Data Dollars Pro Review: Smoke And Mirrors

I got a couple of comments from people who tried Data Dollars Pros and I told them I’d do a review on it.

When I landed on their site and watched their first video, I knew something was wrong.

What especially caught my eye was the over-inflated claim that people can make around $10,000 a month.

In this Data Dollars Pro Review, I want to go over the red flags and the eBook, this way you can find out what all this smoke and mirrors are all about.

Specs About Data Dollars Pro


Product Name: Data Dollars Pro
Year: 2016
Free Access: No
Price: $37
Website URL: Overall Rating: 3/10

The Rundown

What is Data Dollars Pro aka DDP?

  • It’s an eBook.

What Does it offer?

  • According to the ad, DDP is supposed to help you get good-paying gigs by doing data entry work.

How much does it cost?

  • $37 if you X-out you can get it for $17.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to waste their money.

My Take

When I saw Jenny Lewis’s name, that was a big red flag because I thought she made all this money by being a VoiceOver.

I already did a review about VO Genesis and it was just an eBook, nothing substantial like what their ad claimed.

I knew this would be the same, but before people run out a purchase anything, I want people to really take the time to go over the article.

Let’s get into the ad because a lot of people make their decisions from an ad they read or video they watch.

It is why I don’t just run off and purchase stuff online. There has to be good transparency to go along with the ad.

The reason why I say this is because people will read all these so-called claims that say it works, then when people purchase these products they find out it’s not the case, then they have to take the time to get a refund as I did.

Let’s Start With Ad

step claim ddp

When I watched the first video, it was short and to the point. They even stated that people can make around $10,000 a month.

For a lot of people, I can see how this would be intriguing. The money seems right and the ad claims offer 4 simple steps.

I even saw the free, I like the free, so I could see how people would trust this site.

Then it went down to the testimonials.

datadollarspro mrs ross

ddp GR

As I looked at the testimonials, I could already tell these were stock photos. It’s not that hard to add images of people and write some sort of claim.

It’s so easy to place testimonials on sites. I did an article about overly hyped ads. I even placed fake testimonials on the ad.

It’s the online world, so you can’t really talk to someone to get a feel by using your instincts.

With testimonials online they can be fake or real, I personally suggest that people take testimonials with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to making money online.

It is wild online with these claims, I kid you not. Look at this review I did on Explosive Payday. This is why I want people to really examine the ad and not just trust all this smoke and mirrors.

DataDollarsPro ASON

The as seen on the part is also fake if you checked out my Explosive Payday review, sites do this all the time. These “As Seen On” images are just another way to build your trust.

DataDollarsPro Positions remain

Then I noticed that counter of positions available. Obviously, this DDP is selling to people, there will always be positions available.

If you were to leave the ad and come back, the positions will increase and will start counting down again.

I Continued On To See What Would Happen

When I entered my name and email address, there was another video about people claiming to make all this money.

I started laughing because the video even stated it’s not a get rich quick opportunity. Of course, making a few hundred dollars a day isn’t what I call Warren Buffett money, but for the average person, it’s good money.

Then the video went on with what I call the blah, blah stuff. You know, spending time with your family, working when you want, being able to be your own boss and traveling.

All ads that use the blah, blah, blah stuff use them because they know it’s relatable.

Who doesn’t want that! This is a red flag because ads that use the blah, blah, blah tactic know that people want that kind of lifestyle so they play on our emotions.

This so-called Jenny Lewis finally introduced herself. She made the same claims she did with Vo Genesis. For me, being that I purchased Vo Genesis, I knew I really didn’t want to waste my time purchasing DDP.

I felt like saying, What happens to Vo Genesis Jenny and the money you were supposedly making with those Voice Over gigs, Lol.

What Will You Be Doing?

DDP Paid On Jobs

The ad claims people will be doing data entry work. DDP claims that if you can type you are able to get gigs. That’s it, this service is supposed to help you get those high paying data entry gigs.

It sounded like MyFlexJob where they claim you fill out the info and you get paid a decent amount of money through fortune 500 companies.

Jenny even tried the reasoning tactic, she said if you try her product, you can get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

That’s good that people have the opportunity to return the product if they are not satisfied. My point here is why go through the trouble if you see red flags within the ad.

Who Is Jenny Lewis

After going through the Vo Genesis review, I’m like who is this Jenny? Of course, they never show her so where is the transparency when you can’t even get a real glimpse of this Jenny Lewis?

Jenny Lewis could be anybody Cinderella, Snow White, even Belle, who knows. She’s just a character for these products. This way, it builds some sort of trust in services like VOG so people can start buying.

The X-Out Tactic

DataDollarsPro Down Sell

The X-Out tactic is when you try to leave a site and a popup comes up that says wait. Sites that do this are trying to down-sell you. I X-Out 4 times before the price when down to $17.

This pisses me off because a lot of people are spending more money than others.

