Easy 1Up Marketing System Review: Does The 1Up Work

I ran across Easy 1Up and decided to do a review about their service.

I am sure a number of you are curious about their service and if you could make a large amount of money within 90 days.

Let’s break down the Easy 1Up System so you can get a better understanding of the 1Up Compensation plan really works. In the end, though, It’s your decision in what you want to do.

Specs About Easy 1UP

easyoneup review

Product Name: Easy 1Up
Year: 2016
Free Access: No
Price: Starts at $25
Website URL: easy1up.com
BeginAtZero.comOverall Rating: 1/10

The Rundown

What is Easy 1Up aka E1U?

  • It’s a Reverse 1Up service.

How does it work?

  • E1U business model is based on a Reverse 1Up meaning that your second sale goes to your sponsor. E1U allows people to make 100% commissions on whatever level package they sell.

How much does it cost?

All packages are a one time fee.

  • Elevation $25
  • Elevation Elite $100
  • Vertex $250
  • Vertex Elite $500

Who can join?

  • Global Opportunity

My Take

I just wrote an article about the difference between Network Marking and a Pyramid Scheme.

Easy 1Up is not your typical Pyramid Scheme, but in my opinion, their comp plan does follow some of the same principles.

E1U (Easy 1Up) does have digital products that allow people to scale more recruitment, but in my opinion, it’s not really a Network Marketing company either.

Did I just confuse you a little, Lol?

I looked through a lot of Multi-Level Marketing services and this one is a little different.

I know people have made money with this service, so let’s not dispute about the making money aspect of E1U, but what we need to look at is the whole picture, so let’s get started and let the confusion begin, Lol.

Easy 1Up’s Business Model

eoneup comp plan

The gist of E1U’s business model is for you to make 100% commissions on the sales you get. The only time you wouldn’t make a commission is on your second sale.

The second sale goes to your sponsor allowing your sponsor to make a commission without recruiting anyone.

I wouldn’t call E1U a typical downline or a typical matrix system either.

The way E1U allows you to make commissions is if you got someone into E1U, you get that sale, then if you were able to sponsor someone, their second sales go to you.

The Cost

I feel that the cost is pretty reasonable, you only pay a one time level fee and Admin fee.

  • Elevation $25 – Admin Fee $5
  • Elevation Elite $100 – Admin Fee $10
  • Vertex $250 – Admin Fee $25
  • Vertex Elite $500 – Admin Fee $50

How Do I Get Paid?

The way you would get paid is by the arrangement you would make with the prospects you encounter.

If someone were to join, they would be able to pay you in whatever mechanism you agree upon. I feel that it can be a bit scary.

From my understanding, PayPal doesn’t allow payments like the way E1U presents its business model to make payments.

I’m sure you can pay through other avenues, but some people may like to pay or get paid through PayPal only.

Easy 1Up’s Product

E1U offers various digital training materials that can help you market in order for their members to reach a wide demographic of people.

To give you an idea,

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • YouTube
  • Social Network
  • Blogging
  • Mindset

Comp Plan

As you already know, the prices and fees are all one-time fees.

Like I said earlier, you make a commission on your sales, and then the second sales go to your sponsor, after that, each sale you make goes to you.

If you were to purchase the Vertex Elite at $500, the Elevation, Elevation Elite, and the Vertex all sales go to you. There is no 1Up, meaning the second sale doesn’t go to your sponsor.

On the other hand, if you were to join the Elevation Elite at $100, you wouldn’t be able to make commissions if you were to sell the Vertex or Vertex Elite.

Those commissions would bypass you and go to your qualifying sponsor.

I personally feel that isn’t right because if someone only has 100 bucks and other people have more money to invest, they are going to miss out on a lot of commissions.

I’m ranting here a little because they did all that work, utilizing what they learned to bring people in (at a one-time sale mind you ), and they have NO chance of getting a recurring sales period.

They could be doing a lot of recruiting to make their sponsor a heck of a lot of money.

What I Like

  • I like the fact that E1U offers a lot of training videos to help people get started.
  • People are able to make 100% commissions.
  • People are able to utilize what they learn for other uses besides E1U.

What I Don’t Like

You know I just ranted about how people can’t make all the commissions unless they purchase the $500 Vertex Elite package.

Yeah, there is an incentive there!

What I also don’t like is that the owner of the site is not transparent.

There is this Admin fee and the Admin is, um yeah!

If you think about it, the Admin is the one making a whole heck of a lot of money at whatever level a person comes in.

