Email Processing System Review: Um Yeah, Is This EPS A No-Brainer


I looked into Email Processing System. These types of scams has been going on for years. It’s a copy and paste system. The claims seem promising because the investment is small. For only $25, EPS claim you can make $3750 per month just by processing 5 emails a day.

These types of claims always seem to be the dream offer we’ve all been searching for. Processing 5 emails a day plus making the money they claim, seems like a no-brainer to get started. When I reviewed this site, I had to give you the rundown on my findings.


Product: Email Processing Systems
Overall Ranking: 1/10
Year: 2010

The Rundown

What Is Email Processing Systems aka EPS?

  • It’s a digital product.

How does it work?

  • You get pre-written ads that people can place in places like Craigslist and Social Sites.

How much does it cost?

  • $25 dollars
  • $10 for additional website

Who can join?

  • Global
  • 18 years or older

My Take

These types of scam has been going on for years. I myself almost did something similar like EPS back in the day. It was a little more old school back then, but the business model is the same.

What EPS want you to do is place pre-written ads in places like Social sites, Craigslist or anywhere you can place ads or links.

It’s really a simple process. What you should be aware of is if this service will make you the kind of money that EPS claims. I am sure what is said on the site may not be as promising as it seems.

How Easy Is It?

According to the ad, it’s pretty simple:

  • No Selling
  • No MLM
  • No Monthly Fees

I agree on one thing, MLM is not for me. For people who are not interested in MLM, this ad may raise an eyebrow.

If you’re looking to be in business for yourself, most likely you’re going to be selling a product to people.

With EPS, you will be placing ads somewhere, so that’s kind of a soft sale. You’re not knocking on someone’s door trying to sell them a vacuum cleaner, but in reality you are selling people a product.

All You Need

  • $25 dollars
  • PayPal Account
  • A Computer with Internet

I’m sure nearly everyone who read EPS claim, has those three components available to them. Seems like a no-brainer as I too would think the same thing if I was unfamiliar with EPS type of service.

I’m not into MLM and not having to go door to door to make a buck sounds great. All I have to do is copy and paste, place some ads on the net, process 5 emails a day and I am set.

What Kind Of Email Is Sent To Get Started

eps their sample

Once you pay the fee, you will get an email like in the image above. All you have to do is click that link and download some software to your computer.

You get your pre-written ads, training and a list where you can place these ads.

EPS is very similar to 5 Figure Day and Legit Online Jobs. They do have some small differences, but the business model is pretty much the same.

To Process The Emails

Let’s say you decide to take action, you will get an email sent to your inbox. Then what you will be doing is placing ads wherever EPS recommends or wherever you see fit. Then if you find someone who decides to join, they would do the exact same thing.

The image below are similar ads you will be placing in these classified areas. It’s almost like a chain letter system with a digital product attached to it.

eps kind of ads placed

This is exactly what you will be selling, the same ad you just came across, nothing more nothing less.

Small Up-Sell

For an additional ten dollars, you can get the same pre-written website just like the one you just read on the net. These pre-written sites will not rank on the net because it will contains duplicate content.

This is why these types of business models have people place these duplicate content sites in places like Traffic Exchanges or linking them to wherever any place allowed.

Good Side

All payments go directly to your PayPal account. You make 100% profit without any monthly fees.

Bad Side

It’s not as easy as it seems. I did Traffic Exchanges and all that social sites stuff when I was involved in the MLM industry. It’s very difficult to get people to buy into a business online, even if the fee is minimal.

People are just going to question the integrity of the business. Even if the business is simple and easy to do like EPS business model.

The Amusing Image Side

eps seen

I was amused when I seen the As Seen On image. They were not lying about that, like some of these scams do.

Of course, EPS was advertised in places like the above image because that’s where people placed these pre-written ads.

Video Use To Get You In

eps uses media videos

The really scammy part was when I watched the video where they showed people were working from home. I know I saw this news report few years back.

What’s deceptive is that the news was reporting people working from home. As you can see the guy at his desk is not processing emails. As you can see he has headsets on. He appears to be processing calls from home.

I hate it when they use these types of deceptive claims. I’ve even written about placing news report on websites.

The reason why sites like EPS like to place legitimate news reports on their ads is to make it appear that the news is reporting about their product.

If you watched the video, it’s obvious they don’t mention EPS and you don’t need headsets to process emails.


EmailProcessingSystem Review disclosures

I know a one time fee of $25 dollar is not going to set someone back. Just so you know, you can not get your money back from this service.

Is EPS A No-Brainer?

NOPE! Here is why, I went to YouTube and I clicked on links where people were promoting EPS. Some of the links were working, but some weren’t.

email processing system review former site

Remember how I said this product seems like a no-brainer? Well, why isn’t this link working?

I went to the Wayback Machine and found the site. The site in the Wayback Machine looks a little different, but it’s the same product, it just got a facelift.

eps promowbm

I did this to show you that if this system was a no-brainer, this person would still be doing this.

But Evelyn, you said some links are still working?

I know I said that, but this is a no-brainer business.

email processing system claim it is easy

I mean all you have to do is just copy and paste some ads, process 5 emails a day and you can be making $3750 a month.

That’s almost $4000 a month by practically doing nothing. Would you give that up? Heck No!

I would have my daughter copy and paste these ads while I’m cooking dinner. All I would have to do is process my 5 emails a day before I go to bed.

All In All

These types of systems that makes these kinds of claims are too good to be true.

When you read stories about how someone made all this money using EPS, you should not take them too seriously.

If you’re looking for a job, check out here and see if any of these work for you.

