Income Review: Deceptive Tactics

I came across this video on social sites.

I’m not writing a typical product review; rather, I’m writing a deceptive way of marketing.

Income Snap is the web address of an Internet Marketer.

When I was watching the video, it seemed like what she was promoting was not misleading at all.

She appeared to be very honest with her approach.

I’m sure she grabbed a lot of people’s attention, but when I found out what product she was promoting, I thought it was a bit deceptive.

In my Income Snap review, I’m going to explain what were these deceptive marketing tactics.

Specs About Income Snap

IncomeSnap Deceptive Image

Product Name: Income Snap
Year: 2014
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Website URL: Overall Rating: 0/10

What’s So Deceptive?

What I found so deceptive is the way she was promoting a service.

This person made it seem like people would be working from home making a decent living.

It turned out not to be jobs at all.

What it turned out to be were completing offers.

Offers you can find on a lot of sites without paying a dime.

Let’s go over some of the deceptions she made.

I’m putting this out there because I found some really misleading tactics that give Internet marketing a bad name.

Deceptive Appearance

This young lady in the video looks like a nice lady. She says she has a family and two young children.

I can’t tell you if this is really who she says she is. What I discovered about Internet Marketing, especially when it comes to working from home, some of these people tend to say they are someone else.

Just because the person doesn’t look like they just walked out of prison, doesn’t mean they can’t be deceptive.

When I did my research on this site, I found out the owner of the site is, Paul Birdsall.

If you watched the video and read the reviews out there, you know that this whomever person was deceptive in their marketing tactics.

Who Is Paul Birdshall

IncomeSnap Paul Birdshall Complaint

I don’t know much about him, but he is well known for the Streamline Funnel System. This system is not in business anymore. If you’re into internet marketing you may know who he is.

Income Snap Video


This so-called Sandy Sauve talked about how she makes an honest living from the internet.

She said there is zero out of pocket costs to get started. She said you will be working with very big companies.

  • No No Hair
  • Netflix
  • Proactive Solutions

Another deception in the video was when she said what you will be doing.

  • Basic Data Entry Worksheets
  • Email Validations
  • Age Verification

For me, that seems like you will be doing some basic auditing for companies that have a big online presence like Netflix.

This person also said you can do this at any time. For parents out there and people looking for a job, this can really stir up a pot. Especially when the person said at no cost.

What Really Bothered Me

IncomeSnap MyFlexJob Partner

What really bothered me was when this person said why they were promoting this service.

This person said, “she” wanted to win a “trip” for her family. I know for a fact that MyFlexJob has an affiliate program.

When this Sandy Sauve refers someone to join MyFlexJob, she gets paid a commission for every member she signs up.

I don’t see anything wrong with getting paid to promote a product or service. As long as the service is reputable and helps people. This is how a lot of Internet marketers make their money.

What’s really deceptive is that someone probably wanted to help this person win a trip, so they weren’t bothered to pay the fee.

MyFlexJob Affiliate Program

This MyFlexJob offers an affiliate program for people who want to promote this service.

As you can see in the image above, they pay people $5 or more if someone qualifies for MyFlexJob.

I’m assuming that once someone finishes the process of filling their info and paying that first offer of $25. The Affiliate like Sandy Suave will make a commission.

Just so you know, I do not promote MyFlexJob or get paid by them.

Does MyFlexJob Hire People?

MyFlexJob doesn’t hire people to complete jobs. MyFlexJob also uses deceptive ways to get people in. If someone joins MyFlexJob, what they will be doing is completing offers.

I wrote a review about MyFlexJob that you can read if you’d like.

I personally like to find ways to make money from the Internet. As difficult as it can be, these misleading deceptive ways are just plain rude.

People probably will sign up for MyFlexJob based on how this so-called Sandy Suave presented herself.

Some people may join based on this “Vacation” this person said she wanted for her “family”.

There Is A Fee To Pay At MyFlexJob

If you join MyFlexJob, it cost $25 to complete your first offer. They have you pay for this My PC Backup service that no one needs.

MyFlexJob claims you need this darn backup just in case they need to question an offer that a person completes.

They claim you get your money back. What I found out is that you don’t get your money back. What you get are points.

If a person were to complete this backup crap, they wouldn’t get their money back. What they would get would be 2500 points.

What’s really bad, is that you need 5000 points to cash out. I don’t call that getting your money back. Points and dollars are two different things.

Here’s a warning, you may never complete enough offers to even get your money back.

How Do You Get Paid?

According to Sandy, she said you can get paid by check or through an eWallet from a company called Payoutpass.

I got a comment on my site about MyFlexJob. One of the complaints she had was about this Payoutpass.

IncomeSnap Lee Comment

The person who left a comment on my site said there were a lot of fees. When I went to Payoutpass’s website and checked out their terms, this is what it showed.

IncomeSnap Payoutpass Fees

In my opinion, we already get a lot of fees from our bank accounts. This eWallet is just one too many fees that I’m sure many people don’t want.

If you consider the points you have to make, the fees applied to your payout, and the transaction fees that you may get, a person may not get paid as much as they think.

Is Deception Necessary?

I personally feel you don’t have to be deceptive to make a buck online. We all understand that people want to earn a living.

I believe this Sandy used the trip as a ploy to get more referrals.

Good products and services are not deceptive or misleading about what they offer people.

Misleading tactics can cause damages just like many people who left a comment on my site.

There are ways to build a business and work from home. My #1 Heroic Site teaches people every day.

All In All

For a lot of people, times are tough. These deceptive tactics are not right or necessary.

My suggestion to everyone is to do your research, especially when they are asking you for money. Like I said on my sidebar to your right, stay safe, keep your money in your wallet, and don’t be too easy.

What is your take about Income Snap, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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