I’m not hating about that either, it’s just that if the concept is great why isn’t the Admin transparent enough for their members to get in contact a lot easier?

Also, don’t think that this one-time fee is going to be the end of what you need to pay.

There are free ways to market your site, such as YouTube videos.

You can share your links in traffic exchange sites, you may not get a lot of referrals, but you may get one every year.

As for email marketing, a service like Aweber is going to cost you a monthly fee.

If you’re going to do paid ads, that’s going to cost too.

You can use free websites like bloggers, WordPress, or even Wix, but if you don’t have a dot.com name, people are going to know you didn’t pay for your website and they are going to think you’re not making any money.

In other words, there is free info in their materials to market your business, but you may have other out of pocket expenses.

I want to put the other out of pocket expenses on the table so you know that there are no surprises if you were to join.

I Know Some Of You Are Going To Do It

I know there are people out there that will give it a shot.

I would highly suggest thinking about the level you decide to pay.

In their Policy, you can upgrade if you choose to do so, but it will cost you full price for upgrading.

Why Do You Consider E1U Not To Be A Network Marketing Business?

A Network Marketing company has a product to sell to the mass market. It could be cosmetics, vitamins, coffee, or digital products, but people do not have to join the service to purchase their products.

This allows a person who joins a Network Marketing Company to make commissions based on sales of products or services without ever recruiting a single person.

If you looked into E1U, you have to join their business to purchase their products.

People have to log in and utilize E1U services. If anything, you get access to their membership for a lifetime.

If the site goes down so does your lifetime membership service.

No, you don’t have a product like vitamins in your health cabinet, some coffee to make in the morning or lipstick to put on, what I’m getting at, If you can not log in, there goes your recruitment power.

Are You Saying Easy 1Up Is A Pyramid Scheme?

Don’t get mad at me for saying it, yep! I call it a variation of a Pyramid Scheme.

I call it that because you’re making money based on recruitment.

I know, I know you get access to learning materials, but in the end, the whole concept is based on recruiting people to make money.

You can not be successful with this 1Up concept unless you keep recruiting people.

These payments are one-time fees and once the fees are done, you gotta look for other people to join to keep the concept alive.

Does The 1Up Really Work?

I’m sure the 1Up has worked for people, but there are exceptions to the rule. It may work for some, but for others, it may not.

easyoneup comp plan

On E1U’s website, they are not clear about exactly how the 1UP works.

Here are just a few scenarios that I thought about.

easyoneup second sale

If you’re all in and paid $500 for the Vertex Elite and your first sale is $500, then you get your second sale and that one is the $250 Vertex, well guess what, that sales stay with you because the 1Up doesn’t apply here because all the other sales you don’t have to 1Up to anyone.

The second way that the 1Up may apply is if it’s your second $500th sale that you pass up to the qualifying member.

What about this one, you paid $250 for the Vertex package and your first sale is the $500 Vertex Elite.

That sale passes you up because you can not make a commission because you did not purchase the Vertex Elite at $500. Now you made a second sale for the $250 Vertex, but oh that’s your second sale.

That one passes you up to the qualifying sponsor. Now you just missed out on $750 worth of sales to Sponsors.

I know you may have some scenarios as well, and if you’re thinking about joining, I would highly suggest you ask your sponsor to be clear about how the 1Up is going to work or not work for you.

In a perfect 1Up Comp Plan, everyone comes in at $500 and everything is great, but we know that people are not going to do that.

Most of these scenarios come up once you get involved. If your sponsor is just as new as you are, well you’re going to have to find someone that is willing to explain these questions you may have.

Like I said earlier, the Admin isn’t transparent, it’s a new system that may have to work out some kinks. Their website doesn’t go over the comp plan in depth.

One thing for sure, the Admin is going to get paid regardless.

All In All

As I said, it’s entirely up to you if you want to try Easy 1Up. In my opinion, it’s a pyramid scheme because the concept is based on recruiting people to make that money.

That second sale may apply or not apply to you depending on the level you join.

I also find it a little unfair to those who join at a lower level and are not able to make some of these commissions.

I feel that there is a lot of info missing before a person joins. You gotta know what you’re getting paid and how you’re getting paid especially if you can not get a refund.

If you’re not into skipping sales and worried about if a business model is a pyramid scheme or not, then I would suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

You can check them out for free, you get 10 free lessons, hosting and a free website without pulling out a single credit card.

What is your take about Easy 1Up, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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