Casting 360 Review: A Claim To Fame Warning

When I got the email about Casting 360, they made it seem like it was possible for anyone to have their debut, all ages, sex, race, anyone, dogs, cats, and turtles, okay, I’m exaggerating on the animals, but you get the idea.

I thought I’d do a review on Casting 360 because I know that a lot of people out there in the world who would love to have their claim to fame.

There is a catch, though, this is what causes me to do this review.

People should understand the difference between a job, a business, and a service.

Take the time to read my casting 360 review before you even decide to make your claim to fame with Casting 360.

Specs About Casting 360


Product Name: Casting 360
Year: 2006
Free Access: Yes
Price: Starts at $1.98
Website URL: Overall Rating: 3/10

The Rundown

What is Casting 360 aka C360?

  • It’s a service that is supposed to give you a list of jobs in the entertainment industry in your area.

How does it work?

You can sign up and set up a free profile, then you can select which entertainment industry you’re interested in such as,

  • Acting
  • Modeling
  • Reality-TV
  • Theater
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Promo or Events
  • Voice Over
  • Band Gigs

How much does it cost?

  • To sign up is free
  • $1.98 14-day trial
  • $98 every three months

Who can join

  • Anyone 18 years or older

My Take

Every time I come across something like this, I get irritated.

I was irritated because they make it seem like they are looking for talented people to hire for acting jobs.

Sites have their differences when it comes to opportunities.

They are either jobs, services, or business opportunities.

With a job, they hire you based on you doing some sort of task.

Even if it’s an acting job, agencies may take a cut after you finish a job, but should there be any upfront fees?

Let’s get into this review.

Free To Sign Up

At first, the site seemed okay, you can sign up for free and get some previews of tips on acting lessons, but you won’t be able to see the whole videos unless you pay.

I look around on the site to get a feel of what is going on, but every time I checked something out, they pretty much asked for money.

Let’s get into a little about sites that have opportunities,

Let’s Break This Down

  • Jobs online don’t cost you a dime
  • Business online cost money
  • Services online can either be free or have a fee

We all know that businesses cost money and jobs don’t cost a dime. With services, it can go either way. It depends on what they are offering you that can be worth your dime and time.

How Should This Work

In my opinion, there should be no pay upfront fees than good luck with the job.

Have you ever worked for a temp agency or any type of agency? Usually, what happens is when you land a job, they take their cut when you get paid.

The reason being if you’re talented, got that look or whatever the reason may be, Casting Agencies to know you will make the agency money so they want you. It is as simple as that.

When I scrolled down to the bottom of the C360’s site, they let you know they are not an Agency in their fine print. So what are they

cthreesixty terms

They are more or less a service site. According to C360, they say in their fine print that they are a Venue.

Venue means it’s where events are taking place. So what you’re paying for more or less is a place that lets you know where these casting jobs are taking place.

Kind of the same thing as ad sites like Career Builder, Monster Jobs, or Indeed, the only difference is that people who are looking for entertainment jobs.

It should be a win-win situation when it comes to services. If you look at C360 they charge a fee for you to load your picture in their “venue”.

Now let’s break this down a little. Do you think it’s worth your dime to load an image, video, or whatever in a place that lists casting jobs?

So You’re Probably Thinking Maybe

Let’s break it down even further, who’s looking at these images? Are big talent agencies really looking at your images?

Let’s go back to what this site is about, they said they are a venue, meaning they list casting jobs, why would any talent agency look at a site like C360 that list casting jobs for you?

So what I’m getting at here is that C360 is pretty much a database site that lists casting jobs and you’re paying a monthly fee for something you can find for free.

What People Are Saying About Casting 360

There were so many negative reviews that it was overwhelming. I saw a girl call C360’s customer service on YouTube and the guy she was talking to seemed a little rude. It sounded kind of like he was laughing and he didn’t even care or try to resolve anything.

I saw a news report stated to be careful and people shouldn’t have to pay anyone to try and get cast for an acting job.

I read numerous amounts of complaints people had, which I find to be the worst is that C360 wouldn’t let people cancel their account.

People said C360 pretty much gave a lot of people the runaround. It sounded like once they had your credit info they held it hostage. This is a big blatant red flag that you should be aware of.

Let’s Get Into More Red Flags

When I saw their affiliate program, I kind of thought it was odd.

For me, the affiliate program seems like it was more about making money for their site rather than getting people cast for jobs.

I get it that sites want to make money, but a win-win situation should be important.

