Begin At Zero: Begin Your Journey

You’re probably wondering what I’m referring to when I stated begin your heroic Journey.

I personally have a heroic site and I began my heroic journey there.

When I wanted to begin building a business for myself, I’ve always got approached with businesses that are mainly in the MLM Industry.

I personally tried a few MLM typed businesses and came to the conclusion that MLM is not for me.

Once I Discovered Affiliate Marketing

What I did was researched out there and learned about Affiliate Marketing.

If you’re unfamiliar regarding Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, in a nutshell, is recommending products and services to people.

Just like when someone says to you, where did you get your shoes?

You let them know where you purchased your shoes from, you also may mention what you like or don’t like about your shoes and may even go over the color pallet they offer.

Your friend may even go out and purchase a pair of the same shoes but in a different color pallet.

If your friend does that and purchase the shoes you recommended, you do not receive any incentive for your recommendation, not even a coupon.

With Affiliate marketing, you’re allowed to receive incentives for your recommendations.

What Makes Affiliate Marketing Remarkable

I like affiliate marketing especially though a website because you don’t have to make a list of your closest friends and family members.

You get paid for the products and services that you recommend.

You can do it completely from home and make money doing it.

It could become a part-time or full-time income depending on your hustle.

Other Juicy Remarkable info

What I’ve learned is that you don’t even have to own your own product or service to earn a living through Affiliate Marketing.

I find that to be so awesome because I have an entrepreneurial spirit and being able to own a business along with not having any of my own products or services to sell is quite amazing.

Also, another remarkable aspect of affiliate marketing is that it’s quite a mobile business and flexible business.

What I mean is that you can work at any time of the day along with anywhere there is Internet service.

I get it that you don’t want to be plugged in all the time, but going back to the flexibility you’re able to work any time of the day.

Believe it or not, you can reach people at a much higher rate than ever owning an actual store in your community.

There are over 2 billion people out there looking online that is probably why so many businesses are thriving online.

Where Did I Learn About Affiliate Marketing?

I learned through a service that taught me step by step. Not only do they offer training, but they also have a community of people who are also building businesses.

I got started over 4 years ago and the service is called Wealthy Affiliate.

When I first got there over 3 years ago, I personally felt that the experience there was awesome.

I was able to put my thoughts and ideas to action and from there I’ve been growing businesses ever since.

I won’t keep you too long reading the exciting news regarding affiliate marketing, I feel that Wealthy Affiliate site really speaks for itself.

To start from ground zero, I recommend you check what I call my #1 Recommended Heroic site below.

Plant, Water, and Believe!