Hits4Pay The Day Has Come: After Nine Plus Years

If any of you have tried to log into your hit4pay account you noticed that there was a notice. The day has come after 9 plus years that their doors are closed.

They were nice enough to leave a statement about why they closed their doors, if you haven’t read it for some reason, this is their statement…!

When I read their statement about why they were closing their doors, I wasn’t surprised at all.

Not the fact that Hits4Pay did anything wrong, but A certain part of what was stated in their notice stood out to me.

What Was That Statement

Well, I’m going to quote the part,

Hits4Pay is an advertising site and if advertisers are not happy with the results they get, they stop spending.

When I read that part of their statement, I wasn’t surprised because I’ve been a member there and was able to cash out once, you can read more about Hits4Pay here if you’d like.

However, I saw what the advertisers were advertising and I must say I understand why they were not getting results.

I’m not trying to insult the advertisers either, but I just feel that people are not that inclined to just jump the gun like they use to back in the days.

h4p letter

What Was Advertised On Hits4Pay?

From what I saw advertised on hits4pay most of the time it was business opportunities such as, Revenue Sharing opportunities, I saw a few Binary Option opportunities, but most of the time I saw MLM or Network Marketing opportunities.

What Did The Advertisers Do?

I wouldn’t say that an advertiser did anything wrong, I use to advertise on PTC sites when I was in the MLM industry and the reason why there are a lot of multi-level marketing types of ads on PTC sites is that there is an incentive when people join their opportunities.

What I mean is when you look at a multi-level marketing opportunity, people get paid based on the people you get to join their service, so people are placing ads on sites like PTC sites in hopes of getting others to join.

This is why people tend to advertise on sites like PTC sites.

With any business model that gives you some sort of incentive with the opportunity to make millions based on a number of people you get in and your downline get in, you’re gonna see a ton of people advertising the same incentive.

If you think about a real online job, such as let’s use Yardi as an example, people don’t get paid to advertise based on a number of people who get hired, that is why you don’t see a lot of real jobs advertised on PTC Sites.

It’s Not The Advertisers Fault Completely

When people have tried a few of these types of opportunities, they are more inclined to just pass on the opportunity.

People who have had a bad experience with let’s say a Binary Trading opportunity, they realize how quickly their cash can get eaten up with these types of money-making platforms.

Not only that, but I’ve also looked into a lot of these business opportunities online and I must say I could personally see why.

A lot of times the claims are greatly over-exaggerated and when people join these services they are disappointed.

There are also people who go to PTC sites just to make money. People are not there to join any opportunities, they are there to click the advertisement make a few cents for the day, and just move on.

With Hits4Pay, they only offered ads to look at and they paid 2 cents per ad. When you’re done, you log out and check the next day to see if ads are available to view. I guess you can say you just rinse and repeat.

I Did Notice A Decline Of Advertisement

I also do Clixsense which is another PTC site and I noticed that the advertisements are not as many as they use to have.

I just feel that people are getting wiser and don’t want to spend their time with another MLM business or some sort of Binary Trading Opportunity or the next gimmick that is out there.

What Are People Into These Days To Make Money Online?

People are into real paying jobs, freelance work, and good business opportunities. People want to make money and not spend their time losing money.

Yes, people still believe in good business opportunities, what people are realizing though is that there are a lot of gimmicks out there.

Where Are The Jobs?

Like I stated above, you won’t find them on PTC sites, you are gonna have to sift through the online world to find working from home jobs. I have done Yardi, it was called Pierce Eislen when I used to use them and that’s a job that you can do completely from home.

As for Freelance Work, in whatever skill you’re good at, you can advertise on a site like Upwork.

As for business opportunities, you can have a video blog, you can use Youtube and make money that way, people do it all the time.

If you’re not too open about videos blogs, I say this all the time, if you go online, everything you look at is some sort of website, why not start your own website. You don’t have to have your own product to make money with a website either, you can also sell other businesses products and make money that way.

There are platforms that can help you start your own website and I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate if you’re interested in starting your own website.

All In All

I’m sorry that hits4Pay is gone, even though it took me a while to cash out, it was another way for people to make some cash from home.

Doors do close and there are always other doors that open. The key is to not give up and look for opportunities that fit your needs.

What is your take about Hits4Pay closing, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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