Copy And Paste Review: Info They Don’t Tell You

I want to start off by saying that you can make money if you find someone willing to pay you $149 to copy and paste ads online. So know that I’m not saying you can’t make a buck from this.

Now that we got the money stuff out of the way, in my Copy And Paste Ads Review, I want to go over what you are really getting into.

I feel like you should know the info they do not tell you if you do decide to pay this $149 with no refunds just to place ads online.

Specs About Copy And Paste Ads

copy and paste ads

Product Name: Copy And Paste Ads
Year: 2019
Free Access: No
Price: $149
Website URL: Overall Rating: 3/10

My Take

I’ve said this before, copy and paste ads online isn’t new.

It’s been around since dial-up with different systems circulating online.

Back when I tried it, it was a CD that I received stating that the CD had all the details needed to make money online to copy and paste ads online.

Once I paid and got my CD, there was nothing on the CD. I wasn’t going to go further with something that didn’t follow through.

Not only that, if you think about in regards to what you’re going to do, it’s like one of those chain letters you get in the mail.

Once you stop it stops, so it’s not like you are building a long term successful business.

I want to go over the ad that Copy And Paste advertise since it’s the ad that you saw and your potential prospects will see.

The Ad That You Saw And Others May See

copy and paste ads earn 300 a day

At the top of the ad, it indicates that you can make $300 per day. That comes to $2,100 a week to copy and paste ads online.

Next, they have a video explaining to you what you get and what you will do to obtain that $300 a day income.

They cover where you can place ads.

The indicate that you can get paid through PayPal.

If you scroll down a little it states start posting today, start earning today.

copy and paste ads earn today

For someone who wants to earn money online, I get it that it might be something interesting. I too back in the day thought it would be great for me.

Why Would Anyone Find The Copy And Paste Ads Appealing?

I could speak for myself and tell you what was appealing to me.

I could do it any time of the day. I’m not limited to a time frame. As for people who have other obligations, it’s appealing.

The hours you put in isn’t time-consuming. With these types of opportunities, you can put in a few hours a day on your own time frame!

The money is appealing. These ads claim that you can make a lot of money at any time frame, putting in a few hours a day!

You really don’t have to communicate with anyone. You don’t have to speak to no one, making appealing money, putting in little hours a day on your own time frame!

So I know why people would find an opportunity like that appealing.

Now I Want To Cover Why I Wanted To Go Over What The Ad Indicates

I wanted to go over it because they don’t tell you everything in their ad.

Like I said above, it’s appealing. I know that ads are appealing so that people will buy, however, there are no refunds.

Once you pay $149, someone made $100 from you and $49 of it goes to the guy who came up with his own personal copy/paste ad system.

So everyone who made money is all good, except you! Meaning that if you are not satisfied with what you paid for, you got nothing out of it. You paid money, obtain some info about where you can post ads and other useless info with nothing to show for it.

I say this because I felt I was duped once I paid for a “system” and obtain nothing from it.

I want to cover more because what they don’t tell you can be a reason that you may say nay or yeah.

The video in Copy and Paste Ads indicates where you can place ads online.

copy and paste ads classifieds

You see an image of…!

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • 100 Classified Sites

What they don’t tell you is that you just can’t post ads everywhere randomly.

You may get away with posting ads inside Craigslist, however, a lot of people end up getting flagged by Craigslist because Craigslist doesn’t allow ads where it pertains to multiple locations.

As for Facebook, you have to find Facebook groups and then post your ads there.

What I found out about the other classified sites is that they are outdated and some of these sites don’t even allow these Copy and Paste Ads on their sites.

copy and paste ads paypal

Another concern is that the ad says you can get paid $100 over and over straight into your PayPal.

They don’t tell you that people’s PayPal accounts get terminated because of these systems.

You may think you have all this money and the next thing you know you can’t cash out this money and your PayPal account is frozen.

So you think you’re making a $100 over and over again, leading you to not get paid over and over again.

Two Videos That You Should Watch

I really want you guys to take the time to watch these two videos. In the Copy And Paste Ads site, they show how appealing and simple it is but is it really?

The First Video

Think about it. He paid $149. He did get prospects and one payment, so he got $100 back. $49 went to Admin fees.

In the video the guy didn’t get flagged from Craigslist however, the list he got where he can place ads some of the links didn’t work.

Some of the ads he placed were flagged. He also decided to use paid ads because the results from free ads he obtain from Copy And Paste Ads list were not producing. Now that is more money out of his wallet.

He got more results from using the paid ads, yet he still didn’t make a substantial amount of money. Not only that, people pay an Admin fee to get a quality way to post ads online yet it didn’t deliver from the video indicated above.

The Second Video

As you can see in the video the guy in the video above explained why he didn’t continue.

  • He didn’t want to be associated with the Copy and Paste Ads
  • The promises didn’t deliver
  • Didn’t Pull in enough people
  • He written, he believes that PayPal terminated his account because of the Copy and Paste Ads

He was not the first person I’ve come across that said that their PayPal account was frozen due to some copy and paste system.

There are people who used other types of copy/paste systems where their PayPal account got frozen.

All In All

At the end of the day, it is your decision on what you want to do. These systems are not as lucrative as the ads claim.

