Blank ATM Card Scam: Do Not Fall For The Bait

A friend of mine told me how she saw these blank ATM cards being sold online.

I wasn’t surprised because there are just so many different types of scams going on online and at this point and age nothing really can surprise me these days.

Please do not fall for the bait and I know you know why you shouldn’t fall for the bait, but just in case you are tempted, which is understandably so please keep reading.

If You Haven’t Heard, Yep You Could Come Across Being Sold A Blank ATM Card

These ATM hackers claim that you can use these blank ATM cards at any ATM machine and get thousands of dollars daily.

All you have to do is contact them through email and send them $50 or more through Western Union and they will send you your ATM card.

Oh Me Oh My

WHY I say, why to fall for the bait.

I know it sounds so easy to just walk up to an ATM Machine, place a blank ATM card in a bank’s ATM machine, and withdraw 5 grand.

We all know that any free money can come in handy especially if we don’t have to work for it.

The Reality

More than likely if you send someone money for nothing you are mainly going to get nothing.

Let say you do get a working blank ATM card, would you dare go to an ATM machine and try it?

I mean really, would you really risk-taking money out of an ATM machine where you don’t even know what account you can deposit money into?

It’s Not About Depositing Money Evelyn You Moron

I know the whole point isn’t to deposit money into a bank if you’re going to use a blank ATM card.

However, my point is, you don’t know what account this money is coming out of and if you don’t know what account the money is getting withdrawn from then you are actually ROBBING the bank.

I know you’re not using a gun and walking into the bank with a mask on asking the Bank Teller to give you all their money.

Then run out of the bank into your escape car, hoping the Bank Teller didn’t press the alarm yet, along with police sirens on your back causing one of those police chases you see on TV.

The only difference with these Blank ATM cards is that you don’t have a gun and the alarm probably won’t go off using one of those blank ATM cards and I must add if you get one that actually works!

But you sure as hell better wear a mask and some gloves because there are cameras at ATM machines.

And if you think a bank is going to allow you to run off on daily basis by taking 5 grand or more out of every ATM machine that you can find, you better believe you are on the run.

Why Even Communicate With Someone Who Makes Such Claims Or Will Supply You With A Counterfeit Card?

It’s a freaken counterfeit card, are you really going to communicate or email someone who does that?

I know I sound like a nagging mom, but my gosh seriously, I can’t fathom why anyone would even send an email to someone who does that.

With so many scams out there online, you have to ask yourself what else are these people trying to obtain from you besides your money.

If you were to email and communicate with scammers, they are more than likely going to sell your info to other scammers.

Don’t you think that these people know that someone who contacts them would believe their claims is willing to fall for another?

Next thing you know you are getting emails about lottery scams or make money by doing nothing that requires you to spend more money and of course in return no money was made.

All In All

If you were to deposit a counterfeit check or cash into your bank account, the bank is NOT going to credit your bank account.

Using counterfeit ATM cards is illegal, it’s the same thing as robbing a bank.

Don’t think that you can get away with withdrawing thousands of dollars on a daily basis without the bank saying it’s fine.

Please just move on, Please stay safe!

What is your take about this blank ATM card scam, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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