F Matrix Review: Will 7 Quarters Do It

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I’ve seen Feeder Matrix (FMatrix) advertised. It only cost 7 quarters to join. I’ve seen videos saying because Feeder Matrix has a product it’s a legal business.

I did my research on the structure of this business and found some info that I think you should be aware of. Read my Feeder Matrix Review and Why I call it the 7 quarter scam.


Product: Feeder Matrix
Year: 2011
Overall Ranking: 0/10
Website: feedermatrix.com

What is Feeder Matrix?

Feeder Matrix business model is a 4×4 force matrix system. Some people may prefer to call it a matrix scam, Ponzi scheme or the well-known pyramid scheme.

How does it works?

Feeder Matrix cost $1.75 to join and comes with digital products.

That’s spare change anyone can find in the bottom of their purse or junk drawers.

Then you get 4 people to dig up some spare change from their little sister’s piggy bank or mom’s coin purse to pay $1.75 to Feeder Matrix and join the scheme.

Once all 4 people paid their $1.75 for their digital products and joined Feeder Matrix, then you will receive $7 into your account.

At this point, a person moves up to the next level.

They will pay $5 and when you get 16 people behind you to pay their $5, you will have $80 in your account and you are able to move to the next level.

4×4 Payment Matrix

  • Pay $1.75 get 4 people you get $7.00
  • Pay $5.00 get 16 people you get $80.00
  • Pay $10.00 get 64 people you get $640.00
  • Pay $20.00 get 256 people you get $5,120.00
  • Pay $40.00 get 4 people you get $160.00
  • Pay pay $80.00 get 16 people you get $1280.00
  • Pay $160.00 get 64 people you get $10,240.00
  • Pay $320.00 get 256 people you get $81,920.00
  • Potential Income: $99,447.00

When I researched Feeder Matrix’s Business Model

Feeder Matrix is your classic matrix scheme. You may have heard of another one called AndThanks2U.

There are various different scenarios in a matrix system, but a matrix scheme runs like this.

You get a great deal on a product and sometimes you don’t even have to pay for the product.

Within each level you will get a more expensive product.

Now you have to find a certain amount of people to join so you can get the first level product.

If you do, you move up to the next level. If you don’t find people to join, you’re in a waiting list.

Just like with Feeder Matrix, you wait until someone comes into the matrix so you can move up a level.

With Feeder Matrix, it’s not a product you get at each level, but the reward is money.

It sounds really simple to do.

All you have to do is give seven quarters and find four people to join.

This may sound simple in a perfect world, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

People have things going on in their lives. Once something comes up, they would count their seven quarters as a loss.

The potential of you getting that $99,447 “prize” will greatly decrease.

I want you to understand that it’s not like everyone joins the matrix and you move through, but you have to be on a team.

Meaning, each matrix has different teams going on at the same time.

With these different teams going on at the same time, it makes it much more difficult to move up the levels and make that potential money.

Fishy Terms

I didn’t read anywhere in the terms that said you can cancel at anytime.

I did read in the Email section, and I found it interesting.

It said in capital letters, something like this, you agree to receive emails from the site administrator and other members.

The site administrator? Are you talking about the owner, or any site administrator from any site anywhere?

What other members? Are you talking about Feeder Matrix members or any old, anywhere members of any site?

Is Feeder Matrix A SCAM?

Yep, it is a scam.

How Is It Illegal?

Feeder Matrix has a product, but you have to JOIN Feeder Matrix to get your digital product.

That is why it is an illegal pyramid or matrix scheme.

What Is Deemed As Legal?

Legal businesses usually have a product to sell without forcing someone to join a business.

For instance, Avon has a lip gloss that I would like to buy, but I don’t have to join Avon’s business to get their lip gloss.

A business that focuses on the product and not people joining the business is usually legal.

Always do your research before joining any business. It will save you time and money when you decide to invest in a business.

Check out my how deep article. This article will give you some ideas on what to look for when doing your research online.


You could lose your PayPal account because PayPal doesn’t allow illegal business activities or practices.

PayPal monitors their accounts closely for these types of activities.

You can even Google Does PayPal allow Matrix Systems.

fmpaypal prohibit

If This Is Illegal, Why is Feeder Matrix Doing This?

There could be several reasons why.

Think about it, a person just paid $1.75 and gave their information to Feeder Matrix.

100% of the profits goes back to the members at Feeder Matrix. What does Feeder Matrix gain from all of this?

Companies that do these types of business practices usually obtain a person’s information so they can sell your information to other companies.