If you have any questions or comments about Email Processing System, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

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87 thoughts on “Email Processing System Review: Um Yeah, Is This EPS A No-Brainer”

  1. I do like the way your honest review, I mean, who doesn’t? but, I don’t like the way of your unwisely judgement, it make me wonder if you joined the EPS and fail to make some profit, because it just sound so heat up.

    Like the car dealership company theory someone mention, you should know that lots and lots of business company are not honest for what they told, but they don’t lie too, in theory, they are telling you the true, just people are not smart enough and fall for it.

    Same goes with WA, it sound good but for me and lots of people they don’t, even some still think WA was a scam. For me WA is good only for beginner, you do learn lots of useful stuff there, but is not really that good as you said, WA has a pro and cons too. You get what I mean?

    I almost read all comment here, but the more I read I feel my time wasted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m don’t join the EPS, I found this article while I was searching some real info beside the EPS, maybe I will give it a try 25 dollar wont hurt, but not now.

    Raging is not guiding, unless this article was writes by some 19 year old, maybe this is your style, I don’t judge, but I prefer some wise fair article.

    • To Whom it may concern,

      EPS’ business model speaks for itself. It’s not a business, it is where you place ads or post in social network sites asking people to pay you $25 dollars and you do the same. It is the same business model as those envelope stuffing scams except they are using placing ads as a way for you to get money from people willing to give you $25.

      Like I said in my comment below, get a go fund me account and just ask. Why tie all this drama into something that is unnecessary.

      As for Wealthy Affiliate, WA is not just for beginners. There are people who have been there over 10 years and are still members. What people seem to say about Wealthy affiliate is that it’s only for beginners.

      That is so not true, what Wealthy Affiliate does is help people build a website and there are people who have done it before and times changed so they look for a service that will help them gain traction or start a new website.

      You want to learn and keep learning from people who have experience in the field and there are plenty of people there.

      As for the pros and cons about WA, there are cons as well. Nothing is ever perfect and people will find imperfections with Wealthy Affiliate’s service. I know for a fact that there are more pros then there are cons and people will differently find that once they take their 10 free lessons without ever pulling out a single credit card.

      Anyways, to whom it may concern. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts. All the best, Evelyn.

  2. I was in 2 legitimate businesses for an entire year. At least I thought. TelexFree and Zeekrewards were the 2 companies I was involved. When the SEC or Attorney General’s Office decides something is a scam then it is a scam whether you think it’s legit or not. These 2 companies had great products and services. I didn’t have to go to a J.O.B for over 1 year. I was on cloud 9. So trust me when I tell you everything on the internet is a scam, Ponzi or Pyramid. EVERYTHING. Heck TelexFree even had the attorney (Nehra) from Amway on their team giving the ALL CLEAR! The Government still shut them down. A $25.00 program will NOT survive.

    • Hey Robert, I agree that a $25 program will not survive.

      Everything online is not a scam, there are services that are in business for many years, it just depend on the business model. If you look at a service that has a downline, those can be risky business because it may fall under a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme regardless of how much money people make.

      I don’t recommend those types of business models to people because they are very difficult to build, they are trendy and like I just said they may fall into a pyramid scheme. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Evelyn.

    • Hey Michael, yeah,what this is about people is spamming all over the internet, mainly to ask people for $25.

  3. This is a PYRAMID SCHEME, plain and simple! Close cousin to the MLM version of the PS. You are not offering a product or service! It reminds me of the old chain letter scam. It may be ‘hard work’, but it’s not honest work. There is NO VALUE to anyone.

    • Hey Todd, I couldn’t agree with you more. I even wrote that it reminds me of one of those chain letter systems. More or less, the scam is the same, they use another name, then try to add some value to it, leading people to wast their time and money on a system that doesn’t give anyone any value.

  4. HI Randy here. I have been doing e-mail and affiliate marketing for about 2 yrs now. I work with several companies some big some small. Basically I’m always looking for other companies to market or market their products/services. I am not some big time marketer. I still work a regular job so I look to find companies that have a proven record. Companies that have great support. Great products/services. I try to feel a company out. Much in the way we purchase a car or home, a company should let u test drive the business for free or at least be willing to give you back your investment after a reasonable time and if you can show you followed their plans. Which is another thing about companies like EPS. No refund. Hey I know $25.00 isn’t a lot but it’s my $25.00 and I should be able to get it back if I choose. I love the comparison to envelope stuffing which I tried way back in the day, Lol. This was the 1st thing that came to my mind when I read EPS pitch. I do believe you can make money. I don’t believe it’s a real business. And where do you get the people you are e-mailing? If you run a real e-mail business everyone knows the money is in the list. You get the list either by free marketing such as FB, Youtube, twitter etc. Where u just post and get people engaged. Or you buy a list of people interested in what your selling. So again it’s an initial investment of $25-$35 dollars but understand you will have to either put in free marketing (which isn’t free it cost you time), or pay for list. I would say if it sounds too good to be true run away as fast as you can.

    • Hey Randy, there is nothing tangible and like I left a comment below, people would be better off getting a gofundme account and just ask for money, no business ties just give me a donation, lol. As for good services like Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a service that teaches people how to build a real business online. Not only that you can test drive their service without pulling out a single credit card. If you don’t like what their service has to offer, all you do is move on, no returns just look for something else. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment, wish you the best with your business, Evelyn.

  5. I will have to disagreed with the author’s claim that the email processing system is a SCAM!

    I recently started working with the email processing system, and to be honest “EPS A No-Brainer”. I invested $25 dollars made some postings on social media and used other marketing techniques and in just 3 days I made $250. Was it easy? No it wasn’t. I had to worked really hard to accomplished these goals.

    Is email processing job a scam as this author claims?

