Chew The Fat Off Review: Is A Free CTFO Business Feasible

When I learned about Chew The Fat Off business model, It’s another MLM Business.

What CTFO offers is a unique way for people to build a business with them and that is, it’s free to join.

I’m not against the free, but we all know that it takes money to make money in any business deal.

I want you to take the time to read my Chew The Fat OFF review so you can find out if the free compensation plan is feasible.

Specs About Chew The Fat Off


Product Name: Chew The Fat Off
Year: 2014
Free Access: Yes
Price: Varies
Website URL: Overall Rating: 6/10

The Rundown

What is Chew The Fat Off aka CTFO

  • It’s an MLM or Network Marketing Business.

How does it work?

  • You have 2 options to get paid, you can sell their products and recruit people into the business to make a residual income.

How much does it cost?

  • It’s free to join, but there are various comp plans that require a fee to make money.

Who can join

  • 18 years or older
  • USA
  • Canada

My Take

If you read any of my articles, you know that MLM is not for me.

The reason why I wanted to write this article is that I know there are people out there with limited means at the moment.

There is no shame in not having any money to invest in a business.

People may feel that starting a free business like what CTFO offers is exactly what they are looking for. When CTFO shows how their comp plans work, I could see people signing up without any hesitation.

We all know that it takes money to make money.

We all know that sales are needed in order for anyone to make money.

So let’s dig into CTFO and you can decide for yourself if even the free is worth it.

I’m not going to get in their whole business model because most of it is just MLM, meaning auto-ship fees are needed to make money within your downline.

What I’m going to get into are the main services that are the most appealing to people.

The reason being is that the free and another strategy that CTFO uses are what will get people started with CTFO.

If I didn’t know much about MLM businesses or new to any business, I could see how people would definitely consider their business.

I’m not here to deter you, but I’m writing this article because most of the time when people try to get you involved, they leave important components out that you should be aware of.

Let’s start with the free comp plan so you get an understanding of how their service works.

CTFO Comp Plan

First off with CTFO’s free business, there is no auto-ship required for you to make money.

How it works is by you joining for free. You get a free website that you’re able to use to promote CTFO’s products. If you make sales, you make a 20% commission on all the products you sell.

For example, if someone were to purchase one of their chewable products that cost $49.97, you make a $10 commissions from the product you sold.

Their chewable last for a month and if your customers like the chewable product, the customer may purchase again from your site and you will make a residual income based on your sales.

Residual Team Pay And The Power Of 3

chew the fat off comp plan

Another way you can make commissions is by utilizing CTFO’s Power Of 3. This is where the MLM comes into play.

How it works is by levels. CTFO offers a 7 level downline. If you were to get someone into CTFO, let’s call her Jane Doe. Jane Doe will go on your first level.

Now if Jane Doe gets someone into CTFO, let’s call him John Doe, he will go on your second level.

If John Doe gets someone, they will go into your third level. This will continue on until you reach your 7th level.

How Does The Power Of 3 Works?

The way it works is by you getting 3 people on your first level and your three get three all the way down to 7 levels.

By achieving 3 times 3 times 3 all the way down to 7 levels, the total amount of people would be, 2,187 people.

If all 2,187 people purchase one of the chewable product at $49.97 a month, your monthly residual income would add up to $14,433 a month.

This Is When The Auto-Ship Comes To Play

You will have to complete 2 qualifications in order to get paid that $14,433 monthly residual income.

You will have to pay for one of their chewable products every month at $49.97 in order to qualify for this Power Of 3 residual income. Like I said earlier it takes money to make money.

Another qualification you would have to do is to get 1 Customer or Associate in level 1 to qualify for level 1’s residual income.

To clarify what a Customer and Associates are, A Customer is someone who purchases a product and an Associate is someone who wants to build a business with CTFO.

CTFO New customer

Here is something that I found extremely odd with CTFO. When I went to their website to purchase a product when I clicked continue, they wanted me to log in just like any Associate would sign up to become an Associate.

chew the fat off free business options

It appears that if any Customer wants to purchase a product through a CTFO Associate’s website, the Customer would have to join the free business to purchase their product.

I know it doesn’t cost anyone money to sign up through CTFO, but what they do is place a customer in their downline.

So if you are a “Customer”, you’re really an Associate if you purchase a product through an Associate’s website.

I question if this is legal because you have to join the business in order to get the product and you’re placed in their downline.

