How Deep Do You Dig: It Is All About Research

Researching was something I neglected. Through trial and error, I learned how important it is to do research.

Many people do it, but how deep do you really dig? Doing quality research will save you money in the long run.

There are so many sites or services that say they will show you how to build a business, but when you think you found the right site, it’s confusing or someone wants more money for new information.

Self Motivation And Time Is Key

Before you decide to make money online, you should decide if you are self-motivated and if you have the time.

When working from home self-motivation is a must. A legitimate site doesn’t mean you’re going to like it.

Doing something just to make money is a job. If you don’t like what you’re doing, most likely you’re not going to succeed. It’s important to find a business you know you will thrive in.

The biggest problem people have is time. If you don’t have the time or can’t find the time then you’re wasting your time.

If you find something you like and don’t have the time then save it until you find the time. Legitimate sites will most likely be there when you have the time.

Now that we got that taken care of, here are some tips on doing research online.

  • How Deep
  • What Is Considered Bad
  • What Is Considered Good
  • What Is Good
  • What is Good Can Really Be Bad
  • Dropped
  • Reviews

How Low Can You Go

Don’t let the good stuff fool you. What I mean by that is those great checks, cars, houses, hypnotic music and that sincere voices in the videos are all tempting.

When doing research, look for all the bad stuff first. When you Google, just don’t look at the first ten sites, keep looking.

Yes, this can be time-consuming, but a person may find what they are looking for on page 40 ranked at number 10. Read all the negative reviews and see if what you read is really bad.

If you find a really bad review, look at the date of the review. It could really be old and was resolved.

If you see a continuing history of the same mistake, don’t bother doing business with that particular site. Why waste your time! Because all that bad stuff could happen to you.

Here are some sites you may want to check out.

  • FTC.Gov

Do not use IMreportcard, if you read the comment below, they are deceptive. What Ray said is that they offer people a free trial and ask for your phone number. For me, the phone number can be a no-no. I just wanted to thanks Ray for that information. (do not use)

What Is Considered Bad

  • Keep paying for more information
  • Information you could have gotten for free
  • Overpriced information
  • Made no money
  • Learned nothing
  • Didn’t follow through on what they stated
  • Getting dropped from the program
  • Overcharging
  • Nothing was resolved
  • No help
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Say it’s free and when you sign up you have to pay
  • Different people posting the same story over and over
  • Pay a fee to promote a site

What Is Considered Good

  • It wasn’t for me
  • Getting dropped from the program
  • Issues were resolved
  • The date of the complaint

What Is Good Can Really Be Bad

Good reviews are much tougher to judge. So many people rave about a business that is a scam because they don’t know it’s a scam.

Other times the reviewer may have to pay a monthly fee to promote the scam business and they want their money back.

So what you read maybe because the reviewer needs your money to make their money back. This is where I always try to do some logical research.

There are also people who will promote a scam and don’t care if it’s a scam. They just want to make money and that can be the only reason why they promote a service.

There are other circumstances, however, this comes with instinct!

Look For

  • When did the company launch
  • Free Version
  • How a site makes its money
  • Who owns the site
  • How involved are the owner(s)
  • Are there hidden fees or up-sells
  • Do you have to pay to promote a site

Consider all these things before you decided. I recommend looking for free versions before a money-back guarantee.

Sometimes a money-back guarantee doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get a full refund.

Your main focus is always on the business model. Always think about the business model before you run off and try it.

Like I stated earlier, you’re going to be doing the work and the business model is one of the key components to figuring out if what you’re doing is in fact a scam or not.


Being dropped from a program can go either way, good or bad. A good reason a site would drop a person is that they didn’t follow the rules or took advantage of the site rules.

A bad reason for a site would be If someone searched and found reviews where many people were getting dropped after paying a fee, then this is a good reason to move on.


Read between the reviews to see if you can find some cons about a site.

If there is nothing, then keep searching. Good quality opportunities are out there.

No site is perfect there is always something not too great about a business. If you don’t like the cons then move on.

Oh No, They Didn’t, They Sure Did!

I go back and edit my site, one reason is that I have grammatical errors. Another reason is that I may need to update information.

Okay, I added this on September 3rd, 2017. I added this because I have nothing to hide.

I was a sales auditor in my young adult life for at least 15 years of my working outside the home.

I’m no writer however, I enjoy researching and finding info out about services whether it’s good or bad.

In my auditing days, when I was in my boss’s office with the door closed, my co-workers knew some shi* was going down.

That’s a little bit about my background and I’m not afraid of letting people know my findings.

Well, if you read any of my reviews within my site, I do my darn best to let people know my findings when I research.

I also recommend Wealthy Affiliate as My #1 Recommended Heroic Site.

I recommend WA because they sure do a great job helping people build their OWN business from home.

When I decided to research and really find how to make a living from home, I looked over a lot of information online.

Their ads would say it’s free when it really isn’t, they will say it’s a job when it really isn’t, they say people can make a lot of money doing something that is not legal or so not legit. If you think I’m going to allow this mess to go on, you got another thing coming.

Either people want a JOB or they want a legitimate way to earn a living from home.

As for business opportunities, you can go down the MLM road if you choose to, which was presented to me quite often and I felt that was the only way to have a home business at the time.

Once I researched, I learned that when you go online you go to some sort of website. Logically that is where you should begin.

Anyhow, what I’m getting at here is that someone decided to put me in RipOff report.

Okay, I still like Ripoff Report and you have to use your own judgment on what you read.

Am I going to convince you that what someone states with no receipts is true, that’s for you to decide? I did write a rebuttal within my site and if you choose to read it you can.

I really feel that people want info, legitimate info to make decisions.

Sometimes people use what is intended for good as a way to abuse.

All In All

How deep you dig is going to save you money. Finding that diamond in the ruff in the Wild Wild West (world wide web) can be difficult.

Doing research, finding the right business, and making time is the key to making money online. How much money can you make? It all depends on you.

I did my digging on Wealthy Affiliate. I found my diamond in the www world. Check out my review and let me know what you think.

What is your take about digging deep, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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