How Cheap Is Too Cheap: When It Comes To Online Business

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The reason I decided to write this article is that I was on Pinterest. I noticed that one of the ads I saw said one dollar for their opportunity.

I Get it that there might have been a strategy to upsell people if they decide to pay the one dollar fee, however, you gotta ask yourself how cheap is too cheap, especially when it comes to online business.

I’m Coming From A Consumer Perspective

I’m a person that likes to shop for quality services online. I feel that prices are one of the ways that I determine a recommendation.

When building a business online, there are also services that can be useful to help grow a business.

I’m not saying that a lower price point for a service is cheap because a business owner values their service at a reasonable rate, such as $29.99 for an eBook or a monthly fee.

What I’m getting at here is that you see an ad that promises you the world and explains how you can make millions or even hundreds a day if you just pay them one dollar.

If a service or product has that much value, why even price it at a dollar?

Put A Price Tag On Ads You Come Across

Sometimes these ads are not transparent at all. These ads name-drop a fortune 500 company name knowing that the company doesn’t endorse their service or product.

Then they put a price tag on their product or service without ever explaining to you what you will get for that price even if it is more than one dollar.

I’m going to use a review I did as an example called Money Sucking Website. It starts off with an advertorial explaining how a guy name Chris J. Peters made money from a website.

That is pretty much all the details you get in regards to what you will be doing or getting as a consumer.

In their ad they explain it is a money sucking website that supposedly make you $500 a day if you pay them a one time fee of $47.

Mainly they just tell you a story. Turns out, Chris J. Peters is a stock photo and the testimonials are fake, leading some people to pay for a “product or service” that may not be of value to them.

My point here is that the ad was cheap. The advertiser probably put a lot of time and effort creating their ad to obtain customers, however, they used cheap tactics to get people to pay.

They didn’t put value info in their ad. They didn’t list what you will get as a consumer to help you obtain that $500 a day website.

If you never built a website before, having a website that is visible online needs hosting, a domain name, and content.

You should ask questions in your mind like…!

  • Is the content pre-written content, meaning the content comes with the website?
  • Do I have to purchase a domain name?
  • Does the hosting come with the website or websites?
  • Are there additional fees?
  • What about training? What kind of training am I going to get?
  • Is the training going to be in video or ebook form?
  • Is there Support?
  • Is there training at all?
  • What strategies am I going to do to make money in three days?
  • How long have you been in business helping people make $500 a day?

I’m bringing these questions up because if an ad doesn’t give you the data despite the price tag they place on their ad, it doesn’t mean anything if you are NOT getting informed in regards to what is coming out of your pocketbook.

You could end up paying for cheap products with a high price tag. Yet, they don’t tell you that unless you pay.

When Is The Price Is Right?

That all depends on you and what you value. If you are looking to start a business online, you should consider what you want to do.

There are plenty of options like…!

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your own products online
  • Drop Shipping
  • Selling your own services
  • Video marketing

The right price as a consumer should be what you will get from services online in a transparent way.

As you can see with the examples above, people make money online all the time, but the way they do it may not necessarily be the way you want to do it.

People tend to run to trends rather than consider what they want to do to make money online.

They disregard price points because they heard how so-in-so did it. I get it that so-in-so is tempting, but your time is an investment as well.

Doing business in a way that doesn’t interest you at all is a time waster and the price tag could just be the wrong price.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try different things either, but if you are going to do that, I would recommend starting off slowly and see if it is waste of your time or not.

Is Free Too Cheap

In my book heck no, I’d rather get free access than some sort of ad that wants one dollar to get access.

One dollar can feel like the advertiser is saying, I need money so I will downsell you a buck.

Not only that, they may want your credit info to make unauthorized charges or obtain your email address to sell you other low-quality products or services.

Service that is free tends to be services that have a free trial period or free level. Those services tend to want to show you exactly what you will get before you invest money.

In my book, that is a pretty bold move for a business owner to do because the service has to be valuable at the free level for people to make the next step and that is a payment.

To give you an example, when I heard about the free training at Wealthy Affiliate, I probably wouldn’t even consider it because prior to Wealthy Affiliate I tried building a website before.

I obtain training with a different service, however, I didn’t get far. That doesn’t mean their services was low quality, it just wasn’t for me.

When I wasn’t able to build a website, I started to think it was going to be much harder than it really is.

And on top of that, I steered away from building a website until I heard about Wealthy Affiliate’s free training.

I got access and when I did, I was able to experience for myself the kind of training I was going to get for free.

What was amazing was that with their free training, I actually got a website up and running with a domain name and hosting in a matter of minutes.

The free trial lead me to pay for their membership because I found value with what they offer to build a business online for free.

Another way to look at free access would be a way a business owner allow users to use their service for free, however, when sales are made, the service provider will take a percentage of their profits.

