InboxDollars Review: Can It Be Worth It

Is getting an occasional email from InboxDollars can even worth it? I read so many stories about IBD (InboxDollars) on both sides of the fence.

I’m sure you’re wondering what is this InboxDollars’ about and if it can be worth it?

Read my review and I will let you know what I personally experienced.

Specs About InboxDollars

IBD Review

Product: InboxDollars
Year: 2000
Free Access: Yes
Overall Ranking: 7/10
Owner: Daren Cotter

The Rundown

What is InboxDollars aka IBD?

  • InboxDollars aka IBD is mainly a service site that allows you to make some extra cash from home.

How does IBD work?

  • IBD has many ways you can make money, their main way is through completing surveys, tasks, offers and receive emails to earn money.

How much does IBD cost?

  • Free!

How does IBD make their money?

  • IBD makes its money through companies paying them to advertise their products and companies pay IBD to run surveys.

My Take

IBD has many streams of ways you can make money. It’s absolutely free to join.

Once you earn $30.00 in your dashboard, you’re able to cash out.

What you do once you hit $30 is to request your check and yes, cash it because IBD will automatically upgrade your account to a Gold Member.

I get emails from IBD daily.

I participate in their surveys occasionally, the reason I say occasionally is that you do have to go through that qualifying process first before you can finish completing a survey and get compensated for it.

I didn’t let the survey part discourage me because there are other ways to earn some cash through IBD.

I occasionally complete tasks, but the way I earn money through IBD is by receiving my emails, watching videos and searching the web.

IBD Emails

The way IBD emails work is that you will get approximately 3 emails daily.

What you do once you open the email is click the confirm button that you read the email and you get 2 cents for each email you complete.

The emails are mainly about offers such as signing up for a newsletter or car insurance and so on.

If you sign up for an offer, IBD will even compensate you for the amount stated on whatever the offer that you would like to sign up for.

I do want to warn you though that you should be careful because some offers may ask for a credit card.

Just so you know, you do not have to participate in any of the offers that ask for your credit card or any offers you are not interested in.

Just click the confirm button that you read the email and get your 2 cents.

IBD Offers

I really don’t do any offers on sites.

For me, it’s time-consuming to fill out all that info that is required.

The offers that IBD has are surveys, magazines and so forth.

I suggest if you’re going to participate in an offer, select offers that will benefit you.

One of the other sites that have offered similar to IBD is a site called ClixSense.

By participating in offers, you do get paid more for participating in them, but don’t feel pressured into doing offers because you’re that close to cashing out.

I say this because it may not be worth it. If you’re making $30 and the offer is more than that, then you didn’t make any money.

IBD Surveys

I’m not a big survey person, but that’s just me. The type of surveys I like to complete are the ones I do not have to qualify for.

PaidVeiwPoint and tellwut are sites that you can participate in their surveys and you don’t have to go through a qualification process.

If you’re interested in those, don’t hesitate to check those sites out.

I try a couple of IBD survey’s daily and I usually qualify for one or two a week.

IBD Scratch And Win

If you like watching videos, IBD has a way where you can participate in their scratch and win to win money.

The way it works if the more videos you watch the more scratch-offs you are able to obtain.

With each ticket that you are rewarded, you have the ability to earn more money on each scratch and win.

IBD Games

I don’t play their games at all.

You do have to sign up to play IBD games.

None of the money you earn in the games area goes to your earnings in your IBD dashboard.

What happens is you get a different username and password.

IBD has promotional games to play.

You do have to play them 15 times before the promotion ends and you will get rewarded points.

Some points are 1500.

It just depends on the games.

When you reach a certain amount of points by playing games, you can cash out for gift cards like Amazon and they also have a visa gift card if you are more into spending money wherever you like.

IBD Searches

You can search with IBD and get paid up to 15 cents daily.

The money adds up quickly when you search with an IBD search engine.

One thing good about their search program is that you don’t have to change your own search engine browser.

All you do is just click the search button and start searching and earning.

IBD Videos

I mainly make a good part of my earnings watching their videos. I’ve seen videos as high as 10 cents.

The common going rate for a video is 1 cent, but it’s not rare to get a 2 cent or a 4 cent video.

If you think a few cents don’t add up, then think again.

People wouldn’t be utilizing IBD’s opportunity.

To give let you know what I mean IBD has over a million active members and paid out over 25 million since 2006.

IBD Coupons

I’m not a couponer but if you are and you’re not using InboxDollars coupons, shame on you, Lol.

IBD pays you ten cents for every coupon you redeem and yes, your saving money.

The coupons are from a company called Coupons Incorporated. I’m not familiar with coupons with IBD, but Yep, there is a catch.

There is a 2 limit coupon that you can print out.

IBD Tasks

InboxDollars offers task. I do tasks on other sites, but I will occasionally do a few tasks inside IBD.

If you’re unfamiliar with tasks, you get paid for doing tasks like searching for something from Google by following their instructions.

Tasks usually pay from 4 cents to 1 cent. Sometimes they have survey tasks that pay around 50 cents.

I noticed IBD doesn’t have a lot of tasks and their rates seem a little lower than some of the other sites like ClixSense or Mturk.

