Are Online Surveys Scams: Yes And No

I know when you read Yes and No on my title that doesn’t sound too promising if you want to know whether online surveys are scams.

The reason why I wrote it the way I did is that you can make extra money by completing surveys.

The problem arises when scams use survey sites as a way to lure you into their scheme.

If you are interested in completing surveys as a way to make some extra cash from home, it’s important to know what to look for.

More importantly, survey sites should never require you to pay to join.

So with that being said, let’s go over what to look for.

They Want Your Bank Account Number


I’ve done my share of surveys and the ones I go for are the ones that will either send me a check to my home, pay through gift cards, or pay me through PayPal.

These are the most trusted ways to get compensated when completing surveys.

I’m not too big on completing surveys over the phone.

If you do utilize that avenue and they want your banking info, your next question is to ask, is there another way to get compensated? If they say NO ask why.

Reputable survey sites who use good market research companies will not ask you for your bank info.

There Should Be Discretion With Your Info

Surveys tend to be discrete at a certain level.

A site like Facebook may have more info about you than some of the market research companies.

Mainly what market research company’s want is your experience with their product or service or they are running some kind of poll.

They want this data to either improve their product or service or want to know what people like.

Your name or banking info doesn’t have anything to do with their products, services, and polls.

Marketing research companies may want a salary range, but there is discretion when completing surveys.

If a survey site tries to obtain your credit info or banking info, such as your account or pin number, know that you are dealing with a scam.

Find Out How You Are Going To Get Compensated And What Is The Payout Threshold

Most survey sites will let you know on their website the way you will get compensated.

Like I said earlier, the common ways are through PayPal, check, or gift cards.

If you can’t find that info, more than likely they may never have the intent to pay you.

Another thing you should look out for is the payout threshold.

If the payout threshold or points are extremely high, know that you are going to have problems cashing out.

Survey sites usually pay on average $0.50 to $1 to complete one survey.

It doesn’t make sense for a survey site to have a minimum payout of $100 because it will take forever if ever to get to that payout threshold.

Most survey’s payout threshold is $25 and under.

Surveys Do Not Pay A lot Of Money

When you see a tempting income that feels like it will resolve your financial issues, know that it is not the case.

These sites will make you feel that a problem was resolved by doing a task that isn’t difficult and doesn’t take a lot of work to do.

Just earlier I gave you the average payment for completing 1 survey.

If you run across an ad that claims you will get paid $25 or more for completing 1 survey along with making a full-time income, run.

Some of these sites look so legit.

That is because scammers put a lot of time and preparation to get you to sign up for their site.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Click Around

Some scammers do a lot of prep work and then there are some who don’t.

Another sign is to click on their links.

There are a number of sites that I reviewed where I’ve come across where their links are not working.

Usually, you will find these broken links in their contact us, support, the terms, and privacy policy.

Sometimes they will have an about us link and when you click on it, there is nothing there or they just don’t click.

If these important links do not work then it is a sign to move on.

Privacy Policy And Terms

Read their privacy policy and terms.

Survey sites do ask questions and being that surveys are based on questionnaires, you may feel more comfortable giving info that you normally wouldn’t.

This site here, I read their terms and privacy policy and they wanted to know everything about you. Data like your SSN, banking info, and on top of that, they said they will never delete your info.

Other info you should look for is if they are going to sell your info.

That is a sign that more than likely they want you to sign up so the scammer can get paid for you to input your personal data.

Listed As A Job

Completing surveys is not a job. If a site makes it appear that you are going to get hired for completing surveys, run.

The common terms for surveys in job boards are data entry clerk, work at home, or customer service. Other terms could be used yet, those are the common ones.

There are sites that make it seem like you will need to apply to be a part of their team.

These job listings will read like, work for fortune 500 companies, you can set your own hours, earn money right away.

They also over-inflated the pay by saying something like Data Entry $35 an hour.

What you should be aware of is that anyone can sign up and complete surveys. It is not a job where you really go through the hiring process.

It is you who decide to complete surveys for a market research company.

You will give your opinion about their products, services or polls and you get compensated accordingly.

We covered the compensation method earlier and again it’s usually by check, gift card, or PayPal. We also covered the pay for completing surveys and it is nothing near $35 an hour.

You DO NOT get paid a full-time income by completing surveys.

You Read A Comment Where They Say They Made A lot Of Money Completing Surveys

The online world is full of people who don’t give a beep (fill in the word). They have no receipt to show, but they sure like to imply that it is a service that you should join.

They find it amusing to dupe people out of their time and money for whatever the reason it may be.

Some people get compensated by companies that are scams and they will flat out lie.

You could be communicating with someone who is running a phishing scam.

What they are doing is leading you to obtain your email address and run a phishing scam on you later.

Most phishing scams are run through your email and what happens is that they already know you are interested in completing surveys.

So, you see more info about surveys and you click on a link or an attachment.

Their whole goal is to steal your identity or money. They may want access to your computer to run some sort of ransomware.

Here is info about phishing scams and what you should do if it happens to you or you get duped out of your money.

All In All

You can’t always believe what you read, I’ve just listed some tips that you can do to steer away from a survey site that seems sketchy online.

It doesn’t hurt to see or check out:

  • If they want your important personal data
  • extremely high payout threshold
  • how are you getting compensated
  • extremely high compensation
  • read their terms and privacy policy
  • if it is listed as a job

Your own instincts, your own research will really help you in the long run.

If you are unsure, you can always do a Google search or just ask me, I will be happy to check it out. You can easily email me!

If you are looking to earn money from home, I’ve listed some great ways here.

What is your take about online surveys, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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