F Matrix Review: Will 7 Quarters Do It

I’ve seen Feeder Matrix (FMatrix) advertised. It only cost seven quarters to join.

I’ve seen videos saying because Feeder Matrix has a product, it’s a legal business.

I did my research on the structure of this business and found some info that I think you should be aware of.

Read my Feeder Matrix Review and Why I call it the seven quarter scam.

Specs About Feeder Matrix

seven coins

Product Name: Feeder Matrix
Year: 2011
Free Access: No
Price: Seven Quarters
Website URL: feedermatrix.com
BeginAtZero.com Overall Rating: 0/10

What is Feeder Matrix?

Feeder Matrix business model is a 4×4 force matrix system.

Some people may prefer to call it a matrix scam, Ponzi scheme, or a well-known pyramid scheme.

How does it work?

Feeder Matrix costs $1.75 to join and comes with digital products.

That’s spare change anyone can find at the bottom of their purse or junk drawers.

Then you get 4 people to dig up some spare change from their little sister’s piggy bank or mom’s coin purse to pay $1.75 to Feeder Matrix and join the scheme.

Once all 4 people paid their $1.75 for their digital products and joined Feeder Matrix, then you will receive $7 into your account.

At this point, a person moves up to the next level.

They will pay $5 and when you get 16 people behind you to pay their $5, you will have $80 in your account and you are able to move to the next level.

4×4 Payment Matrix

  • Pay $1.75 get 4 people you get $7.00
  • Pay $5.00 get 16 people you get $80.00
  • Pay $10.00 get 64 people you get $640.00
  • Pay $20.00 get 256 people you get $5,120.00
  • Pay $40.00 get 4 people you get $160.00
  • Pay $80.00 get 16 people you get $1280.00
  • Pay $160.00 get 64 people you get $10,240.00
  • Pay $320.00 get 256 people you get $81,920.00
  • Potential Income: $99,447.00

When I researched Feeder Matrix’s Business Model

Feeder Matrix is your classic matrix scheme. You may have heard of another one called AndThanks2U.

There are various different scenarios in a matrix system, but a matrix scheme runs like this.

You get a great deal on a product and sometimes you don’t even have to pay for the product.

Within each level, you will get a more expensive product.

Now you have to find a certain amount of people to join so you can get the first level product.

If you do, you move up to the next level. If you don’t find people to join, you’re on a waiting list.

Just like with Feeder Matrix, you wait until someone comes into the matrix so you can move up a level.

With Feeder Matrix, it’s not a product you get at each level, but the reward is money.

It sounds really simple to do.

All you have to do is give seven quarters and find four people to join.

This may sound simple in a perfect world, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

People have things going on in their lives. Once something comes up, they would count their seven quarters as a loss.

The potential of you getting that $99,447 “prize” will greatly decrease.

I want you to understand that it’s not like everyone joins the matrix and you move through, but you have to be on a team.

Meaning, each matrix has different teams going on at the same time.

With these different teams going on at the same time, it makes it much more difficult to move up the levels and make that potential money.

Fishy Terms

I didn’t read anywhere in the terms that said you can cancel at any time.

I did read in the Email section, and I found it interesting.

It said in capital letters, something like this, you agree to receive emails from the site administrator and other members.

The site administrator? Are you talking about the owner or any site administrator from any site anywhere?

What other members? Are you talking about Feeder Matrix members or any old, anywhere members of any site?

Is Feeder Matrix A SCAM?

Yep, it is a scam.

How Is It Illegal?

Feeder Matrix has a product, but you have to JOIN Feeder Matrix to get your digital product.

That is why it is an illegal pyramid or matrix scheme.

What Is Deemed As Legal?

Legal businesses usually have a product to sell without forcing someone to join a business.

For instance, Avon has a lip gloss that I would like to buy, but I don’t have to join Avon’s business to get their lip gloss.

A business that focuses on the product and not people joining the business is usually legal.

Always do your research before joining any business. It will save you time and money when you decide to invest in a business.

Check out my how deep article. This article will give you some ideas on what to look for when doing your research online.


You could lose your PayPal account because PayPal doesn’t allow illegal business activities or practices.

PayPal monitors their accounts closely for these types of activities.

You can even Google Does PayPal allow Matrix Systems.

fmpaypal prohibit

If This Is Illegal, Why is Feeder Matrix Doing This?

There could be several reasons why.

Think about it, a person just paid $1.75 and gave their information to Feeder Matrix.

100% of the profits go back to the members at Feeder Matrix. What does Feeder Matrix gain from all of this?

Companies that do these types of business practices usually obtain a person’s information so they can sell your information to other companies.

They can make a substantial profit from selling your information.

Is This Reasonable

$1.75 is a very obtainable price to start a business.

When you look at the business model, it is very difficult to get 256 people in your team to make $5,120.

I understand that each person has to get 4 people, but do they give you strategies on how to do that?

Is there support to help you build this “business”?

Think about building your own business and not promoting a scam.

All In All

Please do your research.

Especially when the profits seem to look like a pyramid or matrix system.

Most people will say it’s easy and legal when it’s really not.

Do you want to put your name, reputation, and money in an illegal matrix system?

You could lose your PayPal account on something that costs $1.75.

Think about what consequences you may have on a simple 7 quarter investment.

The consequences may add up to more than a seven quarter investment.

There are plenty of businesses that are legal and you can earn a living online.


Feeder Matrix has done a lot of changes on their site, one of the things I noticed is that they don’t have their members open a PayPal account anymore.

I do want to stress is that the business model is still the same. These businesses are not as easy as they make it out to be. There are a number of them circulating online.

As for each and every one of these matrix businesses, they are pretty much the same. You gotta recruit people into the matrix to make that potential money.

Businesses take work and time to build, if you are looking for a network marketing business, you may want to check out here!

What is your take about Feeder Matrix, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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