Enrollapp.com Review: Is It A Waste Of Time For That Dime

If you know me, I really enjoy letting others know about services that can help people make money online even if it’s not a large amount of money.

There are sites out there that people participate in that pay people a little extra money, which I find refreshing.

When I learned about enrollapp.com, I was like I gotta check this site out because it appeared to me to be another cool way to earn some coins online.

I tried enrollapp.com and in this short review, I’m going to let you know why it could be a waste of time for that dime.

Specs About Enrollapp

review of enrollapp

Product Name: Enrollapp
Year: 2011
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Website URL: enrollapp.com
BeginAtZero.com Overall Rating: 5/10

My Take

You hear about another way to make some extra cash online and you check it out.

When you did all your research and everything seems to be pretty legit, you sign up to get started.

Then when you get access, you’re expecting to have a better outcome and are able to make your first dime quickly.

When that expectation doesn’t happen, how could you not think that a service like that is a time-waster?

So with that being said, let me begin that rant.

Oh No Evelyn, Are You Going To Be Complaining A lot?

Just a little, nothing too major. My rant is mainly in regards to the polls and the number of questions you need to answer.

With Enroll App polls’, you don’t get compensated anything when you complete polls.

Mainly what their polls are for is to match your demographics or interest with their tests they want you to complete.

They usually ask the same question in their polls but in a different way to see if you’re being honest which is understandable, but!

Here is the but, how many poll questions do I have to answer to start making money with Enroll App?

So let’s shift back and let me explain how Enroll App works.

How Does Enroll App Works?

enrollapp threshold

It is a pretty simple and straightforward concept.

It is a completely free service.

In a nutshell, your goal is to answer quick questions about websites and get compensated for the tests they want you to take.

Once you hit over one dollar, you are qualified to cash out.

You get paid every month when you hit the cash out threshold through PayPal.

As for the tests that they want you to take, they will notify you via email or text message when a test is available.

enrollapp quiz

I’ve taken some sample tests and it seems quite simple to complete.

The questions they ask in their sample test take less than a minute to complete.

rewards ea

From what I gathered, if you complete a paying test, you will get compensated around $0.10 per test starting off and you earn a badge for completing tests.

What I Like About Enroll App

I like the fact that their website is very transparent.

Their site seems like a simple way to earn extra cash if you manage to get there.

Their payout threshold is low and they pay you through PayPal.

What I Don’t Like

eenrollapp poll questions

You could be wasting your time answering poll questions if you never get notified to take a test.

As you can see in the image above, I answered 88 poll questions so far and I haven’t gotten a single test to take.

Could I at least get a dime for my time, Lol?

Does That Mean Enroll App Is A Scam?

No, I wouldn’t call it a scam. There could be a number of reasons why I haven’t been chosen to take a test.

I’m assuming that there are probably a number of people to Enroll App that has built up their momentum.

Meaning, Enroll App will contact them first to complete whatever they need completing.

They are running a business and so it’s understandable they will contact their trusted sources first.

In the meantime, I will update you if any changes occur.

So Are You Telling Me I Shouldn’t Enroll?

I’m letting you know my experience so far with Enroll App. It may be a hit for you and just a miss for me.

To be fair, each of Enroll App’s poll questions takes less than 5 seconds to answer and your demographics could be what they are looking for.

If you manage to make your first dime for your time it might be a hit for you.

It doesn’t hurt to try and see what happens, if your situation turns out like mine, you may want to consider other options here.


I got my first dime for my time. I will update you on how long it takes to cash out! So far it is still a dime.

All In All

No, I’m not going to call Enroll App a scam.

There are people who managed to cash out. I will state that I feel their payout threshold is fair. They offer a unique way to make money by answering simple short questions.

It may take a while for you to get your first badge, but if it gets to the point where it may take a long time, there is nothing wrong with just moving on.

You shouldn’t hold all your eggs in one basket and right here are other ways that you’re able to make some extra cash online.

What is your take about Enrollapp, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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