I do understand the appeal because I too got suckered into it. At the end of the day, it’s not really a business, it’s more of a system or gimmick that you are paying for.

I’m not saying you won’t make a buck from it, but it’s not long term. You’re just obtaining a one-time payment for something that is in my opinion, not a business.

A real long term business is where you can obtain long term success by building your brand.

If you have any questions or comments about Copy And Paste Ads, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

I’ve been with making money online consistently for over 5 years, this service here taught me how.

12 thoughts on “Copy And Paste Review: Info They Don’t Tell You”

  1. Hi,

    Thank God I read this review- I was actually going to purchase Copy and Paste Ads and get going with it, but I realize there are legitimate businesses out there that won’t get your PayPal shut down or ban you from advertising platforms. Thanks for the heads up! :D


    P.S.- Their website is currently down- another omen, perhaps?

    • Hey David, you’re very welcome. What happens a lot is that once the website is down, they will rename or rehash their business model. It is a vicious cycle, Lol. The best way to start a legititmate business online is through Affiliate Marketing that is really shown the correct way. I wish you only the best David, Evelyn.

  2. Hi Evelyn! Thank you for clearly differentiating in this post a business from an practice that might make us a few buck but it’s not sustainable over time. After reading your post, I realized I could get band from these big platforms where “Copy And Paste Ads” advises us to place our ads. No thanks, this is not for me!

    • Hey Henry, yeah you gotta ask yourself is it worth it. Craigslist isn’t a platform for these types of business and they list their rules. That goes the same for PayPal. Thanks for your thoughts. All the best, Evelyn.

  3. One thing I’ve learned while trying several ways to earn some money online is that what sounds too good to be true, definitely is.

    I mean yeah, you might be able to make some money by copying and pasting ads (I haven’t actually tried something similar until now) but the question is how much money you can make per hour… Because if for instance, you are able to make $2 per hour with copying ads, it simply isn’t worth it.

    • Hey Harry, LOL I know what you mean. There are so many gimmicks out there and yeah you may make a buck at it. The amount of time you put into it is going to be a lot. Not to mention that risking your PayPal account for something that isn’t worth it. People are better off putting their time into something like Affiliate Marketing where people do make money from home legitimately. Thanks for your thoughts, Evelyn.

  4. There are so many Ponzi schemes online.Thanks to these reviews, people will be more and more aware of this kind of scams.

    Copy and Paste Ads is Cash gifting Ponzi scheme. Cash gifting is when you pay a membership fee, and that payment qualifies you to receive payments from subsequently recruited referrals.

    What you get to the gifting business model is irrelevant. Almost everywhere in the world Cash Gifting systems are prohibited, that’s why PayPal is blocking accounts if someone receives money from such Ponzi schemes.Once when there no longer referrals…system collapses and most people will lose money.

    Have a nice day,


  5. I’ve always been a little bit curious about these ads because on the one hand they scream SCAM!! but on the other hand, they have been around as you say for as long as the internet has pretty much. So on one side my natural cynic says it’s got to be a rip-off but another little voice says maybe there is something in it because otherwise how would the companies behind these ads survive? Well, now I know they survive because there is always someone naive or desperate enough to part with their cash to buy into it. I know now for definite to give these ads a wide-berth, even if they do sound a little tempting.

    What I never knew was that PayPal will probably close you down sooner or later as a result of engaging with these scammers. That to me is really scary because PayPal is pretty much a necessity these days like having a bank account or a mobile phone or internet. In fact if you are going to have any kind of interaction that is net-based, sooner or later you will need PayPal. Any young person like a student looking to make some extra could be taken in by these cut and paste ads and then to lose their PayPal? I know if that was my daughter she would be devastated!

    Do you know if people involved in cut and paste ads are able to get their PayPal accounts back? I mean can they be reinstated or set up a new one, or is that it game over?

    Thanks for being honest enough to admit you were at one time taken in by these ads. I truly believe anyone can be if their circumstances mean they are willing to take the risk.

    • Hey Ally, I want to start by saying you made some valid points. When I did a similar system, I thought it was perfect for me because you place ads and if someone joins you get money sent to you, so like you said even if it screams scam it can be tempting.

      Nowadays, people throw up YouTube videos showing screenshots convincing people they are not scamming anyone.

      As for your great questions, yes there have been people who said their PayPal account has been frozen. You can get your PayPal reinstated. What PayPal requires is that they refund the people who paid into these systems their money back.

      In the end, if that happens all the time and money spent was for nothing.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and asking great questions, all the best to you, Evelyn.

  6. Hey, I’ve read your article very well. Firstly, I truly appreciate this comprehensive review on the program. I believe how the program is marketed is similar to the ones I saw on paid surveys and social media jobs.

    They always make it sound easy to do and earn money from them. But as it is, success doesn’t come without hard work. And ultimately, in any business, you want to offer people something of value that can benefit them. I doubt such programs have that kind of value?

    Your review tells me this is something I should stay away from and I will. THANKS!

    • Hey Mehedi, yeah there are a lot of these circulating online. You are right that they make it seem easy to make money. Then if you go out and do it, you will have to spend more money and the results are not as it seems. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Evelyn.

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