    Well according this October 2, 2015 blog article that I read, the author makes it clear that the “internet is like an ocean of information and every information present there is not genuine and there are many fakers online who proclaims that they will make you rich overnight.” He also indicated that, “this does not means that all programs that offer you an opportunity to make money online are fraud.” and “there are genuine companies that offers email processing jobs and it is your duty to check them for their authenticity. Verify the company then move forward with your plan.”

    Some are genuine and people are making money online with the Email Processing System and I am one of those people. My company offers legitimate opportunity for you to make decent income with the EPS system.

    Instead of claiming fraud for the EPS system, why don’t we do extensive research about a company that offer such great opportunity and then we can make a decision as to whether or not the EPS system is a scam?

    • I disagree with you, you are just asking people for $25 dollars and spamming social media and other platforms, if you want $25 dollars a pop, just get a gofundme account. Anyhow good luck with your EPS.

  6. Apparently your problem is the membership fee Evelyn, I mean if you don’t want to pay the membership go elsewhere right? And you’re promoting WA the whole time which has no membership fee. You’re also contradicting yourself in many of your comments, which is comical. Thanks for the laugh.

    • Hey Rachel, apparently if people want to pay $25 in hopes to make the money that EPS claims then go for it. I’m glad I was able to make you laugh, best of luck to you with EPS, Evelyn.

  7. EPS is not a scam. There are businesses out there that copy cat EPS but I see no bad reviews about them? Why is that? The concept is exactly the same. You pay a ONE-TIME fee to get in the MEMBERS AREA that lasts a lifetime. That’s what you’re paying for, THE MEMBERS AREA! Don’t you pay a membership fee to get into Sam’s Club? And that’s a yearly fee. And you get in Sam’s Club to spend more money. Isn’t that a Scam? Memberships are NOT free, people. There are a lot of memberships that you have to pay.

    • Hey Lisa, thanks for taking the time to express your concerns, actually some Members Area will continue to give you valuable info like Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, Wealthy Affiliate has a Members Area that is free along with 2 free domain names and 10 lessons that you can get value from for free.

      Sams Club is totally different than building a business. Sams club is where you go to purchase goods and if people do not want to pay a Membership fee, there are stores that people can go to.

      I noticed that during my research that there were a number of “Members” that didn’t continue on with EPS, so that lifetime membership isn’t of value.

      I do get it that people do quit stuff all the time, however if people were making the money like EPS claim, people wouldn’t leave that paycheck behind by processing a few emails a day.

      Anyhow Lisa, I do appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment and I wish you only the best, Evelyn.

    • The majority of us are here because we want to make money and the author of this blog post is no different. I understand how she feels about being burned but she needs to get over it.

      This review like thousands of others is from someone that doesn’t do a very good job of researching these types of opportunities, she either doesn’t know how or perhaps she’s bias because of her personal experiences or failures in this niche.

      Read her “About Evelyn” page where she tells you herself how she truly feels about these type of opportunities and why. You may want to take this review with a grain of salt as they say, I’m just saying!

      Listen, we’ve all been bitten at some time or other in our lives, but just because the first dog you tried to pet on the head bit you, doesn’t mean you shoot every dog you come across because of it.

      Ask yourself, Is the author of this review promoting or just being a good Samaritan?

    • Hey Federick,

      That is a very interesting analogy you came up with Federick. Obviously you don’t know me as I don’t know you. What I do know is that if this was a rave review about EPS, you probably wouldn’t have left this statement on this person’s comment.

      There are services and jobs that I recommend that I don’t make a dime from.

      Obviously you are promoting EPS, so you’re going to say something like that, again, if this was a rave go for it review about EPS, you wouldn’t have left such a comment.

      People have the right to read other people’s points of views before they shell out $25 bucks because they saw some sort of classified ad that appeared to be a job when it’s not a job.

      So let’s be real here, so if you’re such a good Samaritan, there wouldn’t be ads plastered all over the internet using wording that make what appears to be a job as a way to get people to shell out $25 bucks into your PayPal account.

      Not only that, Mel probably used EPS and then realized Mel was conned out of $25.

      If you’re looking for a job Mel, you may want to check out these options. All the best, Evelyn.

    • Hey Allen, I always will recommend never ever invest in anything you can not afford. Anytime you start any business even if it’s online, it is going to take time and work. A simple $25 dollars is not going thrust you in to nearly four grand a month within days, several months or weeks. EPS business model which I feel is not a business at all is to mainly ask people for $25 dollars.

  8. The truth is there is no product being sold, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a scam. If anything it’s more like a recruiting job than a salesmans job. Last I checked recruiting jobs were a real thing, only difference is this is done online. As far as their “false hope claims” it really isn’t false hope because they don’t guarantee anything, they just point out the possibilities. I’ve seen car salesmen do the same thing, “you could be making $100k a year simply by selling 3 cars a day” it sounds simple enough because it is, in theory. The reality is that you would have to work your butt off to actually sale those 3 cars a day and the same principle is true when it comes to these online marketing jobs. If you don’t make $100k a year is it really the fault of the car dealership company you work for or is it ultimately your fault for not doing everything in your power to sell those 3 cars a day? “You’ll have to work your tail off to actually be this successful” is really the only thing these EPS companies hide. I mean come on, you wouldn’t start a 9-5 job expecting to sit around and watch money fall into your lap, you know you’d be working to earn that money. The same is true for EPS. So scam? Not necessarily. Basically a “recruiting” job. If you actually grasp the concept you’d see it’s pretty genius. Prey on people looking for work, sell them a money making opportunity, repeat.

    • First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and expressing your thoughts, however I totally disagree with you completely. Let me explain why.