They can make a substantial profit from selling your information.

Is This Reasonable

$1.75 is a very obtainable price to start a business.

When you look at the business model, it is very difficult to get 256 people in your team to make $5,120.

I understand that each person has to get 4 people, but do they give you strategies on how to do that?

Is there support to help you build this “business”?

Think about building your own business and not promoting a scam.

All In All

Please do your research.

Especially when the profits seems to look like a pyramid or matrix system.

Most people will say it’s easy and legal when it’s really not.

Do you want to put your name, reputation and money in a illegal matrix system?

You could lose your PayPal account on something that cost $1.75.

Think about what consequences you may have on a simple 7 quarter investment.

The consequences my add up to more than a seven quarter investment.

There are plenty of businesses that are legal and you can earn a living online.


Feeder Matrix has done a lot of changes on their site, one of the things I noticed is that they don’t have their members open a PayPal account anymore.

I do want to stress is that the business model is still the same. These businesses are not easy as they make it out to be. There are a number of them circulating online.

As for each and every one of these matrix businesses, they are pretty much the same. You gotta recruit people into the matrix to make that potential money.

Businesses take work and time to build, if you are looking for a network marketing business, you may want to check out here!

If you have any questions or comments about Feeder Matrix feel free to let me know below, thanks!

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26 thoughts on “F Matrix Review: Will 7 Quarters Do It”

  1. They have a couple Facebook pages and these people are constantly bombarding people so they can get paid but it only seems to be a select few. I made this mistake and as soon as I realized how hard it was I quit logging on. I knew my mistake without having to find reviews and complaints they made it sound easy and then after I paid $1.75 and saw the “model” I was done. It became obvious to me right away.

    • Hey Heather, thanks for your thoughts and stating your experience with Feeder Matrix. They get people in by the low entrance fee. Paypal doesn’t even allow paying people this way. This is why they don’t promote people using Paypal anymore. It’s a gifting system. Thanks again for your thoughts many blessings to you, Evelyn.

  2. Hi Eve,

    Just wanted a clarification why are you telling we will not make any profit out if feeder matrix all. The pyramid matrices works the same way. And do you have any idea how ezwealthbuilders work as there is no reviews online for them.

    • Hey Meg,

      I’m not saying no one made a buck off this stuff, What I am saying is that it’s a difficult business to get all these people. I understand the investment is small, but you gotta look at the legal aspect of this service. You have to join Feeder Matrix to get their digital products. That alone makes this business a scam. PayPal does not allow people to get paid through matrix systems. These are things you should consider before you think about joining. As for EZWealthBuilder I did a review on them too. Thanks for your thoughts and comment, Evelyn.

    • Hello Eve,

      I am a member of Feeder Matrix. I’m just trying to make sense out of nonsense because maybe it’s something that you know that I don’t know. I’ve noticed the response that you gave Meg about having to join Feeder Matrix in order to get digital products and statement about PayPal not allowing people to get paid through matrix systems. With that being said, I have 100% ownership to the digital products and resell rights to the digital products that have purchased from members of Feeder Matrix. That means that I can sell my digital products to anybody. So why wouldn’t I be able to sell my digital products to Meg if Meg didn’t want to join Feeder Matrix? It is a fact that PayPal allow members of Feeder Matrix to receive from anyone who wants to become a member. With that being said, wouldn’t you agree that PayPal does not have a problem with Feeder Matrix? Your blog about Feeder Matrix flawed with incorrect information. I’m not here to promote Feeder Matrix nor am I here to change the way you feel about Feeder Matrix. I’m here to educate you with anyone else who has an misunderstanding about Feeder Matrix.

    • Hey Moses,

      We all know no one wants that digital product or seller rights. What they want is that potential $99,000.00 dollars. That’s why they join this type of service to get that money. It’s all about moving up the next level to get that money. As for PayPal, I updated my site. You can go to PayPal and read it for yourself.

      If you want to go ahead and have people open a PayPal account and risk them losing their account so you can make that potential $99,000. More power to you.

      Thanks for your thoughts and have nice day!

