InstantCashSweepstakes Is Closed: The Doors Are Closed

If any of you have logged in to do some quick unqualified surveys, unfortunately, ICS is no longer one of them to use.

ICS has closed its doors.

When You Log In

They closed their doors on January 31, 2017.

I know for me, it was a bummer because it was a very easy way to make some extra cash from home.

Another bummer was that it was a survey site that didn’t require people to qualify in order to make some extra cash.

It’s kind of a rare situation for survey sites that do not require people to qualify for surveys to get paid.

ICS didn’t really pay a whole lot of money, but it was a way for people to simply do surveys and not spend a whole lot of time trying to qualify first to get paid.

Doors Do Close

closed ics

I’ve seen doors close before and this is why I prefer not to keep all my eggs in one basket.

It’s always nice to find other ways to make money from home.

This way when a door closes there are other ways to make some extra cash from home.

One of my favorite ways is through Wealthy Affiliate.

I learned a lot through my first year there and I experience some challenges, however, I’m not afraid of challenges and it sure makes the experience for me not to get bored.

The Good News

ICS has a sister site called PaidViewPoint. Their doors are still open and their requirements are a little different than ICS.

As you can see from the image above, ICS recommends that people become a member of PVP.

I’m also a member at Paid View Point and their survey site is also a site that doesn’t require a qualification process in order to complete surveys.

A Quick Rundown About Paid Viewpoint

You can read my full review about Paid Viewpoint. To give you an idea about how PVP works, is that all you have to do is sign up.

Once you sign up, they will ask a series of questions about yourself.

You also have a trait score that will measure how honest you answer their questions.

If you answer their questions honestly your trait score will go up and you also get paid to complete surveys.

From my experience, each survey last around 5 minutes.

Once you hit $15 you are able to cash out and get paid through PayPal.

There are some other details, but that is the gist of how PVP works.

How Do I Know PVP Won’t Close Their Doors

You don’t know, but like any job you work outside the home, you could go to work just to find out they are closing their doors.

With jobs offline I had in my lifetime, I’ve experienced businesses closing their doors for whatever reason.

I know there are situations in life that we can’t control, but from my experience, that means another door opens.

It’s just the way life is and without taking any sort of risk, you will not get anywhere.

This is why I took the risk to build my own website. The reason being is that I have more control over what can happen plus it was another way to open a new door.

All In All

As we all know, doors do close. Businesses close their doors all the time for whatever reason. It doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world.

As you know, even though ICS closed their doors, PVP doors are still open and it doesn’t hurt to check them out.

You the saying, one door closes another one opens.

If you want to know about other doors, then I suggest you check My #1 Heroic Site. It’s a place that made me realize that there are other possibilities out there.

What is your take about InstantCashSweepstakes closing, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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