GetMyAds Review: Is The Investment Worth It

I wanted to do a review about GMA because when I saw their ad made it seem like it is the perfect business opportunity.

What I did was really examined what this video ad explained and just in the video alone I found some really not so great info.

If you are thinking about trying GetMyAds, read this review first.

That 50 bucks investment may turn out to be more of a loss than you think.

Specs About GetMyAds

GetMyAds Review

Product Name: Get My Ads
Year: 2016
Free Access: No
Price: Starts at $50
Website URL: Overall Rating: 1/10

The Rundown

What is Get My Ads aka GMA?

  • It’s a revenue sharing service.

How does it work?

  • The way GMA works is by purchasing tokens to get an advertisement to your website, banners, videos, or newsletters. GMA also offers incentives when you keep purchasing tokens.

How much does it cost?

  • To be an affiliate is free, but they encourage you to purchase tokens that cost $50 each.

Who can join?

  • It’s a global opportunity.

My Take

This service is not even a year old and they claim that they paid out more than 14 million in commission to their affiliates worldwide.

That’s a lot of commissions and very enticing.

The ad even states that beginners can make $537 per day.

That is more than 16 thousand a month by utilizing GMA, talk about temptation, Lol.

You can start off by making a six-figure income yearly in no time.

Well, let us dig into this service because any service that has an over-inflated claim, you should have your guard up and also take the time to do your research.

The Ad In GetMyAds

According to GMA, it is free to join. GMA claims there are no ongoing costs, you don’t have to purchase anything to be an affiliate or a customer.

There are no subscriptions and no hidden charges. This sounds similar to what THW Global has for their opportunity.

Yeah, their business model may be different, but their claims are both enticing.

If you were to sign up to GMA they claim that customers will be part of their PayBack Program. This service is completely a Revenue Sharing site.

From what I understood about their payback program is that you make money without investing any money.

The problem I have with that is that it takes money to make money, so just by signing up and no action being put into place isn’t going to result in much.

So let’s look at their business model and how you’re able to get paid.

Five Ways To Get Paid

  • Payback program
  • Affiliate program
  • Sub-affiliate program
  • Mentor bonuses pool
  • Loyalty bonuses pool

According to GMA, you can get paid 5 ways by utilizing their system. You will have to purchase tokens in order for you to make money with their program.

Each token costs $50. 40 percent which is 20 bucks out of the 50 dollars goes into the payback pool. Another 20 to the affiliate program and 10 bucks go back to the company.

The PayBack Program supposedly works is by anyone who signs up to become a customer and take part in their payback program supposedly get bonuses from other channels.

GMA offers an affiliate program that allows people to make commissions when people refer other people who join GMA and purchases their coin token system.

When someone purchases a token a person can make 6 dollars for every token sold through their affiliate program.

A sub-affiliate is more like a downline that goes down 2 levels. GMA’s sub-affiliate program is similar to what MLM businesses use where you make money based on building a downline.

When your referrals get someone to join GMA and their referrals purchases tokens, you make a 6 dollar commission on their referrals.

getmyads bonus

The Mentor bonuses are mainly when you increase a downline. Being that you are bringing in a number of members and your members are bringing in members, you can receive bonuses because you’re building a large team.

You can earn 16% based on how big your downline is growing. This is done through time, but it is an added bonus if you’re able to bring in a large growing team.

The Loyalty bonuses are based on a number of tokens purchased. If you were to purchase 500, 750, or even 1,000 tokens at 50 dollars each, you are able to receive bonuses just because you’re a loyal customer.

The Way Get My Ads Tokens Work

gma token

Each Token is sold for $50. You can use these tokens to get some sort of advertisement for your site, banners, newsletter or to promote GMA to accumulate more referrals.

There is an 11-star level program. You can gradually purchase tokens at each Star level. Once you hit the 500-star advertisement level, this is when you unlock the loyalty program and are able to receive bonuses.

  • 10 tokens 1 Star
  • 20 tokens 2 Star
  • 50 tokens 3 Star
  • 100 tokens 4 Star
  • 200 tokens 5 Star

Loyalty Level

  • 500 tokens Silver Star
  • 750 tokens Gold Star
  • 1000 tokens Platinum Star

Premium Elite Level

  • 1000 tokens 3 months active
  • 1000 tokens 6 months active Ruby level
  • 1000 tokens 12 months active Diamond level

You would have to hit this level to find out what the incentives are. I’m assuming that no one has hit this level and this may be the reason why the ad doesn’t really express what the incentives are.


gma advertise

GMA’s product is tokens that you purchase to get an advertisement online. GMA doesn’t really go into depth about where they advertise your website.

They do state they use 75 traffic networks where you can generate traffic to your website.

I Don’t Have A Website To Advertise

Apparently, if you were to sign up and use GMA, you can promote GMA and get others to purchase tokens to build your income through GMA.

You could do that as an affiliate and promote GMA, but their whole business model encourages you to purchase tokens to make these incentives that GMA offers, that’s why they promote the Payback program.


The part I don’t understand is that GMA offers tokens for people to advertise their sites, but in their ad, GMA encourages you to go run out and share your links to your friends and family on the social sites you use.

Here’s my point, If GMA has are experts in advertisements why are they asking you to tell your friends and family? Shouldn’t their 75 traffic networks be efficient enough?

I Have A Website And I Think This Might Work

Let’s Look Into Google.

gma ads

I wanted to express Google because Google is the leading site. Everyone goes there to search for something.

Being that Google is a household name and everyone knows who they are, if you were to land on the first page of Google for a keyword, you are able to be seen for that particular keyword that someone is searching for.

The higher you’re ranked the better chances that your site is going to be clicked. With ads, you can purchase a spot and get placed at the top of Google.

