EZWealthBuilder.com Review: Another Matrix System

EZWealthyBuilder is another matrix system.

These matrix systems seem to never end.

This one is no different from the ones I’ve come across online.

These services are nothing more than a recruiting scam.

I will give you the rundown on why, so let’s begin.

Specs About EZWealthBuilder

ezwb review

Product Name: EZWealthBuilder
Year: 2014
Free Access: Yes
Price: Starts At $9.99
Website URL: ezwealthbuilder.net
BeginAtZero.com Overall Rating: 1/10

The Rundown

What is EZWealthBuilder aka EZWB?

  • It’s a Forced Matrix business.

How does it work?

  • You recruit 2 people into the business then you move up various levels.

How Much does it cost?

  • Free
  • $9.99
  • $99.00
  • $299.00

Who can join?

  • Anyone, It’s Global

My Take

If it’s not an MLM business model, it seems to be binary or matrix systems.

I’ve reviewed a number of them, and if the first one worked, wouldn’t we all be doing them?

These types of business models tend to be enticing because they make it seem effortless.

How They Get You In

Most matrix systems try to get people in by using the easiest comp plan method.

For EZWB, they say you can get in at absolutely FREE.

I like free, but is it? If you haven’t heard, EZWB offers other types of comp plan methods at different rates.

If you look at their site, it can be very enticing because they only tell you what the possibilities are.

They don’t tell you what you will be doing to make that potential income.

Of course, we all know it takes money to make money.

If we don’t have to pay a dime or if we are looking for something that could be more like a job or even doing something like some tasks, of course, no fees required.

When we are looking into building a business whether it’s online or offline, more times than none fees are required.

What I Noticed

EZWealthBuilder Comp Plan

They start with an intro site with a video stating, are you looking to build wealth online quick and easy?

That’s a red flag right there. There is no easy way to build a business online quickly and easily.

It obviously possible to build wealth online, but it’s not quick and easy.

When you see the words like Compensation Plan, that’s a sign right there that it’s some MLM business or Matrix-type business model.

On the right side of EZWB’s site, they show the people that joined for free.

People are curious, and some people join all kinds of programs out of sheer curiosity, don’t get me wrong, some people may think it’s great and wanted to get started.

I did click the Get Started Now button to see where it would lead.

After I Clicked

ezwealthbuider claim

What got me curious was the Payment Proofs menu. I was interested to see what people were getting paid. EZWB Said you can make money quickly and earn $170,000 income. That’s a lot of money, but the most I saw was $500.

Another thing about the Payment Proofs is the date. I looked at 03/15/2015. There were about eight payments made, and the average was $20. I wouldn’t call that wealth at all. Extra cash, yeah, but nothing near $170,000.

I went to their details to see what is this business model and they didn’t explain anything. They didn’t say who they are. They just started within nine years. Wow, I thought, anyone, can place in over nine years.

So I kept reading, then they talked about how difficult it is to make money online. Well, I wouldn’t call it difficult, more or less, you must work at it.

EZWB’s Plan

ewb plan

EZWB states what you need to be successful online.

  • EZWB product is an advertisement
  • Compensations plan
  • 2 powerful marketing plan
  • Support

I wouldn’t say their plan is a bad thing, even if it doesn’t seem bad, people should look at the quality of the system they are getting into.

How Do You Make Money With EZWB?

Like I stated in the beginning, their primary business model is a matrix pyramid. The way these systems say it’s legal is by having a product.

More or less, what they want you to do is to recruit people into the system for you to make money.

I’ve done reviews on Matrix Systems, and you can read them if you’d like below. There are different variations of how these types of matrix system work.

Five Dollar Funnel

Total Takeover

4 Corner Alliance Group


Feeder Matrix

Let’s look at their matrix system a little deeper.

Get In Early

Before we get into the matrix system, systems like these like to state to people to get in early. When statements are made like “get in early”, that means people at the bottom are most likely not going to make any money.

I always wonder why would anyone want to get or be involved in something like “get in early”? I’d rather be involved in something lasting.


The FREE level is a 2×6 Forced Matrix. That means you need to get two people to sign up for free, then once you get your 2, your 2 people need to get 2 people. Of course, you can get more people in, but we are looking at the basics.

Here is how it looks

  • get 2 earns 2 cents to move to the next level
  • get 4 earns 4 cents to move to the next level
  • get 8 earns 8 cents to move to the next level
  • get 16 earns 32 cents to move to the next level
  • get 32 earns $1.28 to move to the next level
  • get 64 earns $8.32 once you get through all that you add all these up 126 earn $10.06.

That’s a lot of people to make that 10 bucks. I wouldn’t call that easy or wealth and if a person goes through the matrix they earned enough to invest in the next matrix.

$9.99 2×10 Matrix

It’s the same concept as above, but the earning potential is higher and you can make $4,198. To start off, you need to invest $9.99. Once you get through the matrix of 2,046 people, you would make $4,198.

$99.00 2×10 Matrix

So this matrix you can earn more because, of course, the investment is higher. The recruiting possibility is 2,046 people and the potential income is $40,198.

$299 2×10 Matrix

This is the final matrix and the highest potential a person can make. The recruitment possibility is 2,046 people and the potential income is $125,940. We all know that it some good money. My question is, how easy is getting all these people even with help?

If you add up all the potential income, it comes to $170,000 give or take a few bucks. That’s all that is, is potential income.

It’s Not That Simple

Matrix will work if you’re looking at the life of an ant. The problem is that we are not ants. You have to be in a good team with people that have the same goals. If you think about it

  • You gotta get in early
  • You have to be in a good team
  • Is the person going to help you if they made it through the matrix?

Think about it. If you made through the matrix, you’d be busy shopping or doing some life-changing tasks.

Come on. We are humans, not ants. People who never made that kind of money before will be busy with their lives. Where does that leave the team and support?

If you think about this one, if people don’t make it through that first FREE level, most likely, they won’t even bother with another matrix.

All In All

These Matrix systems are not as simple as they seem. There are lots of them out there. These systems like to state the potential money you can make. That’s all it is, is possible, and it’s not as quick and straightforward as it seems.

Building a business from home takes time and effort, just like any business. What makes building a business from home fantastic is that you can do it at any time of the day, and I learned how to do it with affiliate marketing.

With Affiliate marketing, there’s no downline or pyramid. Believe it or not, there is a proper way to do affiliate marketing. If you want to learn how don’t hesitate to check out My #1 Heroic Site. They taught me how it’s done. You can check them out for free without pulling out a single credit card this way you can see if it’s the pathway you would want to take.

What is your take about EZWealthBuilder, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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