Does Pyramid Schemes Work: Teen Titans GO! Give The Rundown

You wouldn’t think that a cartoon such as Teen Titans GO! would give a rundown about Pyramid Schemes.

I actually saw the episode and I must say they Robin did a great job giving his take on a pyramid scheme.

How I Got To Watch Teen Titans Go!

I do not spend my days watching cartoons but, I happen to be working and I hear my daughter’s TV. What I heard were the words pyramid Scheme and fraudulent business.

I’m like what is she watching. I walked in her room and Teen Titans GO! was on and this episode happens to be about a Pyramid Scheme.

I was cracking up because I thought that it was pretty cool on how TTG did a creative episode on how pyramid schemes work.

Okay, my daughter is a teen, and yeah she likes TTG (Teen Titans GO!).

I must admit that I have watched a few episodes with her occasionally while I’m in her room chatting about her life. (Mind you, it’s always about her life, Lol).

I told my daughter that these are the most kickback superheroes teens I’ve seen.

I also told her don’t get Starfire mad because she will put you down.

I mean she will beat your you know what.

I saw an episode where she put Cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin, and Raven in the hospital.

Once I saw Starfire face start boiling up, I’m like here we go, you did it now, Lol.

Anyhow, back to the Pyramid Scheme episode, it was a cool episode that ran for about 11 minutes.

If you haven’t seen it I think you should take the time to check it out. It’s shown on the Cartoon Network or you may be able to stream it online.

What Was The Gist of the Show?

TTG (Teen Titans GO!) is mainly about superheroes. They are not your average hero like you’d see in the movies. To get a better idea of the show you can read about it here.

Anyhow, how the Pyramid scheme came about was when Beast Boy wanted to get a birthday gift for Cyborg.

Even though Cyborg’s birthday was months away, Beast Boy felt he had to get Cyborg an expensive gift because Cyborg has expensive taste.

Beast Boy felt if he didn’t get Cyborg a nice expensive gift Cyborg would be mad at him.

Beast Boy, didn’t want to get a job, so he had a pamphlet that said get rich now. The pamphlet was mainly the structure of the Pyramid Scheme.

What Are Pyramid Schemes?

Pyramid Schemes are mainly schemes that run based on recruiting people. The more people you recruit into the scheme the higher you will move up to the top of the pyramid.

Mainly Pyramid schemes don’t offer a product or service to sell. What people mainly do is pass money off to each other.

To give you an idea, I recruit Tom, Jack, and Jill, they each give me $100 dollars to be a part of the scheme.

Now a percentage of that $100 goes to people who recruited me and I would keep a percentage for myself.

Then when Tom, Jack, and Jill get people into the scheme, I would move up a level and would make a percentage off of what Tom, Jack, and Jill made.

Are There Legal Pyramid Schemes?

Pyramid Schemes done the way I mention I know are not legal in the USA.

I’ve tried a few MLM businesses myself and I put my foot down and said MLM is not for me.

If you were to join any business opportunity that has a pyramid structure business model, I would suggest you look into your Country’s guidelines because some Countries like the USA would deem a lot of businesses as pyramid schemes.

I tell people that if the product has no value, then don’t even bother. If you watched the TTG episode, the only thing they had was a pamphlet that said get rich now.

How much value can a pamphlet hold that says get rich now? Businesses should have a product of value that people are willing to purchase.

The FTC even states that people should be careful because some businesses will deem themselves as legal that offer a low-quality product.

People may say it’s legal because they offer a “product”, but most people join these businesses based on recruiting others to make that pyramid money.

That is the whole business model and the way Robin gave the brief rundown on Pyramid Schemes was excellent.

Another Dilemma About MLM

The other dilemma that people need to know is that most MLM has monthly auto-ship payments.

Auto-ships payments are monthly payments that you would need to pay an MLM company in exchange for products you could sell or use for yourself.

What people don’t realize with auto-ship payments is that if you recruit people into the business, you have to pay this monthly bill or you will not get paid.

Pyramid Schemes Is All About Recruiting

Does Pyramid Schemes Work Robin

In the episode of TTG, Robin tries to save the day by stopping Beast Boy, but instead, Beast Boy was rolling in the dough.

He even did a rap about how he was making that pyramid scheme money above.

When Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven saw the money Beast Boy was making, they were hooked. They wanted in and badges.

Of course, in order for them to get their badges and make that pyramid money, they each had to pay $100 to be a part of the pyramid scheme.

Pyramid Schemes Have Levels

All pyramid schemes have levels. Usually, the use words like Diamond, Platinum, or Gold as their levels.

Some MLM businesses would even use words like Team Trainer, Team Leader, Executive Leader, and so on.

How it works is if you were to recruit more members you would move up a level and would inherit that status within the Pyramid.

In the TTG episode, they used Deputy and Sheriff badges as their levels. This is what caused Beast Boy to recruit his friends into the scheme.

What Beast Boy’s friends had to do was get their friends to pay 100 bucks to be a part of the scheme.

I’m Sure You Can Guess What Happened

Does Pyramid Schemes Work Mummies

I won’t get into how the episode ended because I gave out enough info, Lol. All I can tell you is that there are mummies involved.

Usually, with pyramid schemes, they tend to collapse. They collapse when no new recruitment was made.

With these types of schemes, you need to keep bringing in the pyramid money for the system to work.

All In All

I felt Teen Titans Go! did a great creative job explain what a pyramid scheme is all about! Again, you can check out the episode on CN or you may be able to stream it online.

You should check out your Country’s guidelines before you join any pyramid type business structure.

Most MLM and Matrix businesses offer the same type of business model where you recruit people into the business to make that pyramid dollar.

Okay, I know some of you are going to get mad at me, but if you find an MLM business that you want to try, please make sure the product has value.

This way, when you make those auto-ship payments it’s not going to waste.

If you’re not into any type of business that offers a pyramid or matrix type structure, you should check out My #1 Heroic Site.

You can check them out for free without pulling out a single credit card to get an idea of what their service offers.

What is your take about pyramid schemes, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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