How To Promote Products With A Website: Get The Gist Here

There are people out there who like to promote products that they recommend, and a website is an excellent way to promote it.

The problem people face is how do they get started with a website and if it’s a lucrative way.

Well, I’m going to shed some light here and let you know the benefits along with the pros and cons of promoting products with a website. You are going to get the gist here!

The Good News

products for a website

Websites are all over the Internet, and if it weren’t lucrative, people wouldn’t list their domain names inside search engines.

We all go online for something, and we may have purchased a product or service by a recommendation.

There is nothing wrong with that. It’s a win-win situation for both the website owner and the searcher that was looking for answers to a question.

For the website owners, they made a commission because the searcher purchased a recommended product.

As for the searcher, as you know, they found new data that helped the searcher decide if they should purchase a product or service.

So, promoting products with a website is absolutely a great way to earn revenue.

Now that we’ve got the basic idea of promoting products on a website, let us dig a little deeper.

Starts With A Specific Interest

Before you run off and start a website, it’s not like promoting everything you like on one site.

That might work if you’re a celebrity like one of the Kardashians but, being that we are everyday folks here, it makes sense to be more specific with your website.

What I’m getting at if you want to promote products or services on a website, narrow it down to a specific niche.

A niche could be something like reasonably priced designer handbags. You might be one of those people who like quality products, and you know how to find great deals.

You can start building a website around that specific niche and believe or not your recommendations can make you money.

Niches can be about anything. The best way to start a website is to think about the things you enjoy from parenting to drinking water.

Let’s look at drinking water as a specific niche, there are a lot of products out there from water filters for your home to an individual water filter bottles, and anything in between.

If you are getting where I’m getting at, your website is very pinpointed to a specific niche where people will go to that want info for particular products and services.

Let’s Break This Promotion On Your Website Stuff Further

As you can see, narrowing down your website to a specific niche keeps you in line with regard to what your site is about.

There is no use of having a website if people are not naturally going to it through the search engines.

You want your content to rank, so people go there and purchase your recommendations.

If you think about you searching online for a specific problem, you read about it online.

You may find what you are looking for on your first attempt.

If you can’t find it, you might dig a little deeper into the search engines to find what you’re looking for.

A way to meet the searcher is to get your website ranked at the top of the search engines. Believe it or not, with many sites out there online, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

An excellent tool to use is a keyword research tool like Jaaxy.

I use it, and it’s helped me reach the top of the search engines many times.

What Is A Keyword Research Tool

A keyword research tool is a service that helps you find keywords that people search for online.

So you don’t have to play a guessing game about what people are looking for online.

All you do is type in a specific word, and it will list several keywords that people search for online.

It will also tell you which keyword is right to use or not good to use.

Keyword research tools are a must if you plan to promote products or services online with a website.

You can get more info about Jaaxy here, and the great news about this excellent keyword tool is that they have a free version that I recommend you try.

Noticed I Said Content, That’s Part Of Promoting Products And Services Online

Believe it or not, people like to hear from your neighbors about products and services. People who create niche websites are people like you and me.

We are men, women, and children that build websites with many different niches. The way to build out your website is by writing content.

Oh, me oh my, I know some of you are out there thinking do you mean I have to write content, yuk!

Well, people have to read what you have to say about what you are promoting. It should be your personality coming through in your writing.

If you think you’re a lousy writer, well you’re not alone. I’m not the best writer either. But what I learned about building content on your website is that you are communicating with a friend.

It is more casual than writing a term paper. If you’re worried about grammatical errors, a simple tool like Grammarly which I highly recommend will help you with that.

Writing content doesn’t take that long, especially if you are building out a website that meets your interest.

Once you get the swing of things, you will find endless content that you can write about with a specific niche by using a great keyword tool.

How Will People Buy What I Am Promoting?

Now we are getting into the fun part here. There are millions of affiliate networks out there that will give you links assigned to you personally that you put on your website.

If someone clicks on that link and purchases a recommendation, you make a commission.

