First Rate Response Review: Not Exactly The Way It Seems

There are probably a number of you out there like me that came across a work at home opportunity that appeared to be what you wanted.

You read the job description along with the pay, and you were like, hmm, I probably can do this, and it might be another way to make some extra cash along with eventually becoming a full-time income.

In this First Rate Response Review, I’m going to go over how a job description can be not exactly the way it seems.

Specs About First Rate Response


Product: First Rate Response
Year: 2016
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Website URL: Overall Rating: 6/10

The Rundown

What is First Rate Response?

  • It is a site that lists survey panels or market research companies.

How does it work?

  • First Rate Response supplies you with survey sites that you can sign up to and possibly get compensated by completing surveys or Focus Groups. Sites like these tend to make their money when you sign up for a particular survey panel.

How much does it cost?

  • Free

Requirements to join?

  • 18 years or older
  • USA

My Take

When I see data entry job listings, it is quite frustrating to see what appears to be a data entry job when it is not precisely what it seems.

When someone reads the job listing, some people may read the listing and interpret the job or opportunity as it appears to be.

You being the person applying for the “job,” it is really up to you to get the full details before you decide if you should continue.

I have looked for a lot of jobs online.

From my experience, a lot of these ads listed as jobs might not be jobs at all, especially when it comes to a listing that says it is a data entry job.

What Got Me To First Rate Response

There was an ad that said, “data entry customer service jobs,” and it caught my eye when I read the listing.

Then My Instincts Kicked In

I didn’t get far reading the ad when I started to become a skeptic.

When I read job listings, especially when it says data entry job in their job listing, my first initial thought is that it’s more than likely not a job.

I know this because I’ve been down the work at home job opportunity for many years, even before I started this website.

Because of listings like this, it is another reason why I started this website.

First Rate Response’s Job Listing


When I read the first part of the want ad that said, “work at home panelist program,” I knew right there it was regarding surveys.

Like I said earlier, right then and there, I would have left and moved on.

Some of you may have taken the word “panelist program” for granted and kept reading.

If you did, here are some other terms that will guide you to know that what seems like a data entry job may not be as it seems.

  • Sharing opinions
  • Surveys
  • Shape the marketplace
  • Influence new products
  • See products before the general public
  • Participate in testing

All the other words in between are just wording to appear like it is a job.

If you kept on reading, the skills and all that gushy stuff is a way for you to think that you are going to be applying for a job.

They even placed the amount of pay that a lot of us tend to look for right away because no one wants to apply for a job that they feel may not be worth their time.


As you can see in the image above, the pay is $2 – $70 to complete surveys along with the wording “Entry hourly pay that is $18 – $24 an hour”.

When you read the job description and the pay wage, people tend to feel that they may have found an opportunity that may be another source of income or a full-time income entirely from home.

So what some people might do is “apply,” and from there, they will find out what is happening.

What Happens When You “Apply”

You get to a page where they ask for your,

  • First and last name
  • Email
  • City
  • State
  • Resume

Once you do all that, you will get to the next page with details about their service.

Mainly what First Rate Response service does is supply you with partners that are survey sites.

It even states that once you finish the sign-up process, they are pretty much looking for people to complete surveys and focus groups.

With you being the applicant, you would have to register with each of their program partners.

It even states that once you register, their program partners will contact you directly.

Then if you keep reading, they let you know again how much money you can make.

They say you can make from a few dollars up to seventy dollars completing surveys depending on the length of the survey.

They also state that you can get compensated up to $125 for an online Focus Group.

Finally, it said for work completed by the hour, wages range from $18 to $24 per hour.

The hourly wage confused me because they didn’t go into details about it.

I was expecting to read they offer other ways for people to make money besides completing surveys.

Once I read “work completed by the hour, wages range from $18 to $24 per hour. I’m assuming that by completing more surveys, your pay can vary from $18 to $24 per hour.

frr require

Then I read the requirements, and I was like what!

Because it said that you would need high-speed Internet, which everyone usually has, and then it said Windows Vista or newer.

From what I gathered regarding Windows Vista, it isn’t supported anymore, and if you have a Vista computer, I would highly recommend you upgrade it.

After all the data I read, then finally, they want you to register with their partners.

Who Are Their Partners?

  • Nielsen
  • e-Poll
  • Survey Junkie
  • Vindale Research
  • Panda Research
  • Survey Voices
  • Opinion Bureau

firstrateresponse vindaleresearch

I noticed that they over inflate the pay rate for surveys. To give you an example, with Vindale Research, they say you can make up to $75 per survey completed.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I signed up for Vindale Research, and I’ve yet to complete a survey that paid me $75.

