strategy
  • Success

Is anyone gonna have gratitude if they are in Federal prison?

Does the owner of this scam really care about you or do they care only about themselves?

You’re gonna ask 32 people to send you $500 through FedEx.

Why can’t you just do this through PayPal?

Because PayPal is going to investigate where is this large amount of money is coming from and how is this person getting this money.

Once PayPal finds out how a person violated PayPal’s rules, that person won’t get anything. PayPal is going to cease that person’s account.

That is why AndThanks2U is suggesting to use FedEx.

Research Three

What does the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) have to say about these types of businesses?

I read the FTC website. One thing I came across is that FTC gets millions of complaints daily about internet scams.

The FTC tries to educate people on what they consider scams and advises people not to join these types of businesses.

andthanks2you pyramid scheme

Even though these types of businesses hide behind a product, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily not a scam.

Think about the hoops and bounds you gotta go through to get your money and if it is even really worth it?

Don’t let people say this blah, blah stuff to get you to join a business that even the FTC warns people about.

If you think about it, the pyramid scheme business model really speaks for itself.

Are these companies really selling you a product that you really care about?

The main focus of these types of businesses is to get you to join and find others to join so you can make money.

It’s purely a gifting site that hides behind a “digital” product.

All In All

You probably will not read too many complaints about people losing their money from these types of sites.

Mainly because the initial start-up fee is something you can find in your coin purse or piggy bank.

These types of matrix businesses seem appealing and seem easy to do, but really finding people to join is very difficult.

You have to,

  • Find the people
  • Explain the business model
  • Have them open a PayPal account
  • Get them to get people to join
  • If a person quits you have to find someone else
  • Repeat the process

Hiding behind a product doesn’t mean it’s not a scam.

Companies that focus mainly on finding people to join something to get to the next level is a scam.

If you’re interested in making money online. There are lots of legal ways to do it one of the best services I came across is called Wealthy Affiliate.

What is your take about AndThanks2U, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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