I Want To Be Cute Too At The Beach: But A Pandemic Is Happening

There is no age discrimination when it comes to being cute. Everyone wants to be cute, despite the fact if someone thinks they don’t.

Being cute is something my mother used to say to us girls when we were growing up. We were supposed to be doing something, but instead, we were trying to be cute.

My mother would put us in our place when need-be by telling us to stop trying to be cute and go clean our rooms or do the dishes.

When I Saw This News Footage Of People At The Beach Yesterday…!


I was stunned to see so many people at the beach trying to be cute.

I want to be at the beach too, trying to look cute wearing my swimwear with no care in the world while a pandemic is happening.

Then my mind was starting to think of all the nastiness of it all.

Such As…!

  • Walking barefoot in the sand stepping in someone’s spit.
  • Digging my hands in the sand, then rubbing my eyes.
  • Someone sitting next to me sneezes.
  • Wading in the ocean while someone next to me is urinating.
  • Bringing my beach towel home with an unknown bandaid stuck on it.
  • Taking a shower, finding sand all inside my swimwear.

Did You Notice The View Was From The Sky!

My mind was starting to think of the news crew. (see the news footage right here).

A boss probably asked one of their employees to interview people on the beach.

Employees probably were thinking the same thing I was thinking about the nastiness of it all.

  • sneezing
  • bandaids
  • touching their face by habit without thinking
  • spit
  • urine
  • jaws
  • every kind of germ floating in the air

I’m sure the news crew thought there is no medical mask or suite that will feel safe wearing talking to these folks.

The next best thing was the sky by filming people enjoy their time on the beach.

I know, the news probably wanted to show the mass amount of people at the beach during a pandemic, but sometimes your imagination runs wild when stuck at home.

I Also Couldn’t Help But Think If There Were Some Bloggers On That Beach Yesterday.

When a pandemic is happening, I don’t think the beach is a perfect spot to blog!

Any other time might be cute, but now you’re not infecting yourself but bring home contamination.

  • Sand all in the keyboard
  • The screen filled with sneezed bodily fluids
  • The bag that holds devices go urinated sand kicked into it
  • The outer layer of the equipment and bag is infected

The blogger gets home, and now the children kiss their parent then runs to their grandparent and kiss them too.

Now everyone got infected with the Coronavirus, all because a blogger was trying to be cute at the beach blogging.

You know where I’m getting to next!

A family member could end up in a crowded hospital fighting for their life all because of the cuteness of it all.

I Know, I Know My Imagination Got The Best Of Me

I know everyone gets the point of staying home and be cute there.

Do not spread the virus, especially by being irresponsible.

I also have another point, and that is working from home is incredible.

Families are together, and it is priceless time that everyone should treasure, although a pandemic is happening.

Only time will tell what the future will be, no one knows.

Stay strong, healthy, and be cute responsibly!

If you have any questions or comments about being cute when a pandemic is happening, feel free to express your thoughts below.

Plant, Water, and Believe!

10 thoughts on “I Want To Be Cute Too At The Beach: But A Pandemic Is Happening”

  1. Perfect post and I must say that it is a sensible thing to do right now by staying at home and laying low for the pandemic to be totally gone and over with before resuming work back anywhere in the world. This is really great to see and thank you so much for sharing. Thumbs up to you and I must say, great post out here. Thank you so much for bringing this reminder.

    • He Rodarrick,

      Yeah being at the beach on a sunny day is not laying low. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. All the best, Evelyn.

  2. I am realizing more and more how great it is to be an introvert! I don’t want to be at the beach blogging at the best of times, let alone during Covid19. You raised some good points about self protection, and self isolation. Where ever we are, its just some good old common sense, as far as proper ways of sneezing [into your sleeve – for me, then I would be washing my shirt], the distance from people in general, the 2-metre rule [here in Canada], and I could go on and on about what my mother taught me! Yes, its a pandemic out there. And, yes, I want to have fun, yet I want to be safe. No beach day for me!

    • Funny thing Leona, being stuck inside my home I realized that I’m not as introverted as I thought I was. I guess the good thing is that I learned a little bit more about myself.

      You gave some great tips about sneezing which is how I sneeze and other great tips that we need to do. From that news report though, knowing a pandemic is happening, it seems some people don’t have a care in the world.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips, Leona. All the best, Evelyn.

  3. Here again is another wonderful article about being responsible in this times because there are a lot of people who think it’s a joke and others might want to fuel pleasure and eventually get the virus to others. A real case of this is when a footballer who was advised to isolate themselves for 14 days decide to play some home football with an old friend. I think it is uncalled for. We should understand that the world is trying to put a stop to the virus and unfortunately, there’s no vaccine yet. We just hope for the best soon. Nice one

    • Yes John,

      As you pointed out, playing football with a friend might be a stress reliever, but restraint from all of us will only help. As you said, there is no vaccine coming any time soon, and our best defense is to help each other out by doing our part.

      Thanks for sharing many valid points, all the best, Evelyn.

  4. The thought of wanting to look great and feel free to give anyone a hug or take a selfie while giving someone a peck is amazing, but that great imagination wouldn’t happen is there is a pandemic, so many people will be scared to even come close to each other and one can hardly look as cute as you want because your outfit would be more of safety rather than fashion. Personally, I feel a pandemic would hinder someone from looking cute anywhere or even at the beach.

  5. Cute stuff!  People will be who they are and it always mystifying when individuals put their head in the sand (Literally!) and engage in behavior that puts the rest of us at risk. Amazing really! Part of this is a stress reducer and blocking out the bad stuff in front of them and stepping in it instead. We need to continue to be diligent with our messages and continually communicate with the public during this time.

    • Hey Robert,

      You make a very valid point about, “Part of this is a stress reducer and blocking out the bad stuff in front of them.” I guess we all handle things differently. What is mystifying to me is that if we work together we can get through this sooner. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts, Evelyn.

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