  3. Whoever wrote this blog well played. If you people haven’t realized it yet. This blog so just another excuse for you to join wealthy affiliate by discrediting Feedermatrix. You managed to blind a lot of people so far with a bunch of stories and the you concluding by slapping them with another offer that they couldn’t refuse. You state that to join Wealthy Affiliate is Free yet you have to pay $47 per month or $359 dollars per year. I think this is just W.A is just another Feedermatrix scheme with a new name. And by the way. I made a lot from Feedermatrix. I’ve been working online for five years now and I can admit that Feedermatrix way of earning money is rather unorthodox but there’s no scam. All earnings come from hard work and having brains. With that said I got more than 200 people to join in the first 2 months due to my hard work and guess what, it paid off. And out of my generosity I help taught all my downlines the same strategies that I used to get more people to join under them and it worked to. Conclusion: To succeed as a Feedermatrix member you need to connect with the right people at the right time. If you need help in succeeding on Feedermtrix I’m the guy you need to. When you join I will teach you and then on top of that I will send 200 people everyday on your personal referral link. It took me 5 years to make this easy.

    • Hey Zeal,

      Thanks for your comment and your feedback on Feedermatrix. I just want to start off by saying that if you’ve been in the online marketing business for 5 years now you should know to be successful in this industry you need a website.

      That’s how it started with Google and many other online Entrepreneurial. Feedermatrix is nothing but a pyramid scheme.

      As for me recommending Wealthy Affiliate I do because I want people to build solid businesses for themselves and not some pyramid scheme we keep coming across in the online world. I always direct people to my review that shows people what WA offers and the cost.

      It does cost $47 a month or $359 a year if a person decide they want to learn how to properly build a business online.

      People can check it out for FREE they get 10 FREE lessons, 2 website and hosting before they even have to pay any money. There is no pressure to go premium and no up-sells. It’s like test driving a car and seeing what the have to offer. I don’t see Feedermatrix offering that.

      With WA, there’s no right people at right time playing the luck game. With WA you either make it happen or you move on. It’s as simple as that. Plant that seed people and Water it. All the best, Evelyn.

    • Great comment Zeal. There are always people that want to be happy doing things in simple fashion and feedermatrix works. I have been paid many times. I joined Wealthy affiliate, however was not happy with what felt like I was being forced to do something commitment wise financially and when I stopped my payments had issues with logging in as a member still. 12 months down the track I still get emails from WA saying someone is following me but can never access my wealth affiliate account. No dramas logging in FM upgrading as one please. Cheers!

    • Hey,

      There’s nothing wrong with building a business that works for you. To each their own.

      As for Feedermatrix is NOT a business even if you made a buck or two off this stuff. A business is something you can sell down the road legally. What do you have to pass down to your children by using this forced matrix scheme.

      This is not a real legal business. That’s why Feedermatrix took PayPal off their system. Yeah they made upgrades, but the business model is the same. If any business is forced it’s Feedermatrix, forcing people into this matrix box.

      As for you joining Wealthy Affiliate. That was your decision. There is a FREE membership you checked out before you even decided to become a premium member. All the information is there with no obligations before you even decided to become a premium member.

      As for you not able to sign into your account at WA, do remember your password or email address you used to become a member at WA? If you don’t remember, I suggest you request your password and they will email it to you. It’s as simple as that! Have a nice day!

    • Hi, I’m a Feedermatrix member from panama I’m trying to make my matrix grow and I just saw you could teach how to do it and send some people could you please contact me and help me? Thanks!

    • Hey Juan, Did read my article? I’m not a fan of MLM or Matrix systems. The reason being is that it’s difficult to get people into these systems. Just like how you are looking for people to join. These systems don’t help people. I do wish you the best, Evelyn.

    • I am an entrepreneur and I invest everywhere. Entrepreneurs take risks and work towards achievement you don’t get opportunity and fold your arms for the opportunity to make money for you. You need to add effort. You have done well to create a blog as an online entrepreneur. Instead of condemning someone’s business opportunity to promote yours, Educate yours and give people vivid reasons why they should join your opportunity. You can promote your business without condemning someone’s. In this world, what you believe works for you so if you don’t believe in feeder matrix, don’t destroy someone’s belief. Be a leader and not just an entrepreneur. Anyway, good job for putting this blog together. At least you have got some traffic.

    • Hey Benson, I’m all for the entrepreneurial spirit. I’m not a fan of these types of business models. They are based on recruitment as the only way to make money. I personally don’t know what country you are from, but in the USA, it’s illegal. I’m not going to recommend someone try this. I’m sorry! You have to purchase the digital product to be in the matrix. Even PayPal doesn’t allow this. There are other services on my site that I do not get paid for but I didn’t call it a scam. So I don’t just do this to get people to try to promote my heroic site, I do this to try and help people make money from home. I got traffic to my site because My #1 Heroic Site taught me how. I wouldn’t have the traffic that I have if it wasn’t for them. That’s why they are My #1 Heroic Site. Anyhow, Benson I do wish you the best with many blessings. Evelyn.

