DS Domination Review: Can Their Fees Be Worth It

I have seen ads about DS Domination and when someone invited me to join, I decided to check it out.

When I did my research about DS Domination and learned about their dropshipping and affiliate fees, I was put off by their business model.

These types of online up-sell business model should be a key point to watch out for because they charge you for everything.

These fees can add up when you haven’t even made a dime yet, so in this DS Domination review, I will give you a few points here on what to look out for.

Specs About DS Domination


Product Name: DS Domination
Year: 2013
Free Access: No
Price: Starts at $19.95
Website URL: dsdomination.com
BeginAtZero.com Overall Rating: 2/10

The Rundown

What is DS Domination aka DSD?

  • DS Domination is a learning service platform.

How does DS Domination work?

  • DSD is a service that provides training in the dropshipping field.

How much does DSD cost?

  • $19.95 monthly Pro level training
  • $99 monthly Elite level training
  • $249.99 for their Unleashed training, software, and videos
  • $499 for their Monopoly training, software, and videos

Affiliates Fees

  • $9.95 monthly fee
  • $199.00 Marketing training materials

Who can Join?

  • Global

My Take

When someone wanted me to join DSD and I saw the video, my first thought was, is this ethical? I mean does Amazon allow such practice?

I would find it confusing to order something on eBay and get a package from Amazon which has happened to me.

Just so you know I like Amazon and eBay, but what if I refuse to buy from Amazon?

What if I didn’t want to have anything to do with Amazon and I got a package from them? I would be livid.

I went through Amazon Condition Of Use page and found that Amazon doesn’t allow such practices.

Then when I found out how much it cost to join DSD, I thought, No Way! You mean it cost at least $19.95 a month to copy and past? Not to mention do things that Amazon doesn’t even really allow. Really!

I don’t know anything about Drop Shipping, I really can’t tell you if this is legal or not.

My point here is, when you decide to join a business, look at what they offer. The price, when they launched and complaints people may have about a company.

This will save you time and money. I find DSD to be very expensive and I feel they give what they call an “Affiliate Program” a bad name.

Affiliate Fees

I want to get into the “Affiliate Fees” because this is irritating. Affiliate Marketing is when I recommend a product or service to someone and the company pays me a commission if a customer buys or uses their product or services.

You shouldn’t have to pay anyone to recommend anything that I’m affiliated with. Why does it cost $9.95 a month for me to recommend DSD?

If It’s Not Affiliate Marketing, What Is It?

When I looked into DSD’s affiliate program they offer some sort of MLM downline.

DSD requires a person to buy their product and pay a monthly fee to promote them. DSD “affiliate program” pays you in tiers just like an MLM business.

They say they charge this $9.95 a month to cover processing fees. DSD claims you can make money up to 10 levels down. That is MLM, not an affiliate program.

The thing about these tier businesses is there is always a scenario. They always say let’s say you get one person, then that one person gets two you make blah, blah, blah amount of money.

An Easier Way

You could easily do affiliate marketing. If you promote products from places such as Amazon, you can make a commission if someone purchases a product.

You don’t even have to pay a fee to promote products from Amazon. This is a pretty cut and dry process.

You don’t have to worry about inventory and all that other legal stuff you have to deal with in regards to drop shipping. You just promote your favorite products and when you get a sale, you make a commission.

Consider This

When people promote DSD, they paid $9.95 a month. My point is this, how can you trust the reviews when people are paying a monthly fee to promote it.

The people “promoting” DSD want their money back and the only way to get an ROI is by getting you to join and purchasing one of DSD’s up-sell products.


There are no refunds with DSD. Once you pay $499 that’s it, Your money is gone. There’s no free version, No refunds, You end up with nothing.

The Good The Bad

Nothing is good about DS Domination. The whole program is sketchy, expensive, and started in 2013. Launch businesses are something you want to stay away from.

Doing research and digging deep is a key way to avoid being a scam.

With launched businesses, you can’t really get much feedback or bad reviews on them yet.

You see a lot of people promoting new businesses and they say they are making money from it.

They might be actors, how do you know who they are? You gotta look for the business fees and the business model when you come across companies that launched.

The Owner And Those Affiliate Fees

I read and heard about the owner Roger Langille of DSD on how he began DSD.

It is all good that he was successful with his dropshipping business.

It is concerning to me that there are monthly fees for his affiliate program.

If he makes so much money drop shipping, shouldn’t there be at least a money-back guarantee?

The “New Craze”

Just because everyone is doing “The New Business” doesn’t mean it’s right or legal.

Give it a couple of years then read all the complaints because I feel it coming.

DSD makes it sound easy and exciting, but when you dig deep, it’s expensive and you’re risking your money.

Is Drop Shipping A Scam?

No! I won’t call Drop shipping a scam, but you have to look at the business model.

DSD doesn’t offer you a money-back guarantee or some sort of free training on what a person can expect by doing dropshipping.

One of the bad sides of dropshipping is that you have to cover the cost.

If someone purchases one of the products you have listed on eBay, you as the drop shipper have to purchase the item. Then you tell Amazon where to ship it.

If things go wrong with the item someone purchases, you also have to deal with the customer.

DSD doesn’t let people know about that part before they pay. It’s always a good idea to learn what you’re doing before you get into it or pay a fee.

One of the complaints was about how DSD doesn’t disclose some of their information

You know the bad stuff, like how a person can end up in a legal mess with eBay if you can’t fulfill the orders.

All In All

This is why I started my site because of businesses like DS Domination.

Someone might have made a buck off this stuff, who knows, but do you really want to risk your money on something you can’t even get your money back from?

If you do decide to try DSD, remember there are no refunds or a free version and it may not be as easy as it seems.

If you would like to try affiliate marketing, you may want to check out Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been there for almost 4 years and learned how to grow my own affiliate business.

You can check them out for FREE and see if this is the avenue you’d like to take.

What is your take about DS Domination, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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