When a site does this, I question the value of a product. What is this product really worth if a site has to add a popup and say wait to get you to buy?

I get that there are sites that sell products to people, but if the ad is relevant enough and if the ad provides what people want, people will buy.

What I Did Next

I went to read reviews online. Just like with Vo Genesis, it was the same old tactic.

Okay, the tactics were about people saying the same thing, how great the eBook is, and to download now, once you go to download, then all you get is that DDP ad.

All these sites were of good looking people aka seems like stock photos of how great this DDP eBook is. This is all smoke and mirrors people.

Not everyone is going to like a product. We all know that people always have something negative to say, so I guess I’m going to be the bearer of bad news.

I Purchased It

datadollarspro bought

I purchased the PPD. I didn’t want to because I knew it was going to be a mess of an eBook like VOG.

Once I purchased the eBook, Jenny said one more thing. She talked about not holding all your eggs in one basket.

She talked about how she has a strategy of 7 different streams of income available.

I was a little irritated now because I didn’t want to watch another video of Jenny talking about other opportunities.

Couldn’t she just send me that in an email? Shoot, she already got my email, Lol.

What irritated me, even more, was how Jenny stated she spent thousands of dollars researching these other opportunities.

She already made $17 back from me purchasing this mess, plus according to Jenny, she already makes thousands of dollars, meaning she made all her money back.

So don’t tell me about how much money was invested in the research. I’m just saying, Lol.


data dollars pro upsell

I was up-sold for some type of Multi-Stream of Income eBook that cost $47. I didn’t buy that because I haven’t even had the chance to look over the eBook I was down-sold.

Of course, the up-sell had a down-sell as well. I X-Out again and it went down $20 bucks.

Then when I X-Out again, now I was up-sold the Quick Cash Machine. I don’t have time for that, but I wanted to X-Out to see what else Jenny had up her sleeves. To my surprise, there were no other products.

It’s Alice In Wonderland Time

I was mad again because I couldn’t get what I paid for without going through these up-sells, plus asking for my email.


I’m really sick and tired of everyone asking for my darn email address.

Then when I went to try and get the eBook, I kept clicking the green button and it kept going back to those up-sells that I already saw.

I’m mad at ClickBank for allowing this because when I kept getting up-sold I had to go through the whole blah, blah of videos again.

What I did next, I went back to my email and click the link there. Then it went back to the up-sells that I didn’t want to hear anymore.

I then looked at the email again, which leads me to the support through CB. I clicked that and this is what I got through ClickBank.

datadollarspro return later

It said we’ll be back soon we are making improvements. Couldn’t CB just leave the old stuff up until they improved what they are doing?

Why The Drama?

Why all this drama for an eBook? Why can’t we get what we purchased?

It’s like you have to go through some sort of maze or Alice In Wonderland trip to meet the rabbit, but the rabbit never showed up.

I finally went to my spam and there it was. The rabbit aka the eBook that I was able to download.

What Was In The eBook?

The eBook was 98 pages long of nothing. One of the gigs they recommend people could find jobs at is through Mturk.

I was like, really!

The few sites they mentioned were freelancer type websites, such as Fiverr.

With Mturk I already did a review on them, I could have told you about Mturk for free.

You can get gigs there, but don’t think it’s going to be that easy and you will be making the money like what this DDP claims.

By doing freelance work, you pretty much have to advertise yourself to get gigs.

Then the book went on about how your posture should be when typing and lessons on how to type.

It also states a list of websites people can go to in order to improve their typing skills.

Then the book went on about transcribing to finally the conclusion.

I was like really, where are the jobs and all this money that was supposed to be made?

Is The Book Worth 17 Dollars Or More?

No. There wasn’t anything in that book that will get you the money like what that ad claimed.

It was an overdone ad, but when you get to the core of the book, there’s nothing there that will help you get these high paying data entry gigs.

This eBook was just smoke and mirrors. I want my money back!

All In All

I knew this was going to be a whole smoke and mirrors of over-exaggerated claims. If you want to begin a data entry career, you are going to have a tough time finding gigs to do at home.

Data entry jobs are probably the hardest types of work for people to find online, plus the kind of money like what DDP claims. People ask me about data entry jobs all the time and I always suggest Mturk.

If you want to make good money online, the best way to do it is to start your own website.

I’ve been there too looking for these types of data entry jobs. I’m not a writer myself, but I do it.

I write on my site all the time. It’s not as bad as it seems once you learn the process.

I’ve been building my website for over 3 years now and I have My #1 Heroic Site to thank.

It takes work, but if you commit to what you’re doing you can make a nice living from home.

You can also check My #1 Heroic site for free. You get 10 free lessons and 2 free websites.

This way you can see if this is the pathway you’d like to take. No need to return anything, if it’s not for you, all you have to do is move on.

If you’re looking to earn some income from home, check out here!

What is your take about Data Dollars Pro, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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