Basic Affiliate Marketing: There Are Sites That Get You Started

When I finally got started in basic affiliate marketing, I learned through someone that knew the basics of affiliate marketing.

These sites I call the wax on wax off like in the movie Karate Kid.

The first time, I got scammed, was way back in the early 2000s.

I don’t even remember what the product name was, but she told me to pay her $5 and she would send me the product in the mail.

All I had to do, was place classified ads online in the work at home sections.

I placed my ads and when I finally got the product, it was some bootleg CD.

I was shocked, then when I checked my results from the ads I placed, this guy sent me a message stating that he was in college and he was looking to work from home so he could study and earn a living.

I never responded back to that person and I threw the CD away.

I was so embarrassed and I was not going to build a business like that.

I felt so stupid. This is when I decided to do research and just never really found anything that felt right.

So I pretty much worked outside the home and surfed the net researching or doing normal things that we all do on the net.

My First Buck From Home

The first time I made money online was through an ad I came across online. I was in between jobs.

Trying to find work or business online can be pure hell.

I finally found something and It was through a company called Pierce Eislen.

I researched this company and I really didn’t find anything bad except a few complaints about the pay and they expected a lot out of you.

I did more research and some people said they use to do it and it was pretty cool.

So I decided to give it a shot. They never asked for any money.

I did have to go through a process to get hired, but I went through everything and managed to make some cash from home.

You don’t know how rewarding it felt when my Pierce Eislen the check cleared.

I was ecstatic because I knew if I could do it all from home.

I realized there had to be other ways to make money from home.

I continued to work there for a bit, but it wasn’t a business and you do have a set time to work.

I needed a more flexible schedule because I have a child with special needs.

More Research

When I was surfing the net, I came across someone who made money online. This person does Affiliate Marketing. This is what I wanted to get into, but with my last experience, I wasn’t so sure.

He showed simple ways to make money online that was free to do. He showed the basics of affiliate marketing without having a website or investing money.

I did research and went for it. If you look at all my recommended sites, some of them are the ones he showed me. One of them was ClixSense.

If you’re not familiar with ClixSense, it’s a PTC site that I call the yin and yang of affiliate marketing. That’s the best way I can describe it.

I do like ClixSense, but you have to be careful in there because it’s filled with scams. If you stick to the basics of ClixSense you will be alright. If you fall for some of their ads, you can end up in debt.

I did take some time to cash out with ClixSense, but I was more excited because I could do this site at any time of the day and while I’m watching TV.

Another one was Mturk, he had a video on Mturk and how it worked. This one paid through Amazon and I made money there quicker than through ClixSense.

What I Learned

PTC sites are probably what a lot of people start off with if they find them. One thing, I learned through PTC sites, is that they come and go and you don’t make a lot of money from them.

Sometimes you’re starting to make some good money than all of a sudden you can’t cash out or they put these weird rules that make it impossible to cash out.

The only PTC site, that I’ve come across that really sticks to their guns, is ClixSense. The other PTC sites I would not give the time of day.

I learned that research is so important to avoid losing money online. Some of these people look so honest and even look like your next-door neighbor. Anyone, who’s familiar with making money online, knows this.

The true scammers usually have an alias. The others probably don’t even know they are being scammed and are just doing what they think is right. It’s really tough out there when you’re trying to find ways to make money online.

My Recommended Sites

Most of my recommended sites are basic affiliate sites. I put them out there because there is a way to make a buck online without spending money. Most of these sites are sites that do have Affiliate Programs that I get credit for.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to sign up through me or whoever. I just put it out there because you won’t start off on the plus side.

I hear so many stories on how people lose thousands of dollars trying to make money online.

You have to understand that these sites do take a while to cash out, but if you can’t commit to one of these sites till you cash out, you probably don’t have what it takes to make a real full-time income from home.


Fusion Cash



Opinion Outpost

These are all basic sites that do affiliate marketing. These sites here if you refer someone to these sites you make a little more money.

They usually encourage you to share on the social network sites which aren’t a bad idea.

The people, who are your friends on social sites, may ask you questions and you can tell them about the product.

If they sign up and do it, you make a little extra cash if they participate. If you want to reach more people, these sites don’t tell you how to do it. That’s pretty much the basics of affiliate marketing.

The Cons Of Basic Affiliate Sites

It does make you money, but not money you can live off of. If you get more people to join you get paid a little more.

Trying to get referrals through social sites is just one way. Some of the people on social sites may not be interested at all.

Benefits Of Building A Website

One thing you have to understand is that you should be searching for like-minded people. People who are interested in earning some extra cash online. The way, to do that, is by building a website.

With a website, people are searching for your information. You’re kind of looking for them by using a keyword tool. If they like what you have to offer, they can decide for themselves if they want to give it a shot.

Building a website and monetizing it does take time. It’s not an overnight viral thing that a lot of people expect it to be. If you come across a program out there that claims within 20 days you’re gonna make millions and you don’t have to do anything, it’s a true sign that it’s a scam.

My #1 Heroic Site will teach you how to build a business online. They teach you how to build and make a substantial income with a website on any niche you choose.

With basic Affiliate sites, your growth can be limited. With a website, you can start a growth process that can lead to more income and other possibilities.

All In All

Starting off with basic affiliate sites is not a bad idea. Growing any business does take time. Finding ways to make money online can be a difficult process.

There is so much stuff out there that can turn you off, especially if you tried a lot of them and lost a lot of money. Don’t forget to check out My #1 Heroic Site, it’s free to get started.

What is your take about basic affiliate marketing, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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