There are people like me who will refuse to purchase a product this way. You can lose potential customers because they literally forcing people to start a business whether it’s free or not.

With any business that does this whether it’s an MLM business or Matrix business, I would really suggest you think about what you’re getting involved in.


Chloe left a comment on my website that said that you do not have to become an associate in order to purchase products once you do that, you would have to find an associate in order to purchase products.

They give you a phone number that you can call to find an associate.

chew the fat off contact

Let’s get back into the levels.

To qualify for level 2, you would need to get 2 “Customers” or Associates in level 2 to qualify for level 2 residual income.

For levels 3 through 7 you would need 3 “Customers” or Associates to qualify for all the levels to get the residual income.

These people who qualify you in the levels don’t have to purchase anything for you to qualify. Only you would have to purchase a chewable product to qualify.

Is The Free Feasible?

Here is an important note that everyone should understand and that is the auto-ship.

You see, no one will make any money at these levels unless you pay $49.97 a month to qualify for the power of 3 residual income.

Even though you get someone in the downline, eventually an Associate will have to purchase a product at $49.97 a month to qualify for that residual income.

So I’m going to ask you again, is the free feasible?

They use the free to get you in, then people see all these people in levels in their back-office that are not paying. This is enticing because every Associate will realize they will need to pay at least $49.97 a month to start making money in their downline.

Just So You Know

If every Associate joins for free all the way down to 7 levels in CTFO and only you purchase a chewable to obtain the commissions, your commissions will be zero.

When they explain it to you in the video, it seems cool, but when you start thinking about it, everyone is pretty much forced to be an Associates and are Forced to Purchase a product.

I want you guys to know this if you choose to build a business with CTFO. With MLM they always use the best, most appealing scenario to get you in.

CTFO’s Clicks

This is a marketing strategy that you can use to make sales and get people into CTFO.

I wanted to bring this up because this is another enticing way that people may feel will work for them.

What are CTFO’s Clicks about is that they use ads to get people to purchase products or get people to build a business.

By purchasing these clicks, this is another way you can make a residual income.

The Cost

  • 45 clicks $49.97 you make $10
  • 100 clicks $99.97 you make $20
  • 550 clicks $499.97 you make $100

Now if you get someone into the business and they decide to purchase these clicks, you make a commission based on the clicks your Associate buys.

There is another way you can make a residual income if you choose to take this avenue.

It is not free and you would need to qualify.

How Do I Qualify?

chew the fat off compensation plan

It’s called Residual Team Pay From CTFO Clicks. It works similarly to CTFO’s Power Of 3. You would have to purchase one of the clicks or one of CTFO’s products per month to qualify.

Again, it goes down 7 levels, and in order to get paid on the first level, you would need to get 1 “Customer” or Associate in the first level to qualify to get paid on the first level.

In level 2, you would need 2 “Customer” or Associate to qualify for the second level.

To get qualified at all levels you would need 3 “Customer” or Associates to qualify for all 7 levels.

Again, you would have to purchase a product every month to qualify. These are auto-ship fee payments you have to pay on a monthly basis to make money. This how MLM businesses work.

I’m Telling You The Reality Right Now

The “Customer” will be you aka as the Associate. Why would Customers purchase clicks if they only want to purchase products?

Even though CTFO doesn’t have an auto-ship to sell its products, what CTFO does is forces people into their business.

If you decide to sell the product to your loved ones, you’re actually having them be a part of a business that they may not want to be a part of.

You can purchase the products yourself and sell them to your loved ones, but there is your auto-ship right there.

This will lead you to deal with the transactions and returns that your “Customers” may have.

You know and I know that nothing really goes as smoothly as what the fantasy scenarios play shows, I hope you get my drift.

Now let’s Get Into CTFO’s Products

I went a little backward and started with the comp plan, but as an associate with CTFO, I personally feel that you should stand behind the product you sell.

With CTFO you have some sort of opportunity to sell their products without any auto-ship payment. You won’t make as much money without that auto-ship payment, but there is a way to make money.

Why The Product

I’ve purchased Avon products from Avon agents, I do not want to build an Avon business, but some of their products I like.

If I like the product I’ll purchase it. The product gives anyone who wants to build an MLM business a way to make money without having to recruit others into the business.

But as you know with CTFO, this doesn’t apply, unless you purchase the products yourself and sell the product just like if you have an Auto-ship monthly fee.