      Okay, there is no product and it’s based on recruiting people into some sort of scam. The “opportunity” is just like those envelope stuffing scams, except they are asking people to “process emails”. Just like with those envelop stuffing scams, the words envelope stuffing is replaced to email processing, but the structure of the scam is the same.

      Instead of sending the same crap in an envelope through the mail, you’re sending it by email. Same mess, the same junk, it’s just a email scam mess. I’ll leave it at this, we will agree to disagree. I wish you the best and again thanks for leaving a comment, Evelyn.

    • I think you all are not looking at the full nor the real picture. It is a legitmate business. You can do affiliate marketing if you don’t have a business or product of your own to sell. The affiliate marketer makes $25 from each purchase of the system and send email to purchaser to receive assess to his/her purchase. The purchaser of the system can utilize training and gain knowledge on how to build his/her clientele for his/her own business with the marketing tools available on the site. If the owner already has skills he/she can build own website for free at no cost to him/her on the site and use tools to promote his/her own products or services. Business owners that need to develop his or her skills on how to build their own business and/or need internet tools to do so have access to these products and services to guide and help them to develop their knowledge and skills. $25.00 is not a bad price to have assess to these type of tools and training. Some people charge a whole lot more then what ESP is asking. I know because I am an affiliate marketer and have invest in businesses that offer these same tools and training. I am still invested in the companies. ESP is legitimate they are marketing and selling services and products for Internet online marketing. People become affiliates marketers and promote ESP business. When people buy the system and products from affiliate marketers, the affiliate make $25.00. Those who already are business owners can be affiliates and/or just use the tools to build their business or make money doing both. What do you think the others do when you buy their SEO (search engines) and other products on their sites. ESP offer the same training, same marketing tools etc. To me they are much cheaper on a whole lot of their internet software tools or products. They are not scams.

      Also you must understand that any program you invest into takes time, and some money and good work habits. You should not expect to get rich overnight in any investment. That’s common sense. It takes time and hard work as well as additional investments to build a business. For an affiliate to make a one time $25.00 investment this is great. If he or she wants to grow he or she can and already has assess to the tools to do it. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand or to know this.

      I have invested $25.00 into ESP. Its like a candy store to me. Like I have said I am invested in others systems that do the same plus their cost is more and they sell additional marketing tools on their sites as well. ESP tools are very reasonable. Their resources are good. The other sites have creative ads too etc. They all encourage people to use their own words and to create their own ads so does ESP.

    • Hey Carla, thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts and your views on EPS. I myself have been doing Affiliate Marketing for over three years now and I will always suggest to people to get their own domain name to establish their business online.

      If you look at Squidoo as an example, they shut down and moved everyone to hub pages. I’ve tried other things out there too and reviewed a number of services as well.

      EPS showed a video that is not endorsed by the News to legitimize their service. I always stated to people that work is required yet, EPS says processing 5 emails a day and they can make more than $3,000 a month.

      The problem with these shiny objects type services is that they over exaggerate their claims and people are told that they only need $25.00 when you yourself in your second paragraph said there are additional investments. A one time fee of $25 will only get you so far, if it gets anyone anywhere.

      I’m not saying that people should spend thousands of dollars either, but good investments are out there and in my opinion EPS is not one of them.

      As for affiliate marketing, I want people to know that people can absolutely endorse nearly every product or service they see in the stores, It just depends on the niche they would like to choose. People DO NOT have to build their business around promoting other businesses online as an affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate does a great job educating people to properly build their own business online and they can endorse any product or service they stand behind.

      Regardless if you check what I suggest or what Carla suggest, please get your own dot com name if you want to be in business for yourself online, start off right.

      In my opinion free websites are there for you to check out and learn a few things, but if you want to establish what you’ve built, OWN it.

      Thanks again Carla for leaving a comment, I wish you the best with lots of success, Evelyn.

    • Recruiting them to do what? Send people they know the same email, asking them to send money for the same email to send to someone else to ask money for the same email and on and on it goes. This scam is illegal and is not a business. A blind man can see this.

  9. Someone from Wealthy Affiliate referred me to EPS and I was reluctant. But this person convinced me because he said he made $300 in a day and so on. and I paid the $25 for joining and $10 for the website. After a while I thought this was MLM or a pyramid scheme because the way you make money is when someone signs up using your referral link. I could never pinpoint what exactly I would be selling. Making money processing emails? There’s no selling. I think EPS is a pyramid scheme. Losing $35 is not going to bankrupt me but there’s better things I could have used that money for.

    • Hey Karin, I’m quite upset that someone at WA would solicit and entice you to join EPS. I am going to blog inside WA about that, IRK. Another point that you left out is that your time is valuable and it should be focused on the business you are building not trying to sell people nothing. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I hope you keep focus on building your business. If someone else at WA comes to you with such nonsense, report it as spam inside WA, this way Kyle or Carson can look over what was solicited to you and they can take further action so it will not happen to other members. I thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, I wish you only success with your business, Evelyn.

  10. Ok listen this is for people who have somehow made it down this far to read this post. Eps is not a scam. It is intended for people just getting started in the marketing world. You can make as much or as little as you like but it depends on how hard you work. Beware of people who don’t won’t to work, beware of blogs like this that bash other programs to boast their own. Beware of theses people because they just want your money and nothing else. Go and do your homework on eps on youtube. They have tones of videos of people making money with it. Like $600 a day and sometimes even more and they got the proof to back it up. Don’t take my word or it, find out for yourself. When it comes to making money online their are two types of people.

    1) people who are willing to invest time and a little money.
    2) people who want the easy road and never work. Or better yet say this line “I ain’t giving no money to make money.”

    If you fall under one then you will make money online you can’t help but make money. If you fall under two then you will never make a dime no matter what you do online. YOU HAVE TO INVEST! if you are going to make money online.

