Calanse Review: Transparency Is So Important

I’m sure some of you saw a job opening regarding data entry clerks or administrative assistant that offered work at home opportunity.

You saw the pay and probably thought you’d apply and see if you are able to work from home.

In this Calanse Review, I’m going to let you know my findings along with how important transparency is.

Specs About Calanse

Product Name: Calanse
Year: 2018
Free Access: N/A
Price: N/A
Website URL: NONE
Overall Rating: 0/10

My Take

I’ve said this before and that is, I too at one time was looking for jobs from home.

What tends to be the outcome for me is that I see a listing that seems pretty cool along with a pay rate that seems promising and when I apply for the job, it’s not what it seems.

What tends to happen is that when I tend to find job listings that seems like a job that I qualify for I get that hopeful feeling and get excited at the possibility to make some good money from home

What seems to become the outcome is that it is not what it seems or I get no response.

Now mind you there are jobs from home, but it’s never the perfect job or it’s not exactly what you want.

I finally came to the conclusion that if I want to really and truly make the money I want, I decided to start my own online business.

Now that I kind of dampened your dreams a little regarding jobs from home, I just want you to know my findings because there are so many misleading types of job listings and people really don’t know who they are giving their info to.

Let’s Start With The Job Listing

Calanse Job Listing

You see a title that says At Home Data Entry Clerk then you see a description and pay.

It says long-term and temp to perm positions.

It also states weekly pay and various locations available.

When you read the experience, it says that the experience is helpful but not required.

It appears to be a promising job.

Red Flags

I wanted to point out some red flags because you should always have your guard up even if it’s a legit job. So let’s go over the red flags.

The first red flag is at home data entry clerk

I know that we want these data entry jobs.

The words Data Entry is your first red flag because data entry jobs tend to be not what it seems.

It doesn’t hurt to be a skeptic and have your guard up despite the fact that you probably didn’t dig deep just yet.,

The second red flag is administrative assistant candidates for many opportunities

They went from a data entry clerk to an administrative assistant candidate for many opportunities. When you see two different positions, it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind that maybe they use a data entry clerk as a way to find administrative assistants.

You should question this in your mind because they already took your time with a job description along with getting you interested in what the job had to offer.

The third red flag is the pay $10 to $17 an hour

I don’t know what job position pays more, administrative assistant or data entry clerk. It shows a pay that is tempting especially because it’s completely from home.

If you think about it, no commuting, work in your jammies, and the possibility to work around your own lifestyle schedule make the pay rate so tempting.

The fourth red flag is the weekly pay

Who doesn’t want to get paid weekly? Weekly pay is very tempting and it will make you more inclined to apply.

The fifth red flag is various locations

When you see various locations that means they are looking for anyone.

The sixth red flag is experience is helpful but not required

No experience means that they are looking for anyone.

Actually, they are looking for anyone.

I know I double said that but when you see a job listing that pretty much everyone can apply, you know right there that everyone is qualified to give out their info and that should be a red flag to research before you apply.

What Should Be The Next Step

Look for the company’s website.

There is nothing wrong with going to the actual company’s website and read through their data.

When you find the actual website, you can read exactly what the company is about.

This way you can find out more data regarding who is hiring and what is the actual positions they are hiring for along with what are the pay rates for each position.

Company’s Websites Can Tell You More

With the Hospira review I did, it was a job Hoax. What happened was scammers were using Hospira’s name to scheme people out of their money by using the old send me money using the Western Union scam.

Sometimes when you go to the actual website, a company may indicate a warning regarding positions and scammers using their company’s name.

What Happened When I Search For Calanse’s website?

calanser nowebsite

When I went to look for their website it was nonexistent.

If you can’t find a website, then I would recommend to just move on. There is no telling what they are doing.

You want transparency and to be able to at least read their data and what their company is all about. If you can’t do that, why even go any further.

It is so important to spot these work at home job scams.

What Is Calanse?

You got me stumped on that one too. When I researched the company there were no websites.

Mainly there were a bunch of job listings all over the web, but no website.

The closest website I came to was a Facebook page that really didn’t seem transparent at all.

There was a stock photo image and to me, it didn’t look active with a lot of real people on that Facebook page.

Another red flag regarding Facebook, anyone can make some sort of page or profile and if you went there, you probably felt the same way as me in regards to nothing really seems transparent about Calanse.

survey calanse

If you took the time to apply, this is what you get, It says get paid to do surveys for companies.

clns submit

It also gives you a link to post job free and recommends that you look for other job listings there.

Data Entry Clerks

I’ve already written how data entry jobs are kind of misleading.

I know for myself when I was looking for data entry jobs from home, it always appeared to be some type of “survey job”.

Okay, I get it that you’re inputting your data and opinions when you participate in a survey, but let’s be real here.

When I’m looking for any data entry job, I’m looking to enter the Company’s data, not my information. I do not want to enter the same data over and over again about myself.

I’ve Participated In My Share Of Surveys Online

I know for a fact that surveys do not pay as much as what these so-call jobs tend to list in their job listings.

On average, surveys pay $0.50 to $0.75 when you complete them and that is if you qualify for the survey.

Not only that, yeah you might find surveys that pay a little more, such as $3.00 a survey, but you will not participate in surveys that pay that much on a daily basis.

More often you will be spending a good portion of your time trying to qualify for surveys and more so than often you will not qualify.

That is the reality of surveys.

All In All

If you can’t find anything transparent regarding a job listing, your best bet is to just keep looking.

Just because you see a job listing inside your favorite online classified job listing site, doesn’t mean that some bad apples may pop up from time to time.

I’ve said this before and it is your data your sharing online. It’s really up to YOU to keep your guard up.

Unfortunately, the Internet is not as regulated as you’d like it to be and it’s a free for all place.

With anything that has good intentions, bad intentions follow. That is how life is and it doesn’t hurt to get street smarts online and do some research before you apply for anything.

If you are looking for work at home opportunities, you can check out here regarding some real work at home opportunities.

What is your take about Calanse, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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