Begin Here: Begin With A Website

When I began my first business, it was one of those MLM businesses. They encouraged me to make a list and call everyone I knew to bring them to the MLM presentations.

When I finally got people to go to the presentation, it was difficult to get them to join. I was not getting anywhere.

I ventured off into the Internet. I discovered a place that would help me for free. Their whole goal was to get me into their MLM business and yes I did. I thought they had a better approach. I thought I would be able to gain some success, but the end results were the same.

I had nothing! No knowledge, No Prospects, No Profits, No support

What Is Begin At Zero?

I decided to name my site Begin At Zero because when we begin a new journey, we all start at the beginning. Usually, in business we have no sales, no profits everything is at zero.

I know this kind of sounds depressing, but that’s just the way it is. I’ve started from the beginning and I know those zero’s do change.

I started off with research, then took action. From action brought me commitment, from commitment brought me to reinvest from there brought me numbers. cha-ching, Lol.

I did this because I wanted to change my life. If you want something that bad you will be determined to get there.

Quality Of Life

I didn’t want to give up because I want a quality of life that I deserve. I know that life can be tough. We all have a story and a journey.

We are in control of this journey. Some people have stories that will bring us to tears while others are making us smile. One thing I know we have in common is the quality of life we want for ourselves. Not just in money or material things, but a pathway where we can do what we want when we want.

Those deck of cards we got in our hand is our pathway. I know some of us to have playing cards worse then than others, but put your poker face on and start playing the game.

Keep reading because you can change those cards to a better hand and begin the quality of life you deserve.

Research Is Key

Every time I have seen an opportunity online, it turned out to be a scam. I learned the internet is not the lottery. I really got tired of all this blah blah junk that really didn’t do what it said it would except take people’s money.

I decided I had to do some deep research. I came across a website. This person does affiliate marketing and makes a 6 figure income. I had that, I won the lottery feeling again, Lol.

He explained building a business online takes hard work, dedication, and proper education. I ventured off into the WWW world and I did more research.

I also decided not to give anyone any money. I wanted to know what I’m getting and how this was going to work for me. I decided to get as much information as I can.

Who Makes Money Online?

I learned that a website is where you can market your own products or promote other company’s products and build a real income from it.

I learned you’re building your own business and not some MLM company’s brand. I get to choose what I want to promote and explain to people why I like or dislike a product.

This sounds way more enjoyable than trying to build a downline and sell products that no one wants. I wanted to learn more and I was shown Wealthy Affiliate.

I Researched Wealthy Affiliate

When I researched WA it brought me back to 2010 where I tried to build a website before. I was like oh no here we go again.

Because WA has a free version that didn’t require a credit card, I decided to start with their free registration as a starter member and look at what this Wealthy Affiliate service can do for me.

My Impression Of WA

Well, I must say after reviewing and doing some of the lessons I became impressed.

When I tried this before I never even got a site going. I was stuck with their keyword research tool and the help was difficult to find.

WA provides people with a keyword tool inside WA that you can use anytime and a more advance one that is called Jaaxy, plus the help was easy to find.

I came across a goldmine the golden nugget I’ve been searching for online. Okay, I didn’t get that lottery feeling because I knew it would take hard work, commitment, and proper education to get my 6 figure income.

Real Income Is Being Made By

  • Building a profitable website
  • Getting educated
  • Staying informed
  • Meeting like-minded people

A website brings people to you. This is where your journey begins and Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to rank in the search engines.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to start a successful business online. Website, Hosting, Keyword Tool, and Training.

It is very important to keep up with the net. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the latest and greatest knowledge so you can build your own powerhouse site for the future.

Having the right community on your journey makes your pathway easier. Wealthy Affiliate has a community of people to support you on your amazing journey. I will definitely be there along with other experienced knowledgeable people to assist you.

So what are you waiting for, get that quality of life you desire and deserve. The pathway is there and your deck of cards has already changed. Make your hand even better by empowering yourself and your life. Wealthy Affiliate is the Ace in that royal flush.

If you have any questions or comments about getting started in your online business, let me know below, thanks!

Plant, Water, and Believe!