Click 4 Riches Review: Who Is Really Winning

Whenever you see an opportunity to make a windfall of cash, not just you, but lots of people all can’t help themselves to check it out.

Who wouldn’t like to deposit an extra fifty grand in their bank account by practically doing nothing?

However, we all know that when we play these lottery games, the odds get stacked against us.

But, when you watch the news and see how someone picked the winning numbers and won life-changing amounts of money, you can’t help yourself to participate in lottery games in hopes that you will be the next winner.

Being that we are talking about winning money prizes, I couldn’t help but wonder after my findings in this Click 4 Riches Review, who is really winning here.

Specs About Click 4 Riches

review clickfourriches

Product Name: Click 4 Riches
Year: 2013
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Website URL: Overall Rating: 6/10

My Take

When I researched C4R (Click 4 Riches), it is quite easy to participate and on top of that, it is free to join.

You know I’ve said this before and that is, who doesn’t like the free.

I know I like the free and sometimes when I see free services online, I get it that sometimes free comes at a cost.

So with that being said, let’s cover what Click 4 Riches is about.

How Does Click 4 Riches Work?

C4R How to enter

It is quite easy to join C4R.

What you would do is enter your email address (you do have to confirm your email), click a few boxes, then you are able to participate and draw numbers.

After the results come in, you will get notified whether you won or lost.

As I said, it’s pretty simple!

The Odds Of Winning

First off, I want to talk about the odds of winning.

The reason why I bring the odds of winning up is that a lot of times people may think that their odds are greater in winning these online games because a majority of people are not playing like they would in a game like mega millions.

Also, when you think about the jackpot is $50,000, it’s not in the millions.

So naturally, you are probably thinking that your odds of winning are far greater than a lot of those lottery games that the public would participate in at their local lottery franchises.

clickforriches mega odds

It all sounds fair enough, but when I looked at the odds of winning the mega millions jackpot, according to Wikipedia, it is about 1 out of 258.9 million.

ClickforRiches out of

If you look at the odds of winning click 4 riches jackpot, it’s 1 out of 75 million.

Okay, your odds with click 4 riches is a lot better than the mega millions jackpot, but your odds of winning a prize in the mega millions game are 1 out of 14.71.

Just so you know, that also includes those $1 dollar prizes or is it $2 now because ticket prices did go up.

But if you think about it, even though you have a better chance to win with click 4 riches’ game, the odds are still stacked against you.

With mega millions, you are playing for millions, and depending on the jackpot, your odds may increase.

In other words, your chances of winning that $50,000 are slim to none and yes, the odds are stacked against you.

I was curious and I wanted to find out if anyone won this fifty grand.

Did I Find Any Winners On The Net?

I was hoping to find at least one winner online because sometimes when people win that much money, they may let others know online that they won.

clickfourriches review never win

What I found was someone who said that they haven’t won and continue to get a message that they are not an instant winner.

Also, this person felt like all they wanted was to get an email address so they can send unwanted junk mail.

When I read that statement in regards to unwanted junk mail, I decided to do some digging and I didn’t have to dig too far because they let you know in their terms about their policies.

What Was In C4R’s Terms


It says right there, by you submitting your PII (Personally identifiable information) you grant C4R to use your info for marketing purposes.

It also states that they will share, sell, rent and lease your info to any third parties along with some details about which third parties they may sell your info to.

I Also Found Out Click For Riches Sponsor

clickfourriches review sponsored

C4R is sponsored by What If Holdings, if you don’t know anything about What If Holdings, it is mainly a marketing company.

More or less they market to various targeted audiences.

When I did some research about What If Holdings, they seem to be pretty transparent in what they do.

Actually what I found out is that What If Holdings owns Click4Riches.

What If Holdings even indicate Click 4 Riches on their own website.

I didn’t find anything bad online about What If Holdings so with that being said, I’m sure you may get emails if you decide to participate in Click 4 Riches.

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I Also Want To Be Fair In Regards To Click 4 Riches

They even state in their disclaimer that you are able to opt-out.

rclickfourriches opt out

When Receiving Emails, You Know It Could Lead To You Spending Your Money

We all opt-in to whatever we enjoy getting and there is nothing wrong with spending your coins on anything you find valuable if you receive an email.

When we get notified about products or services through lottery games, I know we all get tempted in our minds thinking that if we purchase something, it may increase our chances of winning.

Just so you know, there is nowhere on the Click4Riches website that indicates that, actually, they do follow the rules.

My advice to you is to please don’t purchase anything just because you think it will increase your chances of winning.

By law, the FTC says that sweepstakes sites are not allowed to imply that anyone who purchases a product will increase their chances of winning.

Know that whenever you purchase anything, make sure it is of value to you and it’s something you want or needs.

Who Is Really Winning Here?

I wanted to bring up the odds of winning that jackpot of fifty grand again because like I said earlier, know that when you enter into contests like these, that you are allowing them to email you promotional info.

This is why I wrote the title who is really winning because by you placing your email to obtain a chance to win and the odds of winning are difficult, a service like C4R is able to sell your PII that is stated in their disclaimer.

So when you get the full details in regards to who is winning here, I’m sure you pretty much have the answer now!

What I Like And Don’t Like

I like that it’s free, I also like, that you are able to opt-out, (unlike a service I read here and was shocked by their terms), they seem to follow the FTC guidelines.

What I don’t like is that I haven’t found a winner, your chances of winning are difficult and you may get unwanted emails and telemarketing phone calls.

Is It Really All That Bad?

No, it is not all that bad. One thing we all know about these lottery games is that if you don’t play at all, your chances of winning are greatly reduce to not going to win at all.

I personally play my local lottery games when I hear on the news that the jackpot is large and I usually buy one quick pick and call it day.

If I win that’s great, if I don’t, I’m okay with that too.

All In All

One thing you are guaranteed and that is, you will receive junk mail and telemarketing phone calls if you intend to participate with C4R.

If you do try Click 4 Riches, the good news is that you are able to opt-out and you can cancel at any time.

Your odds of winning that $50,000 jackpot is difficult and you may play and never win.

That is how these games are, they are what I call a hopeful windfall.

If you are into earning some cash online, you may want to check out other services that may fit your needs.

What is your take about Click 4 Riches, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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