Are Online Survey Jobs Legit: Why It’s Not Legit

You probably saw Online Survey Jobs most job boards. Most of the time “survey jobs” are listed in the data entry or customer service field. I don’t want to get you confused about surveys and if they are legit or not.

I know for a fact that there are survey panels that are legit and do offer to compensate you for completing surveys. The question is if online survey jobs are legit?

With that being said, I will cover why it is not legit.

What Does Survey Job Listings Look Like?

areonlinesurveyjobslegit what job boards say

Most of you probably ran across one that stated you can make a full-time income by completing surveys from home.

The way people first see survey jobs is through job boards or an email where they try to influence you to sign up either for free or for a fee.

Some websites do a great job appearing quite legit while other sites don’t. Most of these types of sites use the word job to entice you to join and sometimes trick you into paying a fee.

Offers And Surveys Tend To Overlap

Offers and surveys can overlap on some sites which aren’t a bad thing.

By adding offers on a site, it allows a Signee to make money another way and it can help the Signee cash out at a much faster rate.

It just depends on the type of offers that a site wants to be completed.

Be careful with some sites that have offers because offers can be more of a money pit.

Know that if you pay a fee when you complete your first offer, sometimes the compensation could go to your dashboard leading you to complete other offers in order to get paid.

By doing this it can lead to being sketchy depending on how a website service works.

I know I’m confusing you a bit, but the reason why I’m covering info about offers is that most likely if you plan on getting compensated by completing surveys, most likely you are going to run across offers and surveys.

What Are Offers?

An example of an offer can be something like obtaining your credit score, a membership like car insurance, products like shampoos, or doing something simple like watching a video. Some of these offers require a valid debit or credit card and tend to refuse gift cards because you may get charge a monthly fee.

To clarify what I’m talking about, If you obtain your credit score, you may get compensated $5 for completing your first offer in your dashboard.

The credit score offer may say it is free to try, but what happens if you don’t read the fine print that says something like, you must cancel within 14 days or you agree to get charged a monthly fee of $6.99.

If someone didn’t read the fine print, now, that person thinks they’ve made money but, they are actually out $1.99 because they did not cancel within that fine print time frame.

Sometimes offers may require that you pay at least one month fee before you can cancel. Some of these offers can run you around $100 a month for something like shampoo.

If you look at it this way, businesses are in the making money field. So you may get influenced by making $500 dollars with a “survey job” that really isn’t quite what it was cracked up to be.

There are offers out there on survey sites that can compensate you without using your credit card at all.

These types of offers are the ones I recommend, but it doesn’t pay much.

Usually, they pay you around $0.01 to $0.10 for watching a video or signing up for a newsletter. Once you watch the video or sign up for a newsletter you get compensated in your dashboard.

I’m Sure You Want To Know Why Survey Jobs Are Not Legit

Surveys are not jobs because anyone can sign up to complete surveys and get compensated for completing them.

When you get hired for a job, we all know that you go through a hiring process and you get compensated either by a monthly salary or hourly for doing work that is required.

Any “survey job” that states otherwise are not jobs, leading it to be not legit.

Sites like to use the word job as a way to get your interest. They also use wording that seems to answers all the problems that may fit your lifestyle.

I know this first hand because I too back in the day would get influenced by survey jobs thinking that I could completely work from home by answering a few questions on a daily basis, influencing our buying process and on top of that, make a full-time income with “survey jobs”.

Are There Any Survey Jobs That Are Legit?

There is one that I came across and did it a while back. This is an actual seasonal job that kind of is in the surveyish, customer service, and data entry field.

It’s an actual job that requires you to go through a hiring process but, it’s not a traditional hiring process.

The way it works is when they are ready to hire for a season, (if you never applied before, you send your resume), then you go over the info they sent you and from there, take a test.

If you pass their test, you are hired for the season. Note: if you take the time to take the test, you do not get paid.

The way the job works is that you will call rental apartments and get the required data from these apartment management companies.

Then you will enter the required data that these apartment/management companies informed you into the software that you log into.

It’s a legit job and pays around $700.00 per season.

The pay can fluctuate depending on your skills and speed. Some people can make double the money or some people may not.

I know people personally who I recommend that they do this as a way to make extra cash.

They love it because some of the people I recommend it to don’t want to work a full-time job or they just want extra money.

This is completely from home and you can check it out here and see if this is what you were looking for.

Why Do They List Surveys As Jobs?

There could be several reasons.

The main three reasons that you may run across some sort of survey job is that they are trying to get you to pay a membership fee or a one time fee.

There are sites out there that claim it’s a job and they list a number of survey sites in their database that you can join.

As I said, surveys are not jobs and you can easily Google surveys and get a slew of market research companies that quickly.

Not only that, once you join one market research company, you will also get invited to join others in no time.

Most surveys are free to join there are some survey opportunities online that may never have the intent to pay you.

The way they make money is by obtaining your email address and other data about you so they can sell your info. Once you give them your info, it can lead to you getting snail mail, telemarketing calls, and a ton of spam emails.

Another reason might be because it is a real job. Know that if it is a real job, there is a hiring process that you should go through.

The way you will get compensated is through either a salary or by the hour working for a company that requires you to complete the required work you applied for.

Are Surveys A Scam?

No surveys are not scams.

I wrote an article about survey jobs just recently and what to look for if you find one that may seem appealing.