By purchasing ads through Google Adwords, you can either be placed at the top or on the side of Google. If your keyword lands at the top of Google based on how much you paid, this allows anyone who is interested in whatever your website is about for a particular keyword to click your ad.

Just so you know, by someone clicking on your ad doesn’t mean that the clicker will purchase your product, but the more traffic you get the better chances you have of getting a new customer.

Here Is The Kicker

Unlike Traffic Monsoon (which is under investigation), you are not viewing each other’s ads completely. That is a good thing because converting the rate is quite low when ads are shown this way.

What GMA expresses is that they have a 10 percent pool that allows your website to be seen through their 75 traffic network that GMA doesn’t really go into depth.

The problem I have is if you’re purchasing these ads shouldn’t you be allowed to know exactly where your ads are being placed?

The Example

If I were to purchase BingAds, I’m able to see my ads displayed that I purchase. You’re really relying on the service to place your ads without knowing exactly where your ads are being placed.

Yeah, they give you a little analytics to show when your ads are clicked, but how do you know if it’s really on Google, Bing, Facebook, or Yahoo.

The 75 traffic networks could be a service where they pay people to look at ads, such as places like traffic exchange sites.

These traffic exchange sites are an inexpensive way for advertisements, it’s at a much lower rate than what Google, Bing, and Facebook charge.

If you’re just using your GMA stock website or some type of banners to get referrals that are not a problem.

If you have a website you’ve been working on and care about, you should really be very careful where your site is placed. You want quality clicks not quantity.

Think about it like this, someone xerox around 1,000 pages of your website. Then there is a street that has a lot of traffic. This street allows advertisers to throw these pages in the air and if someone picks up a page, they may become a customer if the person decides to or the person may just throw that page right back on the street floor and walk on your page and move on. More or less your website became confetti and after a few days the street sweeper cleans up the streets for the next customer to get their site thrown in the air of not relevant traffic.

I say this because with ads such as Bing you need keywords that are relevant to your campaign. Like I said before, this GMA doesn’t really go into details about that.

How are they looking at your particular keyword to place your site in these proper places? Then you gotta analyze your keywords, sometimes your keywords get rejected or they are not showing.

If that’s the case because I do ads and know for a fact that more is into it than just placing your site up.

Did You Say Awe Crap Because I Need To Repeat Myself Again? Let Me Explain!

They just said they are able to get deals with their advertisements, well that’s not good enough for me.

I’m just saying this because they really don’t go into details about that these 75 traffic networks. Or if you place these ads yourself or how their ad placements work. They just skipped this whole advertisement part in their ad and went over all the money you can make by advertising your site.

If an advertisement is an important part of their business model that GMA even stated on their site, why is it not expressed vividly with these levels of tokens that are going to be purchased to get an advertisement to your site?

Is GetMyAds More Of A Ponzi Scheme?

I want you to think about this for a second because this came to my mind. If you were to purchase 1 token at 50 bucks, 20 goes to an advertisement, 20 goes into the affiliate program and 10 goes back to the company.

What I’m getting at is that this whole business model is based on tokens being purchased and the incentive you get based on how much tokens are purchased.

Meaning GMA encourages you to get more ads instead of cashing out. If people are purchasing ads based on bonuses that GMA “say” you get, it’s not real money, unless more people are purchasing tokens. Each time you purchase more tokens and don’t cash out that 10% goes right back to the company.

When you think about it, each time there are fewer people purchasing tokens, the money goes to that 10% of the company and less will go towards advertisement and the affiliate program.

Note: Real Money to me is when I transfer it to my bank account and I am able to cash the money, Lol.

There may be 5 new customers that came in and purchase tokens one week and none the next week.

Sites don’t use these scenarios because it’s unappealing and of course they want to give you the best scenario to get you in.

Their business model is based on incentives of people purchasing tokens and trust me on this, people can only get so many people to purchase tokens.

At some point, tokens won’t get purchased and I said this in my Traffic Monsoon review, everyone is going to cash out at the same time and then problems start to occur.

Such as, you can’t cash out, and what appeared to be money you made turns into funny money or monopoly money.

Then the money you invested in these tokens will be a loss instead of profits. There is no sure thing with revenue sharing.

Yes, it’s free to join, but don’t think money is going to be made because you signed up. If no tokens are being purchased for these 75 traffic networks, the whole business would collapse.

Especially if the quality of traffic is not as good as what GMA states, then people are purchasing tokens based on the incentives they get which lead to some sort of Ponzi scheme.

All In All

GMA is a very enticing business opportunity. The problem with businesses like these is that at some point, no tokens will be purchased and what seemed like bonuses will turn into a loss.

It’s risky business doing revenue sharing. Another point I want to make is that I wouldn’t use this service to advertise my sites.

If you’re adamant about trying GMA, I would suggest you use one of their stock websites or banners. You want quality relevant traffic to your websites you’ve been working on not just anyone.

You can’t get anyone interested in a diet plan who isn’t looking to be on a diet or someone with straight hair to straighten their hair.

Traffic Monsoon has a very similar business model except people would advertise their site internally within TM. If you go to their site today, it’s not available. Lot’s of people have lost a lot of money purchasing ad packs similar to these tokens.

I’ve been for years looking for ways to make money from home. What really works is to build your own website and build it out. Yes, it’s going to take work, but down the road, if done properly you can have a nice business going.

The way I learned how to do its is through My #1 Heroic Site, I would suggest you check out My #1 Heroic Site. This is where I learned the process of building a business from home properly.

What is really nice about My #1 Heroic Site is that you can check them out for free. You get 10 free lessons, hosting, and a website. If you don’t like the process all you have to do is move on.

What is your take about GetMyAds, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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