What I’m getting at here with the free is that you are getting very informed valuable info before you make a decision.

People Will Pay If They Know Value Is There

You heard the term, you get what you pay for. No one wants to get duped even if it is one dollar.

When I found value at Wealthy Affiliate I paid with no questions asked because I knew value was there.

I knew in time I would get a return on my investment and that is what you should aim for when you make a decision from services online.

You should not make your entire decision based on a very low price tag because even at one dollar, you may not get value from it.

All In All

For me, when finding a way to make money with a business online, there is cheap.

You want the value that will become a return on your investment. I get it that a dollar isn’t going to ruin anyone financially, but why fund too cheap?

When an ad doesn’t give you value yet they are asking you for money, shouldn’t there be consideration to why they want that dollar from you?

Free is not cheap at all. Free can get you access to info that can determine your decision.

When an ad price their products or services in the online business arena at one dollar, I don’t know about you but I’m thinking pretty cheap.

You may not agree with me and that is fine, but I would love to hear your opinion about how cheap is too cheap, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

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10 thoughts on “How Cheap Is Too Cheap: When It Comes To Online Business”

  1. I think the difficulty with this article is that the gist of it seems to be, you are arguing that $1 is more expensive than ‘free’, which of course it is, so there isn’t really a bone of contention here.

    On the other hand, you develop your point and argue that goods and services marketed as costing only $1 actually may be “infested” with hidden costs and nasty surprises, and demonstrate that in contrast, ‘free’ offerings will be in fact more cost-efficient

    This counter-intuitive revelation is thought-provoking and surprisingly true, when one thinks about it.

    • Hey Tayo, actually, in my opinion free is more expensive than a dollar if value is given. You can pay one dollar for info and get no value from it.

      When people see an advertisement that doesn’t give you the info of how you will make money and ask for one dollars I would assume it’s cheap!

      I’m coming from a business consumer perspective because there are a number of ways to make money online. When a service provider doesn’t list what you are going to get as a consumer by using their tools or services to help you obtain the goals that you want for yourself, is cheap!

      Give me one dollar and then I will show you how to make money with our proven system…! I would counter that by saying NO, explain to me what kind of tools or training I’m getting first then I will give you my invested dollar if I find what you listed is valuable to me.

      Not only that, if it’s a proven system, why are you asking for one dollar? Are you evaluating your proven system at a cheap rate just to make a buck from me?

      Like you said, asking for one dollar can have another agenda and that is to lure people out of more money. Which I find to be a deceptive tactic.

      As for free, check out what we have to offer and then make an investment is more valuable. I can actually see and experience what I’m getting and then make an inform decision if it’s right for me.

      That is why some service providers are bold enough to have free trials or free membership because they are confident that the service or product they provide is of value.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts much appreciate it, Evelyn.

  2. Thank you for this great and informative article. You have really explained in details and clear terms how cheap online business portray themselves to be. But I will advice anyone to be careful and always do a Scam check of any platform before venturing into it. But there are still some few cheap and honest platform out there.

    • Hey Clement, yep I agree with you to always do your research. And yep there could be a service that is inexpensive and honest. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Evelyn.

  3. Nice write up.

    Would add to what you said actually when you see a 90% off for sure you would get customers but trust me if they really need it for something serious that they would need guaranteed that it would last they would overlook the 90% off and look for the same product but with a supplier who adds value to the product by tagging a higher price.

    So all you said here is true, I believe any product with so much discount on it is the left over.

    And the guarantee for long lasting might not be as sure as the ones tagged with a higher price.

  4. Hello Evelyn, your article is very true and educative. I for one finds those ads very annoying, promising thousands of dollars but never letting you know how you will actually make all the promised money, all they focus on is how you should pay a certain fee to start making loads of cash. I fell victim to a few before I learned to research on all this ads before even attempting it.

    • Hey Nathaniel, I agree! They promise the world and don’t tell you how you would actually make money. They just want your credit info and start charging your account. Thanks for sharing your experience. Blessings to your future, Evelyn.

  5. There’s a big difference between free and cheap. A service may be free but doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Most free services are actually paid for or subsidized by an external party. And in the online world, it’s just an introductory offer to help people see the value this programs represent. It’s actually laughable to promise that you’ll teach me how to make $1000 a day and den ask me to pay $1 to register. That’s the definition of cheap.

    Wealthy Affiliate starter is free but it’s definitely not cheap. And I’m sure whoever tries Wealthy Affiliate will see the value and go premium.

    • Hey Louis, yep there is a difference between free and cheap. When I decided to try WA’s free services there was a lot of value there. I was able to get a website started and begin building a business online. They truly help people do that. thanks for sharing your thoughts, Evelyn.

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