Are Link Posting Jobs A Scam: It Is A Complex Situation

I know we all heard about links and we all may have posted a link somewhere online.

The most common way most of us post links online is through one of our favorite social media sites or through our emails.

You may have come across online a way to make money by posting links.

So, your first thought, since you may have run across some sort of link posting jobs is, if they are a scam. Keep reading and also find out what I mean by a complex situation.

What About Link Posting Jobs, Are They Scams?

There are so many links posting job ads online and there are so many avenues on the web that you could have found info stating that you can make a full-time income from home by posting links.

These ads online are well orchestrated. They also make it appear to be an easy way to obtain income completely from home by working a few hours a day.

When you read these ads, it appears to be tempting enough that you may want to check it out.

When I reviewed how these link posting jobs work, it really isn’t a job and I found it to be a scam.

With that being said, let me just get right to what link posting job scams tend to appear like.

How Does These Link Posting Jobs Work?

In a nutshell, what you will be doing is placing links on Craigslist at multiple locations.

These links that you will place on Craigslist are obtained through some sort of link posting agent or service.

What you would do is obtain a product link, create your own affiliate link and then place these links on Craigslist.

The way you would make money by posting these links is if anyone purchases a product through your link is when you make a commission.

Why I Call It A Scam!

First off, these “link agents or services” would want a fee for you to place these links online, and on top of that, you wouldn’t get paid to place these links online.


Let me give you an example of what I mean, a job is when you make a salary for placing links online and you wouldn’t worry about a commission.

The link posting service or agent would pay you either by the links you post or by the hour.

So in other words, you are pretty much working for yourself as an independent contractor.

Not only that, but a job also wouldn’t require you to pay a fee to place their links online.

Any reputable company that makes the money that these ads state, wouldn’t make you pay a fee and discredit their own reputation.

These ads may even make claims that they are the middleman for these reputable company’s and when you obtain these links, they are not even the company’s that they claim on the ad.

Before you think I’m done, there are other reasons why I call link posting jobs a scam.

How Does Craigslist Feel About Link Posting Jobs?

Craigslist posting

If you go to the Q and A on CL (Craigslist), it states,


Can I post ads on CL on behalf of others as a paid posting agent or posting service?


All unauthorized posting agents/services are prohibited.

Not only that, but violators also agree to pay CL (craigslist) liquidated damage for each posting.

I know that the word unauthorized is vague, however, if you are going to decide to “post links for an agent”, you should inquire through CL if the agency or service is authorized to do so.

Do not ever rely on the agent or service implying that it is authorized through CL.

The reason being is that if they are deceptive from the start, why would you trust their authorization.

Go to the actual place where they want you to place these links and get authorization from them to protect yourself.

craigslist multi locations

Here is another Q and A from CL, in the image above it also pertains to ads, it says, Can I post my ad on more than one CL site?

More or less what CL answer was, choose one location closest to you and if your ad is relevant in multiple locations, please find another service.

You gotta think about it like this, first off, you are paying someone to place links that may violate CL’s terms and on top of that risk getting fined for each link you post.

Instead of making money, you are risking more money out of your pocket for such nonsense.

What Services Are Promoting Link Posting Jobs

These are just a few that you can check out.

Secure Job Positions

Facebook On Fire

Online Position

Online Income

Daily Web Biz


Above, I’ve reviewed a number of these link posting jobs and you can see in my review how deceptive these ads are.

Some of these services use advertorials to make it appear like it is a news story.

If you look at any real job that is willing to hire you, a company WILL NOT USE AN ADVERTORIAL.

Also, they will not use deceptive tactics as a way to hire you.

People end up spending a lot of time and money on something that is so very not legit.

These types of services also change their domain names all the time which is not very transparent at all.

Along with, using other orchestrated tactics to get you to post links online.

What Does The FTC Say About Ads That Are Not Real Jobs

FTC Misleading

Sometimes these ads will let you know in their terms and conditions exactly what entails what you will be doing.

In the end, it’s your reputation, your money, and your time that you need to protect so please take the time to read the terms.

Why Would These Linking Agents Or Services Place Fake Jobs?

The main obvious reason is that these link posting jobs are asking a fee from you and that leads to these “so-called services” to make money.

Another reason is that you gave them your credit card info and that can lead to you getting charged for unauthorized charges.

Some of these “agents” may call you and will sell you other training services for a fee leading to these “agents” to make even more money.

You may also give out not knowingly your personal info that can be used for identity theft or for them to sell your info to third party marketing companies.

In other words, it is about the mighty dollar that they are after one way or another.

Is Marketing Links Online A Scam?

No, it is not. Remember in the image above in the Q and A in regards to Craigslist multiple locations?

Well, there are very relevant ways to place links online and make money.

You can obtain your own affiliate links through great services that have great reputations such as Amazon.

The easiest example I can explain in order to not complicate links is that we all watch YouTube.

Some of us subscribe to a number of channels and you will hear the vlogger say in their vlog channel, “click the link below” or you can find my merch in the link below.

Obviously, these vloggers are using their own links in a relevant way and they make money that way.

Another example would be through a website or blog.

Lots of website owners and bloggers place links on their own website and if someone purchases a product or service, it is another way a website owner makes money with their own website.

Another example would be through social media sites, there are all kinds of links on social media sites and I’m sure you’ve click few yourself.

Finally, there are ads placed on the search engines or through your emails that you may have clicked and even purchased a product or two from.

But before you go off running placing links everywhere online, Lol. There is a very relevant way to do that.

This is where it can get complex because when you go to an ad where they say to make money online by placing links, the examples that I just gave above are probably where you are thinking you are going to place these links.

So naturally, you may think that these jobs are legit because you see links everywhere online.

I’ve been online for almost five years now and if I was new to making money online, I would see things in the perspective that I just stated above.

But knowing what I know now, I would run so far from a job that implies that I can get a job by placing links online.

Shoot, I Want To Make Money Online. Where Did You Learn How To Do All This Linking Stuff?

I get it that you want to make money online, that is probably why you were attracted to a job where you place links online.

It sounds quite attractive and easy because we all pretty much know how to do that task.

I’m not going to complex things here because if you really want to make money online, it is going to take time and work.

And If you are afraid of putting in the time and work, know that maybe you should just find a job.

The beautiful part about links is that there are reputable companies that do allow you to market their products or services online.

It could be from your favorite gadgets to even house cleaning products.

The way I learned about making money online and learned how to properly use links is through a great service here.

All In All

Your best bet before you decide to take action in whatever you come across online is to do your research.

A key red flag is when they say it’s a job when it really turns out they want a fee from you.

Real jobs wouldn’t ask for a fee and if there is no fee in some sort of add that you come across, please read the terms because sometimes there is really is a fee.

I’ve yet to come across from years of searching online to earn money from a legit job that would ask you to place links online as a living.

If you are looking to make money from home, this article here may fit your needs.

Please stay safe and good luck with making money online.

What is your take about link posting jobs, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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