Generate Leads As A New Real Estate Agent: Get Ideas

Hello to all you Realtors out there, I know a lot of Realtors like different ways to generate leads.

As a new Real Estate Agent generating new leads is very vital to your business.

There are common ways that Realtors get leads.

  • Fliers
  • Magnets
  • Referrals through relatives
  • Business Cards
  • Lead Generating online services
  • Open house
  • And more

These are all great ways to get started, but have you thought about capturing leads through your own website?

As you already know, the Internet is with us daily through our mobile devices.

If you’re new to the game and you want to be right there capturing your own leads, then it’s time to start your own website.

The reason why I’m bringing this subject up is that a lot of people looking for homes tend to go online as their first stop.

Here Are Some Reasons Why People May Go Online First

Some people may be lookie lookers but are not sure if they are capable of purchasing their first home.

I know a lot of friends who felt the same way who are now homeowners themselves today.

One thing they all had in common is that their first step was going online.

Newlyweds plus people who either are having their first child or a growing family tend to go online as their first stop.

Some people are looking for fast sales and they want someone who can sell their home quickly.

These people may start with their mobile device because it is a natural instinct that someone may do to find an agent now.

People are relocating all the time and they may go online to get an idea of what is out there.

Some people are just researching for homes and looking for the right Real Estate Agent.

You as the Real Estate Agent should go that extra mile to capture these potential buyers.

These Lookie Lookers are relevant buyers that you can help.

Another Reason You May Not Know

The Internet is a noise-free environment when people are looking for information. People tend to want a noise-free environment when they are looking for help.

If you have a website, you can comfort these people seeking help in a way you may not know with your words.

Agents who decide to put useful info on their sites give people hope and build trust with their potential customers.

A website can do this better than:

  • Business Cards
  • Fliers
  • Lead Generating Services

Believe it or not, a website can be a very engaging way for you to build trust.

We live in a time where people are texting and communicating more in a nonverbal manner. Those potential buyers and sellers may leave comments and ask questions on your site without actually talking to you verbally.

Another Standout Point

Those professional Real Estate Business Websites has no personal touch.

In those sites, there are just home listed and Real Estate Agents. When people go to those sites it can get a little overwhelming, especially when someone is trying to find an agent.

With a website, it’s just you and your listings and advice. Your advice and info is a way to relate to your readers.

Branding Yourself Is So Important

Besides that great looking picture you have of yourself on your stationery, a website is another wonderful space that you can brand yourself.

As we all know the online world is global. Even though you’re not going to sell houses globally, people know people everywhere and they may even suggest you as the go-to agent.

You have those potential clients by owning a website. People will be able to ask you questions and you can engage and help them.

Let’s Discuss How A Website Would Work

Besides adding your listing of homes for sales, plus information about yourself, you can give great tips on what people can do to purchase or sell their homes.

Some of these people may not be buyers, but it’s another way to brand and build trust.

Like I said earlier, people are looking online as their first stop. These buyers want answers and you can give these answers through your website.

You’re able to add an autoresponder so you are able to keep in touch with your potential customers through your list you’re able to build.

Another great source that a website brings to the table is how you can socially share your info online. You can add your site to all your favorite social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

You can even make money in other ways with your site. You can add Adsense ads and even sell an eBook that gives special tips as another way to generate sales besides selling homes.

The Potential Clients Are There

The clients are there looking online. There are over 2 billion people online daily looking for info. You as a local Agent can grasp those potential buyers in your area.

You can even express how much of a wonderful community you live in and add testimonials.

What If People Are Not Qualified To Purchase A Home

People who are not able to qualify to purchase a home are not lost causes, your site can give them tips on how they can bring their credit scores up or how to get that down payment in order to qualify.

Some people may not be able to buy a home now, but down the road, they may be your customers.

By building trust and you helping them overcome an obstacle, you bring hope to your potential clients and sales down the road.

People will know where to find you because you will have your own website, plus your autoresponder to reach out to your relevant list. In sales, they call it filling that pipeline.

I See A Bunch Of Other Established Real Estate Sites Out There At The Top Of Google

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What Is This Service Called And What Do I Need To Join?

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All In All

Being the new kid on the block can be a little tough. A website is a big part of branding yourself and standing out from the other Real Estate Agents.

A website can bring you more potential clients. A website is where home buyers and sellers can get to know you and your knowledge.

By having your own website, you bring that personal touch that no other website can.

Start branding yourself better than the others. Get your free lessons today.

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