Get Auto Commissions Software Review: There Is A New Spin

When I watched the Get Auto Commissions video, I noticed everyone they were “helping” in the video was either middle-aged or in the beginning stages of their retirement.

These are the people they were targeting.

People who are unfamiliar with the Internet and their computer skills are not the best.

I want you to take the time to read my Get Auto Commissions Software Review because it’s not even worth a dollar.

What GAC (Get Auto Commissions) did was change their name, and now there is a new spin.

Specs About Get Auto Commissions


Product Name: Get Auto Commissions
Year: 2013
Free Access: No
Price: $49
Website URL:
BeginAtZero Overall Rating: 0/10

The Rundown

What is Get Auto Commissions aka GAC?

  • According to the video, it’s software.

How does it work?

  • They really don’t tell you. But you’re supposed to load the software into your computer and make a ton of money.

How much does it cost?

  • $49

Who can join?

  • 18 or older

My Take

In the long video that doesn’t reveal anything, these actors don’t tell you how you will generate money through their system.

The only clue I got from this video is that these actors said they tapped into what celebrities do to make millions and all you have to do is download some software.

I was laughing when I heard that. I’m assuming they said this because it’s very enticing.

We all know that a lot of celebrities make good money and live a glamorous life.

Celebrities just like anyone else, had to start from somewhere, so please don’t buy into this hype because that’s all it is.

I also wondered why these actors went from room to room.

If you watched the video, they tell you something in one room, then move to another room and tell you something else.

Who does that? If someone had some good information to tell you, they’d just tell you.

Why Are They Targeting Middle-Aged to Seniors?

GetAutoCommissions Experience

GAC is targeting people who have little to no computer and Internet skills.

If you noticed in the video these actors claimed they had no computer skills and they generated a lot of money by doing nothing.

People who don’t really have any computer skills or aren’t familiar with the Internet can relate to the message.

These Actors say it’s really easy to do and you will be making so much money in a matter of days.

Who wouldn’t want to make money like that? I could understand why people would want to buy into this system. You just log in to an account and money is flying into your bank account.

When I X-Out

GAC mistake

I X-out about three times and they kept trying to give me GAC for a dollar.

Then the final X-out said, okay we will just give it to you for free.

Before I can get access to GAC for free, now they wanted my name and email address. Once I gave that, there was an oops error.

I never even got the software for free. Actually I got nothing but a waste of my time. What they got from me was a name and an Email Address. This is exactly what they wanted.

What’s Really Going On Here?

This GAC is out of service and they renamed the product Auto Mobile code.

With Auto Mobile Code, they didn’t tell you anything. AMC just went on and on in a video about how you will generate lots of money through a system they discovered.

The intro is similar to GAC’s video except the actors were supposed to be husband and wife.

What happens to the brother and sister team?


These types of products relaunch all the time with different names and target different demographics.

That’s how they make their money. Once a product has been oversold with a bad reputation, they just rename it and use new actors.

These types of programs only want your email address so they can spam people with a bunch of business opportunities. They will try to up-sell you with more garbage that doesn’t work.

They tend to use new actors and add a little spin to the story. With Auto Mobile Code, they just claim they tapped into some sort of cellphone discovery.

How Can I Make Money Online?

There are plenty of reputable ways to make money from home. You can sell your own products, freelance work you can also build your own website to make money that way too.

If you’re interested in making money online, the way to do it is by having a website.

A website is where you let people know the products or services you are offering. Without a website, you’re pretty much in the unknown in the online world.

Even these scam products have a web address because they know with a website they can reach people like you and me.

You can make an honest living by building a reputable website. It doesn’t have to be a business opportunity that tries to get your information and give you nothing in return.

People use their websites to sell their products or services, build Affiliate sites, Educate people, even Celebrities have a website. It just depends on what you want to do.

I Don’t Know Where To Begin

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