Can I Make A Difference: Use Your Platform

You better believe you can make a difference. Sometimes it takes a village or sometimes it takes a platform.

It’s not an easy road to take either.

Standing behind what you believe in requires your ability to stick with it.

People are going to criticize your beliefs and not agree with you at all, but that’s okay.

If No One Took A Stand, Progress Wouldn’t Be Made

I don’t know how you feel about this, but I feel in today’s time that taking a stand to make a difference is important right now.

For me, it feels like some people are afraid because of the backlash that may come because of what a person believes in.

That doesn’t mean people should not do anything, more than ever we should.

Eminem Used His Platform

You would have to live under a rock not to have at least heard or watched on YouTube what Eminem had to say, above.

What really stood out for me was when he said and I’m going to quote him:

Plus he gets an enormous reaction when he attacks the NFL so we focus on that instead of talking Puerto Rico gun reform from Nevada.


I Never Ever

I never ever seen such tragedy, where a whole Island needs massive help or when people go to a concert, and gunfire is spraying like a can of Raid, WTF!

It’s fine what you think about me, shoot I have one life, and using whatever platform I have to take a stand is important because it’s life or death right now.

God knows what will happen tomorrow, just like those wildfires going on in California at this moment, and at the moment we don’t know how the flames got started.

For Better Or Worse

No, I’m not talking about better or worse in marriage, I’m talking about making it better before it gets any worse.

At this point using whatever platform you have is important.

People are protesting for their medical rights.

In this time of age, shouldn’t it be everyone’s right to get decent medical health?

As for the arena, I’m a Shania, Reba, and Faith fan, just like I’m a late Whitney, Beyonce, Tina and Aretha fan.

I like all kinds of music and it seems like if you go where there is a lot of people in one arena, your life is at stake.

Shouldn’t it be everyone’s right to go to a concert and feel safe by enjoying the kind of music they like?

Shouldn’t We Be Talking About Gun Control, Global Warming, And Keeping The Peace?

I know we all can’t get along, but we can meet at common grounds here.

It seems like it’s my way or the highway right now and if you don’t like what I believe in, I’m going to take my car and crash it into a crowd of people.

I’m Not Talking About Taking Rights Away Either

I’m not talking about taking people’s guns away, but do you really need travel bags full of firearms?

At this point, it seems like we are taking a step back than moving forward. We should be moving towards the greatest future ever!

Working on other sources of energy, and lifting each other up so people don’t have to take a knee when the anthem is played.

So many people of different nationalities are in the Military.

It’s been that way since people of color would have to look at signs that said Whites Only, yet still, put their life on the line for a country that still doesn’t respect them.

Trust me, as you know as you can see the image on my sidebar, I’ve had my share of disrespect just because of the color of my skin. I can’t change the color of my skin nor do I want to.

No Disrespect At All

I totally understand why Kaepernick decided not to stand when the Anthem starts at his job. Eminem told it like it is, Kaepernick used his platform and stature for people who don’t have a voice.

Not to disrespect all police officers because we know and understand that they have a tough job, but people are getting killed over minor things.

A simple taillight pullover turns into death, then life goes on.

But Kaepernick uses his platform to say that’s not right and it cost him his job.

Can I Make A Difference

It’s not about disrespecting the military, it’s not about disrespecting the flag, it’s about respecting each other.

Common folks have a platform too, whether you:

  • protest
  • try to talk to your local politician who won’t answer
  • decide to vote
  • boycott products and services that are not for your rights
  • put up signs on your lawn that states what you believe in
  • use the social arena to let your voice be heard
  • start a blog
  • run for office
  • take a knee when the anthem is played
  • help a person in need
  • invent a product or service that can help
  • God knows there’s more

We gotta do something here. We gotta start moving forwards not backward.

Too many people already died because of senseless acts.

All In All

Taking a stand requires work, taking a stand requires bravery, taking a stand requires backlash cuz oh they will be coming, but taking a stand will make a difference and you sure can make a difference.

You have a platform, probably more creatively then I laid out. Shoot, I wasn’t a college student and I’m not a writer as you probably read through this article, and oh my found some grammatical errors, but I can’t sit still.

People who care will take a stand regardless of their faults! Keep caring!

If you would like to help the people of Puerto Rico, please do so!

What is your take about using your platform, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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