How Do I know They Over Inflate The Pay Rate

I’ve done my share of surveys, and they do not pay what this First Rate Response claims.

Because of an over-inflated pay rate is why people say that surveys are scams.

People sign up for these types of surveys, and once they try to complete surveys, they realize they are only getting paid a few cents to a couple of dollars.

Listed below are sites that make similar money claims. Some of the sites want a fee from you to get access to their survey opportunities.

Sites like…!

Paid Surveys At Home

Take Surveys For Cash

Get Cash For Surveys

Click 4 Surveys

What Do People Really Make When They Complete Surveys

I’m going to give you guys the real deal. Surveys pay anywhere from $0.25 to I’ve seen some for around $5.

The higher the pay for the survey, the more difficult it is to qualify.

You see, surveys tend to ask a lot of questions, and as you are answering these questions, you are going to spend around 10 to 15 minutes qualifying for the survey.

You will experience quite often that you do not qualify for the survey, and you don’t get compensated for that.

There are times where something happens during the survey where, for some reason or another, you can not continue with the survey after spending 20 minutes of your time trying to complete a survey for nothing.

Believe it or not, that happens!

From my experience, if a survey pays more than $2 after qualifying for the survey, I’d spend another 15 minutes completing it.

If the survey gets completed, what tends to happen depending on the survey site where the survey was complete. Usually, the reward would be in the form of points in your dashboard.

If you accrue the number of points needed to cash out, then you get rewarded either gift cards or money in your PayPal account.

On average, to accrue $10 to cash out can take three months.

That is the reality of surveys.

Are Surveys Scams?

No, surveys are not scams. Some people may call them scams because of the time ratio vs. the pay ratio.

People either love them or hate them. Some people enjoy earning a little extra cash by giving their opinion about products and services.

Some people feel that it’s a waste of time because the pay isn’t great.

An excellent place to go to find out about survey opportunities is a site called Survey Police.

You can read more about their service here!

What I Like And Don’t Like About First Rate Response’s

What I like

  • It’s free
  • Well articulated and professionally written ad and website
  • The terms were not bad in my book
  • The Survey partners seem okay, I’m familiar with most of them

What I Don’t Like

  • Pay over-inflated
  • Deceptive job description
  • Resume not needed
  • Job listing made it seem like it’s a job

What Happens After I Sign Up For Those Partner Sites

A site like First Rate Response usually gets compensated when people sign up and complete surveys.

As for those recommended survey sites, from my experience, though, more or less, when you sign up for these survey sites, they will contact you via email to verify your account, and they will let you know what surveys are available.

Again, as a person who has experienced surveys is that they are time-consuming, and the pay is meager.

As for Focus Groups, they do pay a lot more.

However, the ones that contacted me were more than an hour away from home.

I felt it wasn’t feasible for me to drive that far to get compensated $80 because I have a child with special needs, and that was just too far away for me.

Your Demographics Are Important For Focus Groups

Most Focus Groups tend to be outside the home.

If you live in a rural area, more than likely, you won’t get contacted. If you live in a metropolitan area, your chances to participate with Focus Groups increases.

You may come across telephone surveys that pay a little more. Being that we live in an era where we have webcams and phone cameras, there is more opportunity where you don’t leave your home.

However, more focus group opportunities want you at a location. If you don’t mind leaving your house, you will get compensated for your time, which is cool.

Note: Not all focus groups pay cash. You may get compensated by Gift Cards. My suggestion is before you ever agree, ask how you are getting compensated.

Another point I want to add regarding Focus Groups is that they may not call you as often as you think.

Even though you can make over $100 for an hour or more of your time, you might wait a whole year to get called again if they ever call you back.

Is First Rate Response Worth Joining

If you want to start joining surveys through FirstRateResponse, that is entirely up to you. You don’t need to add your resume, and like I said earlier, their terms were pretty standard, unlike Opinion City.

My point here for this review is that the pay isn’t going to be enticing as what the job listing indicated.

Focus Groups do pay a great deal more than surveys; however, you may not get contacted for one as often as it appears.

All In All

Job listings can be deceptive. Being that you are the one “applying” for a “job,” know what you are getting into.

Some people may spend a lot of their time completing surveys, and as time passes on, they realize they are not getting compensated for what the listing stated.

Some people do want to make extra money by completing surveys.

Surveys can be your first money made from home, but if you’re going to try it, a useful resource is a site like Survey Police.

Some people would rather not complete surveys because it is time-consuming.

What is your take about First Rate Response, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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