When I dug into their affiliate program, this red flag appeared.

casting360 owen affiliate team

When I read their affiliate program and they showed an image of a guy named Owen Weiss and his “success story”, to me the image looked like a stock photo.

I did some digging and it turns out the image is used quite often.

cts aw sp

As you can see, in this one Owen Weiss has changed his name to Anthony White.

Stock photos are used all the time on sites but in more of a metaphoric way. I did another review where deception is used with these stock photo testimonials.

casting 360 image results

When I see stock photos used as testimonials and I see it quite often, you gotta ask yourself where is the trust?

They are asking for a fee, but yet they use a stock photo as one of their testimonials in their affiliate program!

Casting 360 Fee

The fee and complaints was another red flag that I stated earlier, plus people are charged money in hopes of getting cast for jobs.

There is no guarantee you will get cast in anything. You have a better chance of using that monthly fee towards your career.

You Need To Hustle

YOU gotta hustle if you want that career in the entertainment industry. You will not get action by not taking action.

Don’t think a casting venue website is going to get you there. Let’s be real here, if acting is your thing it’s time to audition.

Google Casting Calls

All you have to do is your due diligence and start Googling Casting Calls, then go from there.

It shouldn’t cost you anything to look and try to find a job. The only thing it should cost you is your time and gas just like when you look for any traditional job.

You gotta seek them and not the other way around. No job will know who you are unless you go to them. This Especially applies in the entertainment industry because it’s a very very competitive industry with lots of talented good looking people.

If you’re perusing a modeling career, send your photos to reputable modeling agencies. If you got the look, they will contact you.

I Do Hustle But I Still Get A lot Of Nos

Well, then it’s time to think a little outside the box. There are a number of YouTube stars that my daughter loves. She told me she likes them more than the actual TV and Movie Actors because there is more of a connection there.

She tells me all the time about Shane Dawson, Grav3YardGirl, Markiplier, CutiePieMariza, GameGrumps, and her inspiration because my daughter loves to draw, vivziepop are a few of her favorites.

When she tells me about another Internet star that I don’t know, all she does is pull out her phone and shows me a YouTube video of who they are.

You would be surprised how many Internet stars are out there.

Because of my daughter, I know who they are and now I am a fan of a few of her favorites myself.

Not Only That It’s A New Frontier These Days

This applies to anyone in the entertainment industry. The Internet is worldwide with billions of people on there daily.

If you haven’t already, you can start branding yourself online. It’s time to start getting a big social following and also start a website. Lots of stars have blogs and if you don’t have one, I’m asking you why don’t you have one?

Instead of you paying to put your picture on someone else’s venue site, why not put your OWN pictures of you on your OWN site, then start sharing it.

You can tell people a little bit about your personal life and career life. If you sing you can sell your songs on iTunes.

If you’re a dancer you can let people know where your shows are or even do some shows on YouTube.

If you’re a model sell some pictures of you, shoot people love eye candy. Look at Kim K.W. she does it all the time.

If you’re an actor, give people acting tips list the shows you will be starring in or if you choose to add some skits on YouTube.

If you want to be a reality star, start your own reality show.

You can decide what you want to do. Your site can be the go-to place where they can find you. People will love reading your journey and will be pulling for you.

You can even make some money while building your career.

You can add some ads on your site and let people know about some of the items you use on your journey.

The Internet is also a big part of building your name brand and following as you’re growing in your career.

I Don’t Know Where To Begin To Build A Site

If you don’t know where to begin, check out this site here. You can learn how to start building out a site there and learn how to brand yourself.

This way you can learn how to reach a lot of people in your niche. (which will probably be you as your niche in whatever part of the entertainment industry you’re perusing.)

All In All

The entertainment industry is a very competitive business. People are perusing their claim to fame all the time. Unfortunately, a lot of services know this and will put out some sort of service that charges people.

If you want to make it, you gotta hustle and start building your brand. Services that charge a fee should always be a win-win situation. Like I said above, you can easily Google Casting jobs and find jobs that way.

If you haven’t started branding yourself online, now it is time to get started. If you don’t know where to begin, start with Wealthy Affiliate.

Being that you are pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, you are your own business and you should be taking advantage of where people are.

With My #1 Heroic Site, they will show you how to reach those billions of people, you can check them out for free.

You start with 10 free lessons, hosting and a free website, this way you can check it out and see if it’s a great fit for you.

What is your take about Casting 360, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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