    • Hey Jessica, One of the ways I researched about EPS is, I did my homework on YouTube and I blogged about what I noticed. You also didn’t mention for people to beware of YouTube videos and sometimes the proof can be altered. I always recommend to people to look at the business model that these sites want people to do.

      One of the best ways that people make money online is by building their own website. I recommend to people a service like Wealthy Affiliate because it’s a service that helps people build a business through their own website. Some people don’t know where to begin and Wealthy Affiliate does an excellent job in showing people how it’s done. Not only that, Wealthy Affiliate is great way to get support and they offer a ton of tools to get the job done.

      In my book a business should have some sort of value, meaning people should be able to sell their business down the road if they choose to. Services like EPS shows people how to ask people for $25 by allowing people to do the same thing. Where is the value in that?

      You talk about the little money to invest, meaning a cheap deal. Yes the internet allows people to build businesses a lot less than building a business offline, but what a person is building should be of great value.

      If you look at a site that people know such as Google. They are a website they started small, they purchased a simple dot com name and build their service to be one of the most lucrative businesses online, how cool is that!

      People can do the same thing and that is why I advocate to people to start their OWN business. People can look around and research on how it’s done. I try to make it easier for people because I’ve been down that road and learned what really works. So if people want to go out and try this EPS mess by all means no one is stopping them.

      If people want to learn how to build their OWN business from home, by all means they can check out Wealthy Affiliate for free and can see for themselves if it’s the right service for them.

      I appreciate your time Jessica, all the best to you, Evelyn.

    • Jessica stop lying. This is not what they advertise and this is not what they do. They don’t get you started doing anything other than begging people for $25.

    • Jessica, can you say what exactly the EPS system is selling? There’s no product except to teach you to post ads that present the EPS system. They basically teach you to do what lead you (or anyone who pays the $25) to give you $25 like you did with them. You’re basically learning to put ads that invite people to give you money so you can teach them to put ads that will invite others to give them money, $25 in the EPS System. Sorry but this is a pyramid and pyramid are illegal. There is really no value added as say what WA teaches its subscribers, i.e the skills to be a successful affiliate or online marketer. One of the skills can undeed involve what the EPS system teaches, ie to put ads on various high traffic platforms like Craigslist. I guess that’s the only value I can see-and I have to really want to see it you learn to post ads and where to do so. You also learn to hustle online. That’s it. The point is it uses deceptive tactics by for example pretending that you process emails. Actually the only email processing is opening the emails of those who respond to your online ads. It works clearly but still it’s deceptive. No real value!

  11. Hi Evelyn, I was reading the reviews about EPS and although they made it sound great, your reviews was an eye opener for me. I realize we all struggle to find ways to earn that extra money online. I have been a marketer for a few years and like most I have had my share of losing programs. I have a program that really is working quite well for me. I would like to share this with your readers who are looking for a real opportunity that is solid. This is not a pitch to lure people into false hope but rather show them what is possible. You are free to check it out and share my information with your readers if you wish to. I have only been involved with for only a few weeks now but it seems to have all the right stuff for success. My link will provide a video that explains the full details. If you feel this would be good for your readers then please share it. If you need to contact me please email me. Thanks for your input, Dale.

    • Hey Dale, I looked into the service you are doing for a few weeks now and unfortunately I’d rather not say what the service is because as I was looking into it, I’m not too keen on letting other’s know about it until I dig a little deeper. I want you to know right now that it may not be a service that I recommend at all. I do wish you the best and appreciate your comment, Evelyn.


    • Hey Shonda, Thanks so much for your compliment. I’m so glad you did your research first. I also appreciate your comment. I wish you only the best with Many Blessings, Evelyn.

  13. The reality IS it depends on WHO you join EPS with! There are people that do very well with EPS, but they WORK at it. I have been succeeding online for 14 years and I will tell ya, there are some EPS reps that provide some really good training on all facets of marketing online. This training is better and more comprehensive than you get with big ticket programs like Digital Altitude that wants thousands and offers seriously jikky training. Do I think EPS will make you rich or provide all you need for your future? NO! But to keep it real, there are tons of Wealthy Affiliate reps out there trying to make a buck too. I am very familiar with both programs and WA will take a ton of work to make it pay off as well. Granted, WA can provide a residual income, but one had better be prepared to spend some money and some serious time to make that happen.

    • Hey Marty, first off I want to thanks for commenting, the thing about services like EPS, is that how much training do you need to place ads everywhere on the net. If people really want to do internet marketing, they should have their own website and learn the process of how to market online. Everything you go to online is a website, it’s just as simple as that. Another things is, how can anyone find out if they find someone who is a “great rep” is it just the luck of the draw? As for WA, I do tell people that they will have to work at it. A ton of work is a little over exaggerated, as I know how much work I put into my business and some weeks I put in more time than others. The key is to not let what you want hang.It’s a business a person is building and WA teaches people how to properly build out a site that brings people traffic. The help at WA is excellent whether someone joins through someone new or someone whose been there for 8 years. I also want people to know that you do not have to promote WA AT ALL to make revenue with a website, you can choose whatever niche you’d like. As for services like EPS, it’s a service that you just promote what you just purchase and they over inflate their ads. Marty, I do really appreciate your thoughts I wish you the best, Evelyn.

    • Hey Michael, I know it shouldn’t be that hard. What happens with these types of services is that someone who placed the ad will just send you the info and move on, unfortunately it’s very difficult to get help if there is a tech issue like you’re experiencing. The main problem with this service is that if you can’t get on, you can’t get your money back. It’s almost like some sort of chain letter because you’re really placing ads and asking people for money. I’m so sorry Michael, I hope you’re able to reach someone who will help you with the tech issue your experiencing.

