Freedom Day Trading Review: Concerns That I Have

When you come across an ad that informs you that it isn’t necessarily a job, and if you’re not sure if it’s an opportunity you should take, then research is a critical next step.

It is essential because there are a lot of opportunities online, however opportunities out there can cost you money, and some prospects don’t make you a lot of money.

Research is vital because you may not know what you’re getting into that can put people in a financial mess.

In this Freedom Day Trading Review, I’m going to express the concerns that I have.

Specs About Freedom Day Trading

freedomdaytrading review

Product Name: Freedom Day Trading
Year: 2018
Free Access: No
Price: Varies
Website URL: Overall Rating: 1/10

What Is Day Trading?

In a nutshell, day trading deals with the stock markets. It is short term trading by buying and selling stocks.

Usually, day traders do this within a day. Their goal is to make small profits that accumulate into a large sum of money.

Now Let’ Get Into The Ad I Saw About Day Trading

freeddaytrading ad

The ad was pretty honest in regards to it not being a job. The ad says that they will fund your accounts up to a hundred grand.

Mainly what they want you to do is go to their website to schedule for one of their webinars.

What I noticed in the ad are two things that concerned me.

  1. They didn’t link to the actual website
  2. At the top, it says to apply on Job Searchi

So you may be wondering why that concerns me.

Why not link their actual website! If what they are doing isn’t anything foul, why not just link it and people can click on the link to the schedule for one of their webinars.

Apply on the website at Job Searchi was a little odd to me because shouldn’t people apply on the actual site where people can schedule for one of their webinars?

What I did was look up info about Job Searchi.

The Info I found Out About Job Searchi

Job Searchi is another one of those job boards like Indeed, except there are no reviews on their site. Their providence is Azerbaijan.

If you don’t know where Azerbaijan is, their region is in the middle east part of the world.

They have been in business for a little over two years.

It’s a website where you can look for jobs and even create your resume on their site.

Back To My Concern

Why would anyone have to go to another job board to sign up for a webinar? Whichever job board you found the opportunity, shouldn’t it direct you to their website!

Before We Get Into Looking At Freedom Day Trading Website

I’ve looked for numerous opportunities online since the early 2000s. From my experience, you have to filter what gets thrown at you in the online world.

Filtering what gets thrown at you is the beginning of prevention. There are a lot of,

  • Real opportunities
  • Scams
  • Overpriced opportunities
  • Time-consuming opportunities
  • Lack of income opportunities

As you can see the Internet is full of opportunities and by knowing what to look for such as,

  • price points
  • what you will be doing
  • are investments needed
  • is it a job
  • is it a “get paid to” type of opportunity

When you’re getting data about what you will be doing, you can now research the opportunity to see if it’s worth your time and investments. If the opportunity requires investments, look at the going rate for these opportunities.

You shouldn’t end up spending your life savings in hopes that what gets thrown at you works. Instead, you should look at the opportunity as if it’s something you’re interested in doing.

If an opportunity isn’t something you’re not interested in but seems very lucrative, think about this, how successful are you going to be at it if you have no drive to do it.

Opportunities will never guarantee you will make money or be successful at it, period.

I also recommend never to be so curious just to see what you’re getting.

By giving out your,

  • name
  • financial info
  • email
  • phone number

You can end up having unauthorized charges and begin to be in the spam hell world.

I know some of you out there are curious, and if you ever get that curious, use one of those prepaid phones, prepaid cards and have an email address dedicated just for your curiosity.

That way, you’re limiting the problems you may run into with scam opportunities.

Now Let Us Look At Freedom Day Trading Website

Their website just hit two years. It’s a simple website with not a lot of data on it.

On the Freedom Day Trading website, at the top, there is a video explaining what they do. It’s a service that is supposed to help people day trade by attending training courses.

If you are successful with their courses, then you are supposed to get a group-funded account where you can use their money, and if you profit, you keep 60 to 80 percent.

Then they want you to register by entering your full name, email, and phone number.

Now Let Me Get Into The Concerns About Their Website

There is a fee, however on their website, they don’t let you know how much their courses cost.

freedomdaytrading investments

Most day trading courses can start at around $130 a month to thousands every year. If you’re looking for a job, even though you’re getting told about decent money you can make, you may not have the funds for their courses.

freedomdaytrading not secure

Another concern is that their website is not SSL secured. Most sites these days have an SSL secured website. They are asking for personal data yet, and they are not secured.

freedomdaytrading no ppp

If you go to the bottom of their website, they show a phone number and an address that shows some transparency. However, on the Freedom Day Trading site, there isn’t a privacy policy page.

I looked everywhere for their privacy policy page, and I couldn’t find it. Yet they are asking for your data. By law, websites are supposed to have a privacy policy page.

What a private policy page does is let you know what they do with your data.

What Are My Thoughts When I Don’t See A Private Policy Page?

I start to assume they are going to do anything with my info. More than likely, Freedom Day Trading is going to sell my data.

When a phone number is part of the data they want, they are going to sell my phone number, and I will get an endless amount of robocalls that I don’t want.

For me, I didn’t put my data even if it’s fake info into the FreedomDayTrading site.

The reason being is that they took the time to put a logo, a video, testimonials, their phone number, yet how hard would it be to add a simple private policy page.

Not only that, on their ad, but they also say they will fund you up to a hundred grand to trade, yet no privacy policy page that is required by law?

Terms and conditions are not by law. However, when a site is asking for contact info and training courses, there should be terms on their website before you sign up.

That way, you can get an idea of what you’re getting into and determine what you want to do next.

For me, I’m looking at an enticement that can lead to being duped.

Is Day Trading A Scam?

No day trading is not a scam. However, it is a risky business. Yes, experience traders who took the time to study and have a nest egg along with a plan, can make money.

However, newbies to the arena are up against these experienced traders, and people can end up losing life savings because of the lack of knowledge.

If you didn’t know this, the minimum amount of money you need is around twenty-five thousand dollars in your account to start trading. People can lose that in one day.

Something To Think About With Freedom Day Trading

If losing the funded amount of money giving to you in a day happens after spending thousands on training courses, yeah they may have funded your account, now you’re tapped out and didn’t make any money at all.

Now you’re in the red because you spent money on training courses.

These training courses are not inexpensive, and funding money into a group account, whether you profit or loss, may not put a dent into the funds they support accounts.

Not only that, since you’re in the red, but you may also start using your own money to trade, thinking you’re going to get your money back, but now you’re gambling your savings away that can lead to financial ruin.

More than likely, that is the reality.

An excellent read to learn about trading and the risk would be a website called

Pros and Cons


  • training courses
  • funded account


  • risky opportunity
  • no fees displayed on their websites
  • no privacy policy page
  • can lose all your money in a day

All In All

I laid out my concerns. I feel that Freedom Day Trading shouldn’t even have listed their website inside a job board.

Even though they are honest with what they are doing, a red flag is a statement that they will fund your account up to a hundred grand. That money is eye-catching to someone who needs money.

They don’t have any direct links to their website, and they want you to apply on another job board?

They don’t explain to you how much their courses cost, no secure website, and no private policy page which is required by law, is concerning.

In the end, it’s always up to you because it’s your dime and time. It doesn’t hurt to research first before you take the plunge on any opportunity.

Lots of stuff is going to get thrown at you, especially if you want to work at home. It’s always a good idea to research the opportunity to see if it’s worth your time.

What is your take about Freedom Day Trading, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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