How Can I Create A Website: Is It Really That Simple

I’m sure some of you out there are asking that questions, how can I create a website because you probably had an idea.

Maybe it is your own product that you want to sell, it could be information or services you thought about.

It is not uncommon for people who have ideas to consider a website first for their idea to be seen.

You may have even come across a number of ads on TV about website platforms causing you to go online and research.

The great news is that in today’s time it is a lot easier than it was back in the dial-up days.

Back then websites did require coding and other professional help in order to get a website up and running. Nowadays, it really is easy to create a website.

Actually, websites are pretty much created for you through website platforms.

There are just a few components that you need in order for your website to be seen online.

What Components Are Needed?

Of course, a website is a big part of the components, the other key components you will need is hosting and a dot com name for your website to be seen in the search engines like Google.

Website Platforms

Like I just stated, websites are a big part of the component to get your website seen online. What you should be looking at are website platforms.

Platforms such as:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Blogger
  • Joomla
  • Weebly

They are the most popular ones.

These platforms already have the coding and all that nerdy data done for you.

A website platform is pretty much like when you purchase a computer, you just turn it on and start playing around in there.

That’s how easy a website platform is in today’s time.

I did a review regarding Wix and I feel that people should look at all their options when they are seeking a website platform.

More or less I call a website the building of the online world.

Your dot com name is the address that people type in the search engines in order for the searcher to get to your building aka website.

Hosting is what I call the land that your building sits on because hosting holds all your data, just like how land hold up a building.

There are a number of website platforms and services out there that can be your building choice, however, I personally feel that WordPress is the best platform for people considering their building.

Even Google’s Matt Cutts endorses WordPress, I’m going to quote Matt Cutts,

WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.

~ Matt Cutts

That doesn’t mean that other website platforms don’t rank well in Google, however, starting off with the least amount of issues sure helps with ranking in the most popular search engines.

Who Obtain Websites?

Besides, business owners, people in general, are obtaining websites.

We live in a competitive society and even job seekers are putting together websites. If you’re unemployed or want to stay in the game, you have to keep up with technology.

The Advancement Of Technology Is Always Changing The Game

I’m ripe in my years and I’ve seen first hand through life experiences how technology has changed our lives, even in the job-seeking spectrum.

To give you an example, I remember when a job seeker would see a help wanted sign in a window, then the person would go into the facility and ask for an application, fill out the simple application, the person may even get an interview and on top of that get hired all on the same day.

As technology grows, so does the way we get hired. Besides having a good resume, good social media reputation, and technology experience, websites seem to be the new game-changer to get hired.

Branding Is The Big Event

Like I just said, we live in a competitive world, and branding is a stepping stone to your success. We are more or less living in a paperless society, whether you like it or not.

I personally believe that paper will always be needed, but not as much as it did back in the day.

I’m going back to the job seeker example.

As you know, people who are seeking jobs are not walking into a business that has help wanted signs.

People who are seeking jobs, go online to fill out an application, attach their resume and the game changer is to add a link to your website on your resume. Believe it or not, a website is a branding component.

I’m Not Done With The Branding Event

Companies are realizing how important an online presence is.

Companies have paper data that they hand out to people.

Some of the data we get are pamphlets, sales information, new products available, coupons, and so on.

Many companies realize that people are relying on their gadgets.

People have their mobile gadgets with them all the time. As we are getting used to the latest technology, we are relying on them more often.

Companies know that and having an online presence is a branding component to their customers. If people like and prefer your product, they are more than likely going to go to your data first.

It’s not just companies either getting into this Branding thing, believe it or not, your neighbors are finding the Internet to be their branding choice.

I watched a YouTube video where PatrickStarrr did Katy Perry’s makeup. While he was doing her makeup, they both had a conversation about their presence online and how they brand themselves.

I’ve covered this a number of times within my website and that is, whenever you go online you go to some sort of website.

Those pamphlets, sales info, new products available soon, coupons, and so on, should be added to a website.

People are seekers these days and with the convenience of having our gadgets in our pockets or purses, a website sure helps people read the info that a website owner makes available to the seeker.

I know because I have used digital coupons and know that it’s just going to be the norm in our future. The more convenient you make it for people the more likely people are going to go where it’s easier.

Some business owners use Google My Business as a way for their business to be seen online. Google My Business is not a bad idea for business owners who want their website seen within Google Maps.

Google My Business also offers websites as well and you can use their free dot com name or purchase your own dot com name which is recommended and very inexpensive.

Google My Business is great for those who just want a one-page website, If you’re looking more into building out a website and looking for more SEO juice, then my recommendation would be a WordPress site.

If you’re:

  • branding yourself
  • have a business
  • beginning a business
  • a real estate agent
  • an independent contractor
  • stay at home parent
  • seeking a job
  • hobbies
  • have a job
  • entrepreneur
  • student

A website should be on your to-do list. I know some of you are thinking I have a job, what the heck do I need a website for?

I had a job too and when a company sells or goes out of business that leaves your experience with the business that went under or moved.

That leaves you seeking new employment along with new skills that you have to obtain or seeking employment and not being as competitive as a person who owns a website.

I’m not saying you can’t find a job without a website, but what’s wrong with obtaining skills at your leisure. Especially skills that is going in the direction of becoming a demanded skill.

What Makes A Website And The Online World Special

I know that a lot of us find our time to be valuable. What makes the online world so special is that you can seek knowledge and skills in the comfort of your own home.

What makes a website great is that it can be monetized your website and earn revenue with it. Of course, you know that because you probably have purchased products and services online.

What people don’t realize is that a website can also become a full-time income if you know how to monetize a website properly.

One Common Way To Monetize A Website

One of the most common ways a website owner monetize a website is through ads. By monetizing your website with ads, you get paid a small percentage when people click on an ad.

Of course, having ads on a website that people click on requires traffic and the most inexpensive way to build traffic is through SEO.

I know for myself when I started off, I knew nothing about website building and SEO. Once I learned about SEO and online marketing, I selected which avenues that I enjoyed doing to monetize my website.

I know we all are different and there are other ways to monetize a website, however, ranking within the search engines just makes sense.

I say this because the people who are searching for whatever data online will use search engines like Google or Bing to find what they are looking for.

If you’re not ranking online, you’re missing out on that traffic. SEO is not as complicated as people think, but there are steps that need to be taken.

The best service I found that helps people with not just monetizing a website, but with hosting, using WordPress platform, and obtaining a dot com name is a service called Wealthy Affiliate.

All In All

Many people are discovering how important a website is these days. I feel that is why website platforms are available nowadays to help people build websites conveniently.

The Internet is blowing up and many people are building websites to brand themselves or their business.

We live in a digital era and even when we watch TV, we see commercials ads advertising their dot com name to us.

Even if you have a job or a homemaker or student, a website is another way that you can earn an income from home.

It can’t get more convenient than that!

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