IBD Radio

Just like ClixSense and FusionCash, InboxDollars pays you to listen to the radio through RadioLoyalty.

For every ten minutes that you listen you get paid 1 cent.

When the ten minutes are up, you enter the code RadioLoyalty asks then you get paid.

IBD Shopping

Yep, you get paid to shop. You get as low as 1 percent from JCPenney to as high as 20 percent from

All you do is click on more and find shopping, then you find the stores you want to shop at.

If you find items you want, you earn the percentage the store offers.

I haven’t tried this, but this year I’m gonna get some stuff here for my children on Christmas and I will update you on my shopping experience with IBD.

IBD Referrals

I haven’t really advertised IBD. So I have zero referrals. You do get 10% of your referrals earnings if you do get referrals.

I’ve been doing IBD for almost a year and I’ve made over a hundred and fifty dollars without any referrals.

The Way IBD’s Cash-out Works

Once you hit $30 you can cash-out.

IBD will ask you to go up to $40 so you don’t have to pay a processing fee.

To me, that is a crock of shi*!

Okay, I won’t say the word, but I always cash out when I get to.

I do not ever prolong my cash-out time because you never know.

There have been sites that close and you spend all this time trying to get to the point to cash-out and then the site is closed.

What Happens When You Reach $30

So, what happens when you cash out at $30 IBD will give you $27.

Then they will automatically put $3 back into your IBD dashboard.

I feel like IBD utilizes this cash-out idea to keep you active in IBD.

For me, I want my money ASAP because like I said earlier, you never know if a site will not be available any longer.

The Sketchy Side Of InboxDollars

Yeah, IBD got some dark stuff going on.

Month To Get Paid

They only pay you by checks and the first check takes about a month to come in your mailbox.

A good note though is that, once you go through the whole process of cashing out and depositing your check, you will start receiving your checks weekly.

Offers That Require Credit Cards

IBD has offers that require your credit card.

You really don’t have to earn money by participating in offers, but they make offers the best way to make money.

Qualifying For Surveys

Most of the time you will not qualify for the surveys and that can be a time-waster.

Not Really Paying You $30

Like I just stated earlier, they seem to try to keep you in by not mailing you the whole $30 for participating in whatever you have chosen to make money with IBD.

I know they give you the $3 back in your dashboard, however, it’s not the same as actually getting paid the whole $30 for the time you participated with IBD.

All In All

When I did my research on IBD’s site, I was leery to join. I decided to try it because it was free.

I was surprised when IBD never asked for any money not even to upgrade.

I’ve been a member for about a year and I receive a 27 dollar check about every other month.

I don’t spend a lot of time on IBD, but the more time you spend doing stuff on this site the more money you can make.

I spend about two and a half hours daily with all my recommended sites.

I prefer to spend most of my time building my own site.

If you like money and you want to make some extra cash, you may want to check out My #1 Heroic Site.

All of my recommended sites are free to join and Yeah, you can make money from them as long as you do it. So give it InboxDollars a try.

If you want to learn how to make money from your own website, then I highly suggest you check out My #1 Heroic Site.

They taught me a great deal and you can check them out for FREE and see if it’s right for you.

If you have any questions or comments about InboxDollars, please feel free to let me know below, thanks!

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    • Hey Elvis, I don’t think you can get paid by Payoneer with InboxDollars, I just cashed a check through them a week ago. The thing though with this service is that it will take a while to accumulate the cash. If you have a problem with that, it may not be for your. They have over a million members and it does work. I don’t spend a lot of time in there, I watch a few available videos, do the emails and when it’s time to cash out, I do it. The first check takes the longest to be sent, but after that once you cash out they will send you a check within a week. I use to spend more time doing these types of sites, but now I spend more time on my website. Anyhow, I wish you the best Elvis with many blessings, Evelyn.

  1. Hi, congratulations for your site. It is a very useful tool for those that they search an extra cash through internet. I don’t live in USA, I live in Argentina so I would like to ask if I can use the Inbox Dollars. Thanks, Vassiliki.

  2. Hi, do you know some sites where I can take cash for surveys even though I don’t live in the USA or Canada? Thanks!

    • Hey Sefra, I don’t know what country you are in, but what you should try and do is a Google search by adding your country’s name paid online surveys. You may find results that way. I know there are surveys out there for a specific country, so you may want to try that. Wish you the best, Evelyn.

  3. I have been making a few extra dollars on this legitimate survey site. They pay by check. They usually send you surveys that you might qualify for based on your profile and if you don’t qualify for them they enter you into a $10 dollar drawing.

    • Hey Margarita, I’m going to join and see how it works. If it’s great, I’m going to recommend it to others. I love helping people generate some extra cash from home. Thanks for the info, Evelyn.

  4. I just started IBD. Payouts are low for online survey sites, but they can add up. I like this one because I’m not wasting time with surveys that I don’t qualify for.

    • Hey Jess, I do this site all the time too. It does take some time to get your money, but it does work. Lots of people like to make a little extra cash and this site does provide that. Thanks for your thoughts, Evelyn.

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