  14. Thank you so much Evelyn, I really appreciate your input in saving others from getting trapped in the scam business. Thanks for pointing out the head phones in the add! May God bless you. I was so close top paying my fees and joining, just then I decided to check for some reviews on eps. Thanks again.

    • Hey Aatika, you’re very welcome. Sometimes sites will use reputable company’s videos to try and convince people to use their services. It’s always a good idea to do your research just like you did. Many blessings to you Aatika and I wish you the best, Evelyn.

  15. Hi there, I have seen those types of email processing systems many times and, admittedly they do look rather convincing and persuasive but they do scream SCAM! to me and my scam shield goes up! For the kind of money they claim, wouldn’t everyone be doing it and thus a saturated market?

    • Hey Derek, I totally agree with you that everyone would be doing it. Thanks for your thoughts and wish you the best, Evelyn.

  16. Hey Evelyn, Wow this is a very comprehensive review, I love how you did those back end investigations I’m definitely avoiding this program. The name itself isn’t something that I would click on if someone were to promote that to me and golly, I’m glad they messed up on their video advertisement though, gave us some time to be suspicious and for good reasons too. I hope you’ll be able to save a lot of people from wasting time with this program, cheers!

    • Thanks Riaz, yeah those headsets was a giveaway. I believe I saw that video on the news a while back. Thanks for your thoughts, Evelyn.

    • Hey Kath, You can try it to see if it works, but here is the thing, you are not going to make the money like what EPS claims in their ad. Their ad over inflates that possibility if you make any money at all. Yeah, EPS will gives people info on where to place these ads, but don’t think you are going to get a lot of people looking at these ads. People who make any kind of money with EPS are the ones that know how to advertise EPS. I don’t know where you found out about EPS, I found out through an Email. Obviously they don’t place these ads where they tell you to. If you’re looking to work from home or start your own business check out Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you how to properly build your own business from home. I wish you the best with many blessings Kathy, Evelyn.

  17. Hello Evelyn, I want to join in EPS. So may I kindly ask if easy to get $1000 a day or its hard? I also want to know if you will get $25 if someone paid you $25 in EPS or not?

    • Hello Kathy, EPS make it seem easy to make this kind of money. It will be quite difficult to make $1000 a day. According to EPS, you will make $25 dollars if someone decides to look at one of your ads that you placed and pay you through PayPal. Wish you the best, Evelyn.

  18. Hi Evelyn, Thank You for surfacing this program. To me, it seems to be more of a traffic exchange type program. I kind of suspect this is the method they are using to create fraudulent traffic clicks in solo ads. One question though, how exactly does anyone make money with this? Do you have to actually sell EPS, meaning someone must click on you unique link then buy? Norman.

    • Hey Noraman, They way people make money with EPS is by placing ads in classified areas, they can also use traffic exchange sites. Once someone clicks on the link, they would have to purchase the system to make money. The reason being is that people who sell or promote EPS make 100% commission. In my book it’s not really a business, but people promoting a low quality product to people. There’s no great value in EPS because people can make up their own ads and place them in classified areas easily. Thanks for your thoughts, all the best, Evelyn.

  19. Evelyn, Have you actually tried EPS yourself? Have you at least put in the effort, so you would be 100% sure that it is a “scam” before you continuously and boldly bash it online? Why would you do that without actually trying it yourself? Usually, the only reason things don’t work is because people don’t work. Of course it takes work to place ads and be consistent, day after day, but whether it would be EPS or your system (whatever it is) or any other system, nothing will work if you don’t put in the work. PS:I’m just asking you questions because you seem to be very adamant towards this system, so I was curious. I’m not doing any system yet, but I do have an open mind, and I definitely know that just because something doesn’t work because you don’t work it, it isn’t a scam.

    • Hey Ken, You bring up a great question, but look at it from my point of view. If someone said you can make $20,000 dollars by going to the bank with a disguise, you don’t even need a gun, but you can use a sharpie, put it in your pocket to make it look like you have a gun. Tell the teller to give you all their money, would you try it to see if it works? What I’m getting at is, at some point people need to just move on. People will not make no $3700 a month by placing ads in classified areas and processing 5 emails a day. EPS is giving people false hope by doing this. What people need to realize is that they don’t even need to use EPS. All they have to do is place ads and say something like, make $50 dollars instantly by placing ads and processing emails. There is no value to this system. Why would I ever suggest that someone ever do something like this. I will not do that. Thanks for your question and wish you the best, Evelyn.

  20. Hey Aubrey, In my book it’s a scam because they claim that people can make all this money by practically doing nothing. Even you said it takes work. Not only that, people are placing the same scam claim to other people when they know they are not making the money that the ad claims. Maybe that’s another reason why the BBB made a statement about Email Processing System besides giving them an F rating. Thanks for your thoughts, Evelyn.

  21. My only problem with this is your website is obviously modeled after the wealthy affiliate platform. All of you seem to bash other ways to make money online, then soft sale and push for people to sign up for the wealthy affiliate. In your case it’s the one heroic site. EPS gives you an eBook on how to market and provides you the option to get a cookie cutter website from them. I personally only used EPS just so I can review it as I review tons of marketing concepts. The people who cant make any money from EPS shouldn’t try to work from home in the first place. EPS is one of the more simple ways to make “spending money” from home, but you will never make a “living income” from it. That doesn’t make it a scam. If anything would be considered a scam I would call wealthy affiliate one, but I don’t. I just don’t like their practices. Don’t believe me then look up Jennifer’s passion for internet marketing. Another wealthy affiliate site doing the same thing. She had the audacity to call MCA a scam. Last time I check you pay taxes and fill out a W-9 to work there. Verdict I wouldn’t recommend EPS to just anyone because some people should stick to a job and not a home business. That doesn’t make it a scam though.

