Empower Network Review: The Opportunist

I wanted to write a review about Empower Network because I did a review on BIM, aka Big Idea Mastermind.

Vick Strizheus is the owner of BIM and encourages anyone who joins BIM to join Empower Network.

As I was doing my research on Empower Network and learned what they offered, the first thing that came to my mind was the opportunist.

If you don’t understand what my mind was going through about the opportunist, I wrote an article about kissing too many frogs that represent some of the business models we come across online.

It appeared to me that Empower Network seems to fit that bill.

Don’t stop reading to find out the full details.

Specs About Empower Network

EN Review

Product Name: Empower Network
Year: 2011
Free Acess: No
Price: Starts at $25 monthly
Website: empowernetwork.com
BeginAtZero.com Overall Ranking: 2/10

The Rundown

What Is Empower Network aka EN?

  • Viral Blogging System.

How does it work?

If you become a member, you get a viral blogging platform, training along with multilevel marketing opportunity to sell their services.

  • Blogging
  • Training
  • Affiliate program
  • Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

How much does it cost?

  • $25 a month for basic
  • $100 a month for the inner circle
  • $500 one-time fee Costa Rica intensive training
  • $1,000 one-time fee 15K formula
  • $3,500 one-time fee master rescam I mean retreat

Affiliate fees:

  • $19.95 a month

No Refunds:

  • I read quite a few stories in ripoff report.com about how it was difficult to cancel and how they were still charging people after they canceled their accounts with EN.


Empower Network is closed!

My Take

If you’re doing your research on Empower Network and you’re not sure if you want to join their business, I would highly suggest you read my review.

The decision is entirely up to you, but sometimes an outside view can put the nail in the coffin either way.

EN is big on their up-sells. If you want more information to build your business, EN will keep asking for more money.

In order to be a part of their affiliate program, you got to pay $19.95 a month. I’ve seen other companies do this and it’s not right to call it an affiliate program.

Think about it, I personally wouldn’t pay (beep) to promote something.

Why do I have to pay to promote a business? I’m doing all the work and paying to promote them while they are reaping the benefits.

That’s something that an opportunist would do, take advantage of me and my money.

YouTube And Facebook Threw EN Back In That Pond

Did you know that Facebook and YouTube banned EN from promoting their business on their site?

Yep, both platforms threw them into the pond. The reason for the ban is because EN was spamming people.

YouTube and Facebook is a great way to promote a business. It makes it quite difficult for their members if they tend to or want to use their platform to help build their promotional strategies.

Not only that, if you’re an affiliate for EN, you’re also paying to promote their service at $19.95 and if you have FB and YT as part of your promotional strategies, the bang for your buck just lose some value.

You Got Some Ammo

When companies just launched, usually you can’t find any negative reviews.

With points no other points of view out there, it makes it a little harder to make a decision.

I wrote about just launched businesses in my Income With Jamie review blog.

If you come to a just-launched business, it’s a good idea to give it some time to grow before you take action.

EN was launched in 2011.

Being that a few years passed, you can now determine if their service is something for you by reading the “ammo” aka the negative reviews out there online.

A Food For Thought

If you come across a good review about EN, remember it costs the reviewers $19.95 a month to promote EN.

Not that you shouldn’t take good reviews into consideration, you just gotta dig deep and really read people’s experiences.

You will read how people paid a lot of money and didn’t earn anything.

You will read how people were asked to pay more money in order to make money.

You will read how people love their service and make money from it.

Here is a consideration that you should consider, when you are thinking about starting a business period.

Know that it will never be as easy as people make it out to be. Know that work is required. Know that starting a business online shouldn’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars at tops, starting off it should cost at the top around $500 a year, not including Internet service.

If you have internet service, most likely you know how much your internet cost.

Should You Put The Final Nail In The Coffin?

YES! EN is running a very thin line as being a scam.

Based on my findings and my opinion, your promotional strategies are limited, the price is quite expensive and on top of that, you have to pay a monthly fee to promote their services just like those auto-ship fees MLM companies have.

All In All

The business model alone that EN provides is enough to make a decision to put a nail in the coffin.

I wouldn’t join EN because of these four reasons.

The Cost

  • If a person wanted to blog and needed some resources to build and promote their blog, there are many, much more inexpensive quality programs out there. EN cost is expensive for something that has to get banned from YouTube and Facebook. (Nail)

The Affiliate Program

  • If a company says you have to pay to promote, run. (Nail)

EN is banned from YouTube and Facebook

  • YouTube and Facebook are great strategies to promote a business. They are not the only ones, but you can leave a lot of money on the table because you’re not using them. (Nail)

No Free Version

  • You can’t even check out EN without paying a fee. When you’re starting off online and want to learn how to build a business online, It’s best to check out free stuff first before you pay money to anyone. (Nail)


  • In today’s time, it shouldn’t cost anyone $3,500 for more information plus a monthly fee. The overhead on the internet is much less than running a brick and mortar business. (nail)

If you come to a business model that has the opportunist frog quality, I suggest you don’t puck your lips and don’t let that frog kiss you.

Remember, that ring don’t mean a thing if you end up bankrupt. Leave this type of frog in the pond where it belongs or yet, start hammering those nails.

If you’re interested in finding a way to build a business from home that provides you with no up-sells, learning tools, and support.

Look at all your options out there online, I’ve been running a business online and know that it shouldn’t cost that much money to start a business from home.

What is your take about Empower Network, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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