I Want To Be Self-Employed: Do You Make The Cut

Self-Employment is a beautiful way to earn a living.

Income potential is there, and the sky is the limit.

You can put your own ideas to life, and the room for advancement is unlimited.

The dilemma many people face is that once they start the Self-Employment lifestyle, they find out it might not be all that is cracked up to be.

You know you, and if you’re true to yourself, you will see if you make the cut.

So, in this article, I’m going to go over these dilemmas, muahaha!

How Would I Know?

I’ve been self-employed for over five years now. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for me. If it had been, I’d probably would not even have written this article.

Dilemmas from the hard work I put in can really stir up your inner core leading me to run the other direction.

That sucks because despite everything I learned and earn I could let it all wash away. But one spark that kept me in was the fact that I really like helping people.

I enjoy letting others know about opportunities out there in the online world. Being able to earn money online is exciting. However, there are dilemmas and if you experience them, it could really hinder you.

So it’s time to nip these dilemmas in the bud or you may just realize that self-employment isn’t for you.

What Are These Dilemmas

Can You Get To An Aha Moment?

That is finding the right fit for you.

I’ve tried a few things, and I realized it just wasn’t for me. When I did find my fit, I was excited because I wanted something that was extremely flexible.

There are many avenues you can take such as,

You have options nowadays that many didn’t have before the Internet. I feel that anyone who enjoys anything can make money through their skills and what they like to do.

The problem is that it’s easier to quit something if you don’t like what you are doing.

So know that you have plenty of options out there and think about what you like to do to make money through your skills and hobbies.

The Second Dilemma Are You Willing To Keep Going When You Are In The Red

Can You Make Investments?

This dilemma may be something that isn’t unknown, but it can be a mind bothering dilemma.

What I mean by this is that investments are needed. Some self-employment opportunities do require out of pocket expenses.

These investments might not be a substantial amount of money, depending on what you’re looking to do.

If you think about any store that is opening, you can’t sell stuff without the inventory needed to make profits.

Even online businesses require investments. If you look at building a website it requires hosting, a domain name, and publishing content to get views to your site.

If you’re thinking about even starting a YouTube channel which is free to do, you might also have all the supplies needed to get your channel started, but you need inventory on your shelf, and that is uploading videos to get those subscribers and views.

Once you establish how much you’re in the red, it could be troublesome to people who continue thinking about being in the red.

So know that being in the red is part of the self-employment game.

Your goal is to stay consistent and continue keeping adding inventory on your shelf.

Now let’s get into the third dilemma.

The Third Dilemma Is All About Empty Wallets

Are You Willing To Work When No Money Is Made?

Most people who love what they are doing would do it even if they don’t make a dime at it. If you feel troublesome or keep worrying about the money, your mind will prevent you from achieving your goals.

Of course, people go into business to make money, but if you’re not willing to work even if it takes a year to make your first profit, know that you’re going to pressure yourself into quitting.

It took me six months to make my first dollar, and working at it was worrisome when I felt no results were happening.

If I didn’t keep at it, I would have missed out some of the best days from accomplishing goals and multiple sales

Know that hard work is part of being self-employed even if you haven’t made a profit yet.

The Fourth Dilemma Can Really Mess You Up!

Do You Listen To The Naysayers?

Supportive people are the best, but people who you think are going to be supportive might not be.

If you’re ever going to start anything, I feel it’s best to do it and not talk about it amongst your circle.

If you can avoid telling people and go after what you want to achieve, you don’t have to answer to anybody.

When I started my first MLM opportunity, my late husband was okay with it, but he wasn’t the most supportive person either.

When things weren’t going my way, he wasn’t too happy about it. I also didn’t like what I was doing, and his negative words didn’t help the situation, so I quit.

Then when I started my second MLM opportunity thinking it was going to work, which it didn’t, I didn’t even tell him about that one. It all boiled down to me thinking about the potential money along with doing something I didn’t like doing.

I just went about doing it because they told me I could do everything online. Finally, I put my foot down and said MLM is not for me, but I really wanted to be self-employed.

