Can I Make Money Online: Check Out Julian’s Inspirational Story

I’ve asked myself so many times can I make money online.

Julian thought the same thing when he was going through his struggles in life.

He made some mistakes in life, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world.

Sometimes you do have to start over no matter what age you are.

Julian is a young man.

He had to pick himself up, and through his struggles, you will found out what an inspiration he is.

Life has its obstacles and how we handle it really defines who we are in the end. Read Julian’s story.

It’s all about him and how he became his own hero.

Julian’s Story

Hi. My name is Julian Sakanee from Northern Ontario, Canada. And I am a full time blogger.


Here’s My Story

I got my start in internet marketing in the summer of 2014. But not before a long road of bad days.

Before I found internet marketing I dealt with a bunch of online scams. I lost hundreds of dollars and wasted thousands of hours on get rich quick schemes.

Before that, and I mean way before, my life was hard. I basically lived a crappy life.

It all started in 2003. I was 13 at the time. And that was the first time I got into drugs.

For about 2 years, I basically smoked 127 pounds of pot.

When my mother and grandparents found out (yes, I grew up without a father around) they sent me to a treatment program for troubled teens. I was there for about 6 months.

About a year after, I got into prescription drugs.

Long story short, I wasted 6 years of my young life and probably tens of thousands of dollars.

And because of my dark teenage days, I never finished high school. At 16, I dropped out. Why? Just to get high. Seriously. It was awful.

After I got out of the drug life, I needed something to take my mind off that stuff.

At first, it was hockey. But that didn’t last long because of a bad knee. Which was probably caused by the meds abuse.

So then I got into video games. I mean I really, really got into video games. In 2011, I literally spent that whole year playing Xbox Live. I probably gained 50 pounds that year, which was a good thing considering how bony I was.

After a while, I knew I needed something else. I mean, I couldn’t live with my grandparents’ my whole life, right?

So in early 2012, I found out that people were making a living on the internet. I was like “WOW!” I wanted to be one of them.

So I searched for an opportunity that would help me.

Did I find one? Nope.

I remember a couple days after, an old friend popped up.

Can you guess what happened next?

One of my wagon’s wheels came off. So I had to get off, look for a new wheel, fix it, and get back on.

And that took about 8 months.

Now it’s late 2012. I’m going crazy. Depressed. Not sure what to do. But I knew I had 2 choices: it was either go back to the “drug life” and be “happy” and probably end up dead OR smarten the f*** up and be a man.

It took a few months to fully recover. But I did it.

Now it’s early 2013. This is when I first found out about Internet marketing. At the time I felt like it wasn’t for me because of how uneducated I was.

So I ended up finding an MLM program where they taught me “how to” get referrals from Facebook. I did that for about 3 months. And you know how many referrals I got? One. Haha!

That was a waste of money. All those odd jobs I did just to pay for the program. smh

A couple months after that I found another one. It was basically the same thing, only this time the program told me to try and get my friends and family to join.

After a bunch of pissed off people and about $500, I quit.

I knew what I needed to do to become successful online, but I didn’t do it. I went back online to find another program that promised quick success.

I did that for about 6 more months. Made $0 and lost $100’s.

That’s when I finally said I’ll give the whole blogging and Internet marketing thing a shot.

I knew it was going to be at least a year to learn everything and make money. But I did it anyway.

My first attempt was a complete fail. I started a site that was targeting 2 niches, which is a big mistake.

My second attempt was another fail. This time I went with a more specific topic. But that didn’t last long because I didn’t know how to get visitors, write blog posts, or any of that.


I searched and searched for something that offers training for people like me. You know, people who weren’t really that smart, or had good English.

In the summer of 2014, I found a program called Project Payday. I don’t know how I got there. But I got there. It wasn’t even a training program.

But I was sort of still interested in it. So I got on Google and searched for reviews.

I’m glad I did because that’s when I first found out about a guy named Frank, who is a successful affiliate marketer.

I hung around Frank’s blog for a few hours reading his stuff. That’s when I decided to click on his “#1 Recommendation” link. And that link was a link to his review on a TRAINING PROGRAM.

I was like REALLY!? Finally, a god damn training program.

His review of the program was amazing. So I thought I’d have a look at it since they were offering a free trial.

This program is called Wealthy Affiliate. And with their free trial, they offered a 10 lesson starter course.

I took it, and 3 days later I had a website that looked 100x better than the previous 2 I started.

I had no money at the time. So I had to work for a few of my neighbors to pay for the membership. I did this every month nearly a year because I knew if I stayed with Wealthy Affiliate I’d get to where I wanted to be.

And you know what?

I’m there. And I’m only going to get better.

It took nearly 11 months to get my first affiliate sale and 13 months to make my first 3-figure payment. I’m on my 14th month right now and I’ve already passed that.

And it was all because of Wealthy Affiliate’s training, services, and community.

Not bad for a guy with no money and no education, huh?

So if you’ve ever asked yourself…

“Is internet or affiliate marketing for anybody?”

“Can anybody make money online?”

Or anything like that,

You can do it.

All In All

His story doesn’t end here it’s just beginning. He’s beginning a journey and making money online. Today it’s a lot easier now that we have the Internet.

I know it’s easier said than done, but it can be done. I do it and many others like Julian do it. Become your own hero today.

If you have any questions or comments about can you make money online, let me know below, thanks!

Plant, Water, and Believe!