    • Hey Lingesh,

      Here are some things I think you should read about Matrix schemes and Pyramid scams. You can read PayPal policies as well. I’m pretty sure no one is even interested in Feeder Matrix’s digital products without a big reward in the end.

      This is a classic Matrix Ponzi scheme that hides behind a digital product. People will tell it’s legal because they are selling a product that I know none of you would even think about getting without this big reward in the end.

      Another thing I want you to consider is what does the person who started this program gain from you joining? I want you to go and read their terms. These types of services usually want your information so they can sell it. You think they started this program for no reason?

      They are not the ones whose PayPal account is compromise anyone who uses their PayPal account for this program is. Anyone who joins this program is a part of this ponzi scheme and once no one wants to join in the group that someone is a part of the whole ponzi scheme collapses.

      If you have any other questions please be sure to ask. Wish you the best, Evelyn.

  4. I just got approached by some guy trying to get me to join this system. I duckduckgo’d it, came across this link. Thanks a LOT you just saved me money and time, let alone scamming other people, and getting into illegal affairs.

    Much appreciated,


    • Hey Jaz,

      You’re welcome no problem, Thanks for taking the time to read my review. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who will try it anyways. I like to show people why it’s not a good idea and it’s entirely their decision to go for it or not.

      We all know these types of pyramid schemes always collapse, not to mention Paypal doesn’t allow it. I’m glad you made the decision to stay away from it. Trying to find a way to make money online can be pure hell with all these scams multiplying everyday. I’m glad you did your research first, that’s key to keeping your money in the bank. Wish you the best and thanks for your thoughts, Evelyn.

  5. I was signed up to Wealthy Affiliate for a couple months, but had to cancel until I could start making some money to cover the $47 upgrade.

    I just stumbled on to Feeder Matrix and landed here. It definitely isn’t a legit business. I still have to do some research to see if ANYONE is actually making money, but to me it just seems like a bunch of affiliates trying to sell their product and telling us BS.

    Almost every post I have landed on praised Feeder Matrix as a way to get rich fast. Yours is the first one that seems honest!

    • Hey John,

      sorry you had to cancel your account at WA. It’s such a fantastic place to build a business online. I hope you still have your website and still adding content to it. It will eventually monetize and make you money.

      Feeder Matrix is not going to make anyone rich. I talked to several people who tried to get me to do Feeder Matrix and they outright said it was difficult. Most people are not going to join this business because it’s a straight up pyramid scheme that many people are familiar with. Not to mention PayPal doesn’t allow matrix type businesses and you don’t want to compromise your PayPal account for this mess. It’s not worth it. I hope you get back to WA soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish you the best, Evelyn.

  6. Great review on Feeder Matrix! This is truly a program that so many starting marketers find themselves contemplating to get involved with. I remember, it was over a year ago, when I kept coming across this program. It just seemed too fake, I mean $1.75 will produce me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to come. Truly seemed fishy to me. I’m not surprised you ranked it a 0 out of 10 after all! Nice touch with the legality aspects as well. That’s actually a really great point I believe most people wouldn’t bother to think over when considering to join FeederMatrix.

    Thanks again,

    • Hey Peter, I agree, most people don’t even consider the legal part of these matrix schemes. Most people don’t even complain about them because $1.75 is nothing to cry over. The owners of these types of businesses usually sell people’s info and they get a bunch of spam emails, Evelyn.

    • Hey Alex,

      Thanks for the offer, but I’m doing just fine. The reason why I say Feeder Matrix is bad because their entire business model focuses on recruiting people to make money. Even though Feeder Matrix hides behind a product doesn’t mean that it’s a legal business.

      PayPal doesn’t allow Matrix type business and people don’t realize once a person gets busted, Paypal is going cease that account and the money in it. That little $1.75 investment can lead to lots more problems than people realize. All the best to you, Evelyn.

  7. Just wanted to thank you for the heads up, and the additional info you provide. If it’s true that only 1 in 300 people take the time to write such a note after viewing a site, then please notice that my note represents not just my “Thank YOU!” as well, the thanks (and likely savings) of approx. 299 other people. How cool that you’re being thanked by 300 people whom you’ve helped!

    • Hey Dee, Thanks for your response. That’s pretty cool, I like those numbers. You are too kind. I don’t want to see people wasting their time on something that is illegal and don’t get results. Thanks for your response, Evelyn.

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