You can go to places like Amazon, eBay, or more private affiliate networks and find products and services that you want to recommend.

Each specific affiliate program or network works differently, but what you mainly do is apply and wait for their approval.

These programs are free to join, and a majority of them want you to promote their products or services through a website.

Now That We Dug A Little Deeper Now Let’s Get Into The Pros And Cons

I want to start with the bad stuff first. I’m not trying to make you run, but if you’re in the know, you’re going to know.


  • You must write
  • You must be self-motivated
  • It takes work
  • It takes time
  • You might get denied from some affiliate networks or programs
  • It could take six months to make your first dollar
  • It can be overwhelming at first
  • Frustration
  • Writers Block
  • You might think you’re not up to par
  • You must put in the time
  • Not every keyword will rank high in the search engines

I don’t want to scare you away, but as you can see, it’s not a quick way to make money online. Your time is needed to get there.

With anything that takes time to get there, you might experience negative feelings, or you get lazy because it’s not like a job you wake up and have to go to every morning.

So, you have to be self-motivated if you want to be successful at what you are doing.

I know what it’s like to write too. Some people can write with ease, and it comes naturally to them. Then there are people like me, who have to push themselves to get motivated.

You might get denied by an affiliate program or network. The company may tell you why such as you don’t have enough traffic. It’s not the end of the world if that happens build more traffic and apply again.

How Do I Stay Motivated

You’d think it’s all about money, but it’s more than that. I like to help people make money online. I enjoy assisting people to become the star of their own lives.

We have too much negative stuff happening out there, and a great way to find your zen is through doing things you enjoy.

Being in your lane working on an area in your life where you’re not just helping yourself, but others are motivating in itself.

Even if it’s a material thing like designer handbags, you can get a cheap bag that carries your items, but sometimes people like something beautiful for themselves.

A website like designer handbags that they got at a reasonably priced is helping someone save money.

For me, those bullet points with those cons outweigh the intent of why I started my website. I wanted to help people find ways to make money from home as I wanted.

So Now let us Get Into The Icing On The Cake, And That’s The Pros

Believe it or not, great things can happen if you stick with it.


  • Ranking No. 1 in the search engines
  • Build lots of traffic to your websites
  • Make your first dollar
  • Continue making money consistently
  • Helping people
  • Learning a new skill
  • Working from home
  • Can get to be a full-time income
  • Work anywhere you want
  • Interaction on your website
  • Other ways you can make money with your sites
  • Growth
  • People share your content
  • Stay home with your family
  • Work any time of the day
  • No boss
  • Priceless experiences

As you can see, there is the icing on the cake. I kid you not, from my experience from the hard work I put in, and when something significant happens, it is everything.

From your first dollar to that special thank you is everything.

Even if it’s a handbag and someone says, thank you for helping find something I love, and it didn’t cost me what I thought it would. I just wanted you to know that you helped me out.

Common, how could you not be touched by that. Not only that you made money and it was a win-win situation all around. You really can’t put a price tag on that.

Starting On The Right Foot Is Everything

Anything that takes time to grow; you want to start on the right foot. You want to start with the best services out there to reach your goals.

I’m going to let you know where I started and where I’m at today. I’ve been there for over five years now, and this service is excellent.

They will give you the tools like,

  • Hosting
  • Step by Step training
  • Domain Registrar
  • Keyword Tool
  • Live weekly training

More or less info you need to build and adequately promote products with a website. It could even be your products, and this service here will help you with all of that.

The cool part is everything I’ve listed from the keyword tool, Grammatical help, and the training all come with free versions.

That means you don’t even have to pull out your credit card and there are no obligations.

All In All

There is a way to promote products with a website. There are lots of advantages and some disadvantages.

You can promote pretty much anything with a website, and there are plenty of Affiliate programs and networks willing to work with you.

Your goal is to get to the top of the search engines.

Some people may feel that it is a bit of a task, but with proper tools, it’s easier than you think.

What is your take about promoting products with a website, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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