Earn Money Working Online: Yes It Is Possible

Earn money working online is possible and many people do it.

You’re probably wondering how can I get a piece of that pie.

Actually, that pie is pretty large being that there are billions of people online searching and buying on a regular basis.

That is why so many fortune 500 companies purchased their dot-com name and are selling their products and services online.

How Can I Get A Piece Of That Pie?

If you think you need your own product to sell then you’re definitely missing out on that pie.

You can make money online by selling your own products or services but I want you to think outside the box for a minute.

The reason being is that you also have the option to sell other company’s products and that is what makes the online world very special.

You can promote other company’s products that you like or use and make money completely online by doing it.

How Is That Possible?

Lots of Company’s offer affiliate programs where you can make a commission promoting their products.

One of the largest affiliate services out there is Amazon. I know you’ve heard of Amazon as we all have been there to look through their website to purchase products.

Their Affiliate program is called Amazon Associates and this is where a number of people who want to make money online promote the products or services they offer online.

How Does Amazon Associates Work?

In a nutshell, you would fill out an online application and once you are accepted, Amazon will generate an affiliate link for you to use in order to promote their products or services online.

It’s entirely free to join and when someone does their shopping through Amazon by clicking on your affiliate link, you make a percentage commission when someone buys through your affiliate link.

There Are Millions Of Affiliate Programs Online

Don’t just count on Amazon I was just giving you the rundown of how it works. There are millions of affiliate programs out there that you can apply to.

In general affiliate programs are free and if you put in the effort you can earn money online.

The Best Way To Use Your Affiliate Link

The best way to use your affiliate link is by obtaining your own website.

I say this all the time within my site and that is, everything you go to online is a website. Yes, even Google is a website.

It just makes sense to start with a website and as you’re building and growing your website, there may be other avenues you can take such as,

  • Video Marketing
  • Share Your content on social sites
  • PPC
  • Place Ads On Your Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Start a Podcast
  • Start Selling Your Own Products

Some of these options you can start after a few months after building out your website. You don’t have to implement all these options, it’s entirely your choice in the direction you want to take your website.

If you look at Google alone, they started as a search engine and now they sell their own products and services. Google just kept growing and building to where it is today.

How Do I Start A Website?

More than a few years back that was my question. I searched a lot and looked around and I even tried a service that I felt would help me put the pedal to the metal.

I almost gave up on the option of building a website that generates money working online, until I found a service that offered simplistic steps that I could grasp.

Mainly what you need is a dot-com name, a website platform and to host your website somewhere to get the ball rolling.

But before you run off and do that, there are some key points that I want to cover.

What Is Your Website Going To Be About

You shouldn’t just purchase any dot-com name and runoff and go to Amazon, you should decide what your website would cover.

For instance, let say you’re really good at hosting parties. Everyone goes to your home every Holiday and you can throw down on some grub.

Believe it or not, you can have a whole website could be about how to host great parties.

Let say your website is called mypartyplanning.com and you have a website platform such as WordPress.

Now what you would do is build content based on how you structure your own parties.

There are plenty of items people would like to purchase to make their party planning special, from specific invitations, items people purchase, even decorating tips, and the food their guest would eat.

You can even start building your own eBook that people purchase all through your hard work.

There are plenty of ideas that you take with your own website, such as:

  • fitness
  • cell phones
  • sports
  • TV
  • clothes
  • Pets
  • celebrities
  • beauty
  • politics

are just a few ways you could build out a website.

The Service That Helped Me With All The Data And Tools That I Needed To Generate Money With A Website

Now that you got the general idea of how a website can earn money working online, I want to go over a service that does a great job helping people build out their website so they can earn money.

This service offers a website platform, dot-com names that you can purchase, hosting, and on top of that, step by step lessons.

This service is called Wealthy Affiliate and they have been in business for over 12 years and have over 800,000 members.

People are just realizing now that they don’t have to work outside the home. People are using their experiences and knowledge to help people along with earn money online and completely from home.

I recommend you check them out because it’s completely free to check out. What you get for free is 10 lessons, hosting, and a free SiteRubix dot-com name.

This way you can really grasp with hands-on step by step training on how it’s done.

All In All

It is possible to earn money online. I do it and you can too. All it takes is action, the action that leads to earnings.

I highly recommend that you check out Wealthy Affiliate, it’s an awesome service that has great training for you to get where you want to be.

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