    • Hey Bryan, I chose the niche make money online because I really and truly want to help people make money from home. Me being a mother who happens to have a child with special needs, it’s difficult to find ways to make money from home. I will state my opinion on a company when I feel it’s a scam in my book. When people go to EPS site, they give an over exaggerated claim about making money using their system. Not just an over exaggeration, but an extremely over exaggerated claim to make money from home. This is an issue. Why can’t they state the truth? Well, because if they give people the truth, they may not pay for their system which makes it a scam. It’s false claims! You even said it yourself, “but you will never make a “living income” from it”. These types of systems market to people new to the making money online. This system gives people false hopes when people are placing ads with false claims. As for Jennifer’s site, that’s her opinion on MCA. She’s entitled to her own opinion. I do want to express that you landed on Begin At Zero. I have not read her review on MCA. I did a review on MCA myself, from the get go of building my site, I told people MLM is not for me and I expressed why. I do try to express to people if they are going to go the MLM route, they really need to look at the product they are going to sell first. I feel that MCA has a market-based product, but their product is not selling at market value. As for WA, they don’t tell you what to like and what not like, Okay. I’ve seen site that recommend WA, plus recommend sites I wouldn’t recommend. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just like you are with EPS. Have you signed up at Wealthy Affiliate, or are you just reading sites that are in the making money niche. WA has so many people making money from home with different niches. If you landed on some of these sites, you probably have no idea that WA taught them how to build a business from home. With WA, people can choose any niche they’d like. I’ve seen so many of them that I myself was surprised that people can actually make money from their particular niche. I call WA My #1 Heroic Site because they really and truly help people build a business from home.I have not come across a service on the net that offers 10 free lessons and hosting before asking a dime from anyone, not a penny. People can check it out for free and see if it’s the way they would like to build a business from home. This is another reason why it’s My #1 Heroic Site. So if you don’t like the business practices, such as WA GIVES people 10 free lessons and free hosting without asking for a dime then that’s fine. That’s another part of WA business practices and that is what makes it another reason why I’m proud to recommend WA.

  22. So you’re sending out emails trying to solicit people in someway. Isn’t that like spamming? I didn’t see you use that word in your article. I want to know because I get the types of emails you talk about everyday. Who really opens them? I also though these kinds of jobs are basically available in third world countries.

    • Hey Vitality, Pretty much what it states is that once a person places ads in classified sections, they will get an email once someone pays the fee. This is how they process the emails by sending someone the exact same system they encountered. I’m sure people realized that processing ads in classified areas wasn’t working so they probably spam people to try and get better results. Just like you said, Who really opens them. As for jobs available in third world countries, I wouldn’t consider this a job, a business more like a waste of time for any country. If people really want to earn a living online, they should consider what most profitable businesses do and start with a website. This is how I started and Wealthy Affiliate will show people how. Thanks for your thoughts and comment, wish you the best, Evelyn.

  23. My name is Kristina. I’ve been on it for about a month, I don’t have a job so I’ve been spending about 4 hours a day doing everything it asks. And I’ve only made $50 so let’s see I spent $25 and made $50 so I’ve made 25 profit plus they are about to charge me the $20 a month for the website so I’m about to give them their money right back? BS!! The system I’m on charges 25 for the membership and website, then charges you $20 a month for the website. I’ve been sitting here trying to delete and or cancel my website along with the $20 a month fees but oh the email they give for you to request cancellation isn’t even a real email! I sent them a message and right away got an error email back saying it’s not a working email address. So what am I supposed to do now? Just let them charge me and keep spending hours a day and for $50 a month? I’ve spent at least 100 hours on it so far, not even kidding you. Can someone tell me how the hell to cancel my subscription? Do I have to tell my bank to block them from my bank account or something?

    • Hey Kristina, I would suggest you call your bank and dispute the charges and see if you can get your money back that way. These types of systems are like a chain letter, meaning it’s not really a real business so their is really no one to contact. I’m so sorry you spent so many hours doing this and you’re unable to get in contact with anyone. Most of these business opportunities online are scams. You can also dispute this with the BBB. Again I’m so sorry Kristina that you worked so hard and you didn’t see the results they claimed. I wish you many blessing, Evelyn.

  24. 5 emails a day? Then the sky is the limit to what I could earn! This reminds me of a scam I fell for about 15 years ago. It was not online but an ad in the newspaper. By posting (yes snail mail) a small fee and a self addressed envelope to the address you will receive back a marketing system that cannot fail and you are guaranteed to make loads of money. I waited about 3 weeks and then got my self addressed envelope back and all it had in it was a note saying “do what I did to you”. This is what this sounds like to me. This is not work, this is BS.

    • Hey Lynne, This is exactly what it is, just in digital style. It hasn’t changed much by having people imitate what they are doing. It’s not really a business just a waste of time. Thanks for your story I really appreciate it. Many blessings to you Lynne, Evelyn.

  25. Thanks for this. I nearly signed up because their video is very convincing. It wasn’t until you pointed certain flaws out, like the guy with the earphones, that I also realized what I had almost fallen for. I would have wasted my money and my time.

    • Hey Vincent, Yep those headsets gave it away, Lol. These types of sites are really good at convincing people they can make all this money by doing pretty much nothing, but most like very minimal money will be made. Plus, it’s not really a real business. Thanks for your thoughts and wish you the best, Evelyn.

  26. Thanks for the heads up on another dodgy system. I hadn’t heard of them before but now I know to steer clear. Like all these systems when it sounds to good to be true it usually is. Much better to work on your own blog and promote products yourself than waste time on another platform.

