Dow Jones Focus Group Software Review: Focus And Regroup Elsewhere

When I came across DJFG (Dow Jones Focus Group) and I saw Dow Jones name, I knew it was another Binary Trading gimmick.

The reason why I’m doing this Dow Jones Focus Group Software Review is because of the fine print that I read.

I always suggest people read the fine print before they decide on anything.

After you read DJFG’s fine print, my suggestion is to focus on something else, the reason being is that the fine print real shed some light.

Specs About Dow Jones Focus Group

djfg review

Product Name: Dow Jones Focus Group
Year: 2015
Free Access: Yes
Price: Starts At $250
Website URL: Overall Rating: 2/10

The Rundown

What is Down Jones Focus Group aka DJFG?

  • DJFG is a service that supposedly allows people to use their software for 90 days.

How does it work?

  • To be a part of their focus group, you would have to set up your account and deposit at least $250 in the trading account.
  • After 90 days, you are supposed to answer a few questions.

How much does it cost?

  • You do have to deposit at least $250 to be a part of their “focus group”.

Who can join?

  • According to DJFG, it’s a global opportunity, but please check with your country’s guidelines.

My Take

I know a lot of you have come across a number of these types of trading software services that claim you can make a bunch of money within months.

If this is your first time coming across something like this, please just take what the whole ad says with a grain of salt because usually All of these claims have actors and unregulated brokers.

What I really wanted to do in this particular review is just go to the fine print. There is not a lot to read within the DJFG site’s fine print and then when you’re done reading it, you will know to keep your money in the bank.

As For The Video

These video ads always make similar claims.

These ads always claim they found a way that everyone can win on almost every trade.

These ads are just using some sort of gimmick to get people to deposit money into their trading account.

The Rules To The Trading Software Claims

There are rules to the game and every one of these rules has the same bottom line.

  • Set Up Your Account
  • Select one of their unregulated brokers
  • Deposit at least $250 in their trading account
  • Lose Your Money

This is the bottom line of what is going on with all these trading software across the net.

Now Let’s Get Into The Fine Print

I wanted to get into the fine print because it does tell a lot. You don’t even have to click anything in DJFG’s site, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of their site.

DJFG terms

The first thing I noticed In capital letters it says, RISK DISCLAIMER.

The video ad claims you can make a lot of money within 90 days, so why the RISK DISCLAIMER in capital letters?

Another Point I Wanted To Make About The Fine Print

Not permitted in all countries, you have to check with your country’s guidelines and regulations in order to use this service. You can do that by going to the CFTC site and get info there.

They even tell you in the fine print that there are lots of risk and and their officials are not responsible for any losses.

Did You Read The If Necessary Part?

This is the best part of the fine print. They are telling you to seek independent advice before accessing their website.

Remember when I said to focus on something else, well there you go. Get some advice before you do something like this.

I found this great website with a lot of free info that you can check out. They even say it’s pretty much risky and you can lose a lot of your money, but you’re actually going to learn some stuff from this site here.

No, I’m not affiliated with this site. I just thought this site will help people who are interested in learning about trading online.

What Really Got To Me

As you read the fine print, they are not affiliated with Dow Jones, let me iterate this again because I left out a few words.

No Affiliation of any kind with the Dow Jones Stock Market Index.

As for the independent analyst who created Equinox software, well if you read that part, they use the “software” to work with Dow Jones index, however, it’s not affiliated or has any connections with Dow Jones whatsoever.


Yeah, in that video they made it seem like they are a part of Dow Jones, but when you scroll down and read the fine print, they tell you right there.

I see so many sites use certain names to get people to try their service. I did a review called The Amissio Formula and gave the rundown on the names they use to get people to trade.

It’s so important to read the fine print because it tells a lot. A few sentences in this fine print gave you the rundown on what you should do.

  • You found out it is a risky business
  • You found out to check your country’s guidelines
  • You found out if you risk your money it’s your loss
  • You found out to get some advice before accessing their website
  • Most importantly, you found out they are not affiliated with the Dow Jones Stock Market whatsoever

All In All

I hope I shed some light and If I didn’t, you know it’s your money you’re risking and I hope you do win.

These binary trading software claims are big business and there are so many of them online.

The best advice I could give you is to get educated about how these services work. I thought that gives some pretty good advice.

From my making money online experience, I learned that it takes work. There is no easy push-button system that will make you all this money in a short amount of time.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can check out this site here and start building there. What’s great about this service is that you check it out for free, if it’s not for you, you can move on and focus on something else.

What is your take about Dow Jones Focus Group, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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