As you know if you ever tried building an MLM business there are many people out there who DO NOT want to build an MLM business period, just like myself.

What Are CTFO’s Products?

chew the fat off product line

Mainly what CTFO product is in the weight loss industry. They offer various weight management products that people can purchase.

  • Chew Off 52 chewable tablets for $49.97
  • Shake Off 26 shakes for $79.97
  • Drink Off 600 refills for $29.97
  • Super 7 60 chewable tablets for $49.97
  • Shake Off Shaker cup $1.97

To elaborate more about their products,

Chew Off is a chewable tablet that curves your appetite.

If you heard of Slimfast, Shake OFF is similar to that. it’s a powder that you can use to supplement your meals.

Drink off is a sports drinking cup that has a water filter. You are able to use this sports container up to 600 refills of water.

Super 7 is another chewable that has 7 different power fruits that help with energy and immune system boosting.

Shake off shaker cups are cups with a lid that you can use for your powder drinks.

I looked into other products with similar ingredients and you can find these similar products for a lot less.

I’m bringing this up because when you have prospects, people will question the prices.

I’ve been down the MLM road and when I talked to some of my prospects, they would let me know that they can find similar products at a reduced price.

Can I Build A Business With CTFO Without Any Auto-Ship?

Yes, they give you one of their websites to get started. The thing though is that their websites are what I call stock websites.

Meaning that these websites are all the same for anyone who joins CTFO.

You would have to market your site in other ways because these sites are duplicates that don’t rank on the search engines.

You can start your own website if you want to rank on the net. If you don’t know where to begin, you can check out the service that helped me and they will help you out.

I’ve been through MLM businesses before and marketing is another out of pocket expense that you will have.

You may even be able to go to eBay and sell products there. I see a ton of other MLM products that people sell on eBay. Look up Avon look up ACN on eBay and you will people selling products that way.

The thing, though, is that you are going to have to purchase CTFO’s products in order to get sales through a site like eBay or making sales outside your website.

You can purchase CTFO’s clicks if you’d like, but I personally don’t recommend it.

The reason why I don’t recommend it is because you don’t know how they obtain these clicks.

Yes, CTFO says they are ads, but CTFO doesn’t go into depth about what you’re paying for when you obtain their clicks. They just mainly say this is a way for you to obtain “Customers” and Associates.

There are tons of other businesses online that offer clicks on would be Push Button Profits.

You can read the comments on what people experience through purchasing clicks.

Most people say they get clicks, but a minimum amount of people sign up and the ones that do list fake names and email addresses.

Another thing is that I feel their clicks are expensive. I do ads and I don’t even pay nearly that much for clicks.

If you want to market your website you’re going to have to work at it. You can place your site on social sites.

With social sites, though, at some point, they may change the rules and you’re going to have to find other ways to market your website.

You can go to YouTube and attempt to promote that way.

You can also share your site with friends and family or go to health stores and gyms and get them to carry some of the products to make sales.

Again, your commissions may not be as high as paying for those auto-ship payments, but it’s a way for you to make money.

Some of these ways will come with out of pocket expenses.

Is The Free Feasible?

This is where free is really not free. The reason being if you want to sell any of CTFO’s products, they even recommend you sample them to let others know about your experience using their products.

You can talk about how John and Jane Doe’s experience with the product, but if you’re going to give samples and build a business, you’re going to have purchased these products.

So I’m letting you know now that the free is just a way to get people in to get started.

MLM Businesses stay in business because their Associates purchases their products. This how they make money and keep their Associates in.

I always stress to people that the product you want to sell should be of great value. You don’t want to keep purchasing these products if they are of no use to you or others.

All In All

I believe I laid out some points that you should consider. You are able to make money by not spending a dime with CTFO, it’s not going to be easy but it’s possible.

When you watch those videos about the comp plan and how their business model works, they really make it seem easy, but is it really?

Especially when they offer you a free website that really dupes people to becoming a part of a business they may not want to be a part of.

You see the free in my opinion is just a way to get people in. In order for people to make money with those potential scenarios that MLM businesses use, you’re going to have to pay that monthly auto-ship to make the potential money that CTFO lays out, it’s just as simple as that.

If you’re not into MLM Businesses or want to check out other avenues that you would like to take, you can check out this site here. You can also check them out for free to see if it’s the right path for you, if it’s not, just move on!

What is your take about Chew the Fat Off, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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