    • Hey Mark, exactly, why waste your time when people can build their own business. They will be putting the same amount of time as they would with something dodgy. I really appreciate your thoughts and wish you the best, Evelyn.

  27. $3750 per month just by processing 5 emails in a 24 hour period! Sign me up (lol). Well unfortunately many people that come online fall for these sorts of things don’t they, the shiny object syndrome and the promise of high earnings. I like the way you only gave it 1 out of 10, no messing about there then.

    • Hey Chris, that’s it and you will be making some money, Lol. Another shiny object of doing practically nothing. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it. I may have been a little generous with that 1/10, Lol. Appreciate your thoughts, Evelyn.

  28. When ever they make it sound really easy, it’s a scam. You made me laugh when you said if it was this easy I would have my daughter send the emails while I cook dinner. Duh! If anyone falls for this so called business then shame on them. Thanks for making us aware of this scam site, Wendy.

    • Hey Wendy, Lol, they make it sound so easy and all this money will be made. The business model really speaks for itself. People are really just sending out the same email they paid for. Thanks for your thoughts and wish you the best, Evelyn.

  29. Thanks for the information, or should I say warning, Evelyn. I have to tell you usually when I see 1 out of 10, I stop reading. You have laid it out so nice. There really is no question on e-mail processing systems. There are so many scams out there, we need people like you to give us the real scoop. Thanks again for sharing, Chris.

    • Hey Chris, That 1 out of 10 put you off right away,Lol. I guess you don’t have time to waste. It shame that there are plenty of scams that out number the good in the online world. I hope it changes because people can really make a good living by using the Internet. If people really want to make money online a website is a good place to start. Then they can branch out their business in other directions. Thanks for your thoughts Chris, wish you the best, Evelyn.

  30. Hello Evelyn, I saw this particular scheme more than once in my life and even considered joining one at one time. I have been scammed many times and this just started to smell like it was as scam so I did not join and your information has proven me right. You will never be successful or make a lot of money getting paid for doing nothing. Success is hard work, anything you choose to do in life will take a considerable amount of effort to be a success. Great point about not falling for the money for nothing scheme. Thanks, San.

    • Thanks San, These types of business models have been going on for years like you stated. I agree that it takes a considerable amount of effort to be successful. Thanks for your thoughts and wish you the best, Evelyn.

  31. Thank you for the warning and very well laid out article on email processing system. I too have almost fallen for this product in the past when times were rough and money was tight and I was desperate. One thing to always keep in mind, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is to good to be true. A couple questions I have: 1. Does EPS have a BBB rating? Can you look them up and do you recommend checking out any company with BBB before signing up? 2. Do these EPS type companies ever talk about the conversion rates? I am betting probably not. Thank you again and I look forward to reading more on your site, Stephanie.

    • Hey Stephanie, It seems like when money is tight for people this is when these types of systems seems logical. It’s obvious it’s not really a business, it’s just placing ads in places like Craigslist and having people pay you for some type of what I call it business chain letter. As for the conversion rates, as you assumed of course they don’t. Being that this is some sort of chain letter system it’s more or less a scam. If you think about it, someone could write up their own little chain letter job system and place them anywhere or email them to people. Thanks for your fantastic questions and your thoughts. Wish you the best, Evelyn.

  32. Wow, Thanks for the heads up on this scammer Evelyn, it was really refreshing to read, understand, and warned, have always been attracted to email systems. As before, made comments on your site before, and every time I do finding it to be a well put together piece of content Evelyn. Thanks to your review, will not let this one bite me. Continued success, Manny.

    • Thanks Manny, I’m glad you’re not going to let this one bite you. There is no need to do anything like this. I almost tried this way back in the day. Back then some girl sent me a bootleg CD. I was so disappointed, I didn’t even go any further. This is not a business at all. It’s more or less selling nothing. Thanks for your thoughts Manny, Wish you only the best, Evelyn.

  33. Hey Evelyn, 100% agree with you. If someone considers selling air legit, then by all means let them give it a go. To me, anything with no tangible product or running a direct duplication system is fair to consider a scam. If it was that great, they would buy 50 PC’s, automate the process and keep all of the profits for themselves. And if it was really that good, Why wouldn’t they let you test drive it before having you pay for it? Right? Great post! Keep up the good work. Cheers, Marc.

    • Hey Marc, Exactly, It’s just selling air, nothing more. Why do I need to pay anybody when I could run around the net placing these ads everywhere myself. Like you said there is nothing tangible here. It’s more or less a waste of time and money. Thanks for your thoughts, Evelyn.

  34. Love how you say “These types of scam has been going on for years. I myself almost did something like this way back in the day”. Nothing like trashing something you didn’t even test drive. Definitely an expert opinion from an established marketer, right?

    • Hey Eli, I’m glad you brought this up. I don’t intend to purchase this whatever you want to call it and let me tell you why. First off, back in the day, I actually paid for the product it was $5 bucks and I got some bootleg CD in the mail. When someone reads my review I don’t want them to pay for it either if it’s a scam. I want people to look at the business model before they consider purchasing a product. Let’s break this business model down, okay. First off, I could get my niece to get her drawing pad and crayons and write up the same email system with her crayons. Then I would place some ads in classified areas. Once someone pays me through PayPal, I will send them an email that states. Once you receive my niece’s crayola written letter from the snail mail, all you have to do is type it up and place it in places like Craigslist. Let’s break this business model down even further. You don’t have to pay anyone $25 dollars. You can just Google classified ads. Then all you have to do is place some ads that states make $25 dollars for processing emails. What I’m getting at is that there is no product. It’s just people placing the same ad they got in classified areas. That is not a business. Thanks for your time and have a nice day, Evelyn.

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