I even went as far as to do a review on one of these so-called survey jobs and you can see from what I gathered that I found it not to be legit from the list I covered.

If you are unfamiliar with what to look for, it doesn’t hurt to read those two articles I listed below.

You do get compensated for completing surveys but it is not going to be a full-time income.

Most surveys that I ran across pay around $0.50 to $1.00 to complete a 20 min or less survey.

There are survey sites that compensate more like Pinecone Research. If you plan to participate with them, you will be on a waiting list. If you get accepted, it pays $3.00 to complete a single survey.

What’s cool about Pinecone Research is that their surveys don’t take much time to complete, however, you will not get surveys every day.

On a good note though, once you complete your survey, you can cash out right away.

I know that $3.00 isn’t much, but once you get involved in surveys, you will want to know what the payout threshold is.

The reason being is that surveys don’t pay a lot of money and if the payout threshold is very high, you may never cash out leading you to waste your time.

A Really Cool Influence About Some Survey Sites

There are some survey sites that offer special perks.

The perk I’m referring to is that you can get compensated if you get others to join and complete surveys.

This doesn’t apply to all survey sites, but there are some that will compensate you when you get others to join.

You can make extra money that way without ever qualifying or completing a lot of surveys.

By getting referrals you can end up cashing out at a much faster rate.

Getting people to join all depends on how well you get referrals.

Each referral survey program has different rules, but it’s a cool way to earn extra money.

How Do I Get Referrals?

Most of these survey sites tend to say email your friends and place your referral links on social media sites.

You can get some referrals here and there that way, however, that’s not going to do much in the long run.

You want to reach a lot of people who are interested in completing surveys and there is a way to do it.

Once I learned how basic affiliate marketing works, I was pretty excited.

I was also excited to learn that it doesn’t have to end with just survey sites.

The way that affiliate marketing works is by you recommending products or services to people and if they pay or join, you get compensated for your recommendations.

I’ve done sales before and it’s nothing like sales. Being that the online world has opened its doors, you don’t have to sell in the traditional way you think sales are made.

If you think about how you recommend anything to a friend, that is pretty much how affiliate marketing works.

You know how it is when a friend asks you about a certain item you own and you tell them about the product. It could even be a recipe that you made, now your friend wants to know the details and you tell them.

What tends to happen if your friend makes your special cookies, is that they will purchase the ingredients or items. More or less it’s word of mouth.

The way the online affiliate marketing works is a little on the opposite side as what I just explained above.

Usually what happens is that a person may search for an item or a recipe online.

You being the affiliate marketer, you would break down why you recommend the product or service to someone and if someone is interested in your content and buys or joins from your link, you make a commission.

It is actually pretty simple and easy to do.

With affiliate marketing, you can really get to point where it becomes a full-time income if you put in the time and effort.

Let’s look at survey sites through an affiliate marketing eye.

The best way to start obtaining referrals is through a website. The reason being is that everything you go online has some sort of dot-com name where you will click on a link.

Websites have so many options where you can read, embed a video or socialize all on your own website.

Like I said earlier, you can get compensated through sites that offer affiliate programs.

You can also recommend services that will help people get referrals and not only that, you can add Adsense ads on your website if you choose to and get compensated that way too.

These are just a small little tidbit of ways that you can generate an income by referring others with your own website.

Believe it or not, there are millions of affiliate programs out there that you can add to your website and earn income that way.

I’ve done it numerous times and got compensated through good reputable affiliate survey sites and other services.

I Haven’t Even Tried One Survey Site, How Am I Supposed To Recommend Surveys To People?

You know, I had to start somewhere too.

One of my first ways of earning some cash online is through survey sites.

I’m going to give you a list of survey sites that offer an affiliate program that you can try and recommend to others.

List of sites

What I recommend you do is try them. This way you can see for yourself if completing surveys is your thing.

You also have the opportunity to recommend these sites to other people as well.

If surveys are your thing, then you better believe applying good strategies to get more referrals just makes sense.

You Pretty Much Mentioned Everything Except Where Do I Get My Website?

The way I learned how to do it is through this service here.

It is not going to happen overnight and it is a building process. What you are doing is taking steps to get to a full-time income from home.

The cool part about this service is that you can check it out for free. You are also going to learn the basics of affiliate marketing for free.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to pull out your credit card. You can also add the websites that I recommend on the free websites that you obtain through their training.

From there you will get the gist of what to do and not only that, you can decide for yourself if it’s for you or not.

If you find that surveys are not your thing, there are tons of products and services out there that you can recommend that interest you.

The service goes through the process of explaining how affiliate marketing works with any product or service.

All In All

Survey Jobs are not what I would call legit. If you run across a survey job, know that there is a hiring process.

Not only is there a hiring process, but there is also a salary based on the time you put into doing the job that a survey site wants you to do.

If you ever come across anything that seems to feel like a survey job, know that you can run through this list here and see if what they are offering is worth your time.

Surveys are a legit way to earn some cash, but it is not going to earn you a full-time income just by completing surveys.

To get an income you want from home, your best bet is to get your own dot com name and from there apply affiliate programs to your website.

This service here really does a great job of explaining how affiliate marketing works and on top of that gives you training and tools needed to get the ball rolling.

If you have any questions or comments about survey jobs, let start a discussion and let me know your thoughts below, thanks!