When I found this service here, there is support within their platform, and I didn’t tell my late husband about it either. I just did it, and when I started making money, he didn’t know what I did.

I wanted to tell him exactly what I did, but I know my late husband, and I felt he would start taking control and mess everything up. I won’t get into too much of our relationship, but I just know him.

He just let me do my thing, and he always thought I made money from sort of cloud, Lol. So he just let it go. I guess you can say as long as mom is happy, everyone is happy, Lol.

I know some of you out there have spouses and you know your relationship. If you’re one of those people who like to try a lot of stuff and your spouse isn’t too keen about it, it can be tough when things don’t look great.

I can’t tell you what to do regarding your spouse, some of you have spouses that support you no matter what and others don’t.

I’m not telling you to sneak around your spouse either. If you are going to discuss your opportunity with a spouse that isn’t supportive, I feel it would be best to set some ground rules if you have to.

Let your spouse know that you must give it a chance, and if things are not looking too good in a year or two, you will consider moving on.

As for your circle, I would not say anything and to them. People are going to question you and dah, dah, dah. You’re already trying to make things happen, and when people are in your ear, and things are not going your way at the time, you could talk yourself into quitting.

You heard that saying, you can’t please everybody, but if what you plan to do is something that you want, you must stay centered in your inner being and keep it up.

So, keep those naysayers away!

The Fifth Dilemma Is A Whirlwind

Can You Continue On Through The Storms?

Notice I didn’t write the word storm but storms because if we just dealt with one storm life wouldn’t be so difficult.

But, we all go through stuff in life, and your career does intertwine with your life. We go through changes, and there are always ups and downs in life and business.

But if you want to be self-employed, it can be much more challenging to stay productive rather than going to a job.

You have to be self-motivated. I know first hand how difficult it can get.

I’ve lost loved ones. I lost my sister to cancer, my husband, who had heart failure, and my brother that was in a car accident.

The losses I had all happened so close in time to one another. I thought, geese! Can I morn one life for a moment!

My work ethic went out the door; I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to. I get it that people die, it’s a part of life, and we are not promised tomorrow, but I didn’t have the drive to continue.

I had to pull myself up and stay productive.

Okay, I will be honest about my productivity. My productivity is gradually building, but I know that I have to stay productive if I want to sustain being self-employed.

So be real with yourself and know that storms are going to happen. How you handle those stormy weather is your decision.

I’m not saying you have to be insensitive, but unfortunately, life keeps moving with you or without you.

So ask yourself can you keep it up through the storms.

That ball we all live on continues to spin no matter what. It is the way the world works!

So Let’s Recap These Dilemmas

Before we recap these five dilemmas, I feel that these are important if you want to keep yourself above the water. I experienced each of these dilemmas, and I know first hand how difficult it can be.

We all handle things differently and if you can’t handle it, know that you may not make the cut. So be true to yourself because storms come!

  1. Choose something that fits YOU!
  2. Finances and investments are needed even if it is just your time to obtain profits!
  3. Work even when you haven’t made profits.
  4. Keep those naysayers away
  5. Sustaining your work ethic even when storms hit.

I selected these five because I know what it is like.

I tried stuff that didn’t work for me.

I made investments!

I know out of pocket expenses were need.

I worked even when profits were not there, also when I made profits, storms hit.

I also know what it feels like to have naysayers around you. I learned that if I do my thing, stay in my lane, and keep at it; I don’t have to answer to them.

Keeping yourself motivated is difficult, especially for those who never experienced self-employment.

So it all boils down to finding the right fit and staying motivated despite the fact.

All In All

Self-Employment is great. More people are doing it more so than ever When I found this service here. The Internet is fantastic because you don’t need a substantial amount of money to get there.

What it takes to make the cut is to be able to do it and keep doing it.

Stuff happens, and profits don’t come in a matter of minutes.

Your skills are needed, time is necessary, and your energy and hard work are required.

What is your take about being self-employed, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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