Capital One Work At Home Job: Fraud Contact Center Associate Job

As of now, Capital One is hiring people to work at home full-time.

The position is called Fraud Contact Center Associate.

I like the fact that more companies are moving towards working from home.

As we all know, Capital one has been in business for over 20 years.

They are in the financial industry known for credit cards and auto loans.

They have provided work at home jobs in various locations, and fraud contact center associate is one of them.

Specs About Capital One

capital one job from home

Product Name: Capital One
Year: 1994
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Website URL: Overall Rating: 7/10

Working From Home Requires!

If you never worked from home or are thinking about it, it requires that you are self-motivated.

It’s great to have that home environment feel because you’re comfortable in your own home.

Just because your boss isn’t over your shoulder, doesn’t mean you can slack off.

Although you are working for a company from home, it is similar to going to a job location because working for a company requires the same environmental structure.

These types of positions require your time and a quiet environment.

When it is a full-time position, know they want you full-time.

Customer Service Positions Isn’t The Easiest

Some people love the customer service field while others may not. One of the keys to being good at customer service rep of any kind is to listen to the customer.

There are times when people call to inquire about different situations.

Know that sometimes they are not going to be in the best mood when they talk to any rep. Sometimes people take their frustration out on the rep because, of course, you’re the rep.

Never take it personally. A customer service rep’s goal is to help them solve a problem. If you’re able to do that, the angry customer might not be so irate after speaking with you.

So if you can handle that, let’s get to it.

As For The Fraud Contact Center Associate Position

According to Capital One, they require that you live at least 100 miles from their hub site, which is in Las Vegas, NV.

The position pays $16.80 an hour. That is not bad for a full-time job at home.

You may have to drive to the hub site from time to time, but being able to start your coffee from home, walk to your home office along with getting paid a full-time position is the best commute ever.

The Requirements

Just like Sigtrack and Contractworld and a lot of at-home opportunities require high-speed Internet.

Your Home office must be noise-free; you must have high-speed Internet and hardwired no WiFi, WiFi is not allowed.

So get yourself an ethernet cord and if it has to be a long cord, so be it.

Computer speed must be at 5 megabytes or higher.

You can check your Internet speed here!

If your Internet speed didn’t meet the criteria, I would suggest contacting your ISP.

Let them know your concerns about your Internet speed.

Your ISP should go over info on what you can do to increase your Internet speed.

To qualify for the position, you must have a least a high school diploma or GED. At least two years in customer service financial or credit card field.

They have six weeks of mandatory virtual training Monday through Friday, and two of those days would be on-site.

Hours are mainly afternoons and evenings and at least one weekend day.

Are There Any Capital One Home Job Position Complaints?

Most people raved about Capital One.

Not many complained about pay and benefits.

As you know, not everyone will be pleased. The complaints were that it was stressful and demanding. You have to deal with customers and the rating from customer feedback.

Some people felt that Capital One management focused more on the negative customer feedback more so than the positive feedback.

I dabbled in the customer service field, and from my experience, there are just some people who wouldn’t give a perfect score. Some people feel that there is always room for improvement.

Not every call is going to go perfectly. So I can see why people may feel that focusing on the negative feedback might be unfair. On the other hand, looking at why someone gave negative feedback should be investigated.

We all call a company for one reason or another, and we as callers want companies to be professional when we call them. We also wish whatever concerns we have to get resolved ASAP.

So if you think about it from all angles, it is a touchy situation, especially if the customer service provider is doing everything they can to help someone.

Before You Apply!

This video was on Capital One’s website, and in that video, they cover the interview process.

I feel that the more you’re prepared, your chances of getting hired increase. I suggest you watch the short video below.

What Other Work At Home Positions Does Capital One Hire For?

If you’re not into being an independent contractor and want to work for a company from home, then Capital One is one of those companies that hire people to do that.

They offer various positions that you can apply for.

Here is a list of other home job opportunities.

  • Front Line Manager
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Contact Center Associate
  • Litigation Specialist
  • Design Researcher
  • Project Manager
  • Director Brand Media
  • Product Management
  • Learning Strategist
  • UX Researcher
  • Senior Associate
  • Learning Manager
  • Account Manager

Note: There are various locations that you must live near to apply for these positions.

You can check out their other job listing right here!

All In All

In my book, Capital One seems like one of the top customer service jobs from home. I still think that Apple is number one, but Capital is not that far behind.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t qualify because of location requirements.

But, if you live near Las Vegas, NV, and meet all the requirements to get hired, you might have found the right work at home job for you.

If you’re looking for other opportunities, don’t hesitate to get info here!

What is your take about Capital One work at home job, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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