Internet Crime Statistics: Americans Are Losing Billions

I read an interesting article by Statista about Americans losing billions of dollars due to internet crime.

There is a lot of money that is going to criminals online.

The amount of money that people are getting duped out of is shocking.

However, with internet crimes, I’m not surprised.

I Research A Lot Of Internet Opportunities

Internet crime is everywhere online.

People express their concerns all the time.

Sometimes people don’t understand how anyone can fall for them.

Sometimes people fall for these crimes because people are just not in the know.

A lot of scams get placed in trusted parts of where we go online, and when people discover something that interests them, they tend to check it out based on their guard dropping.

Trusted might be seen on or by,

  • a celebrity endorsement
  • a brand they trust
  • a trusted relative or friend endorsement
  • a trusted resource like magazines or a website

Even though people trust because of what is listed above doesn’t mean people should believe.

What tends to be happening according to Statista is that the scams are the same, but the scammers are using more sophisticated approaches.

I Couldn’t Help But Agree With Statista’s Findings

From what I’ve seen and researched in the past about business opportunities, scams are using more sophisticated approaches.

Yet, the scams that are pretty much the same.

Scams are not just in the business opportunity, there are scams online in pretty much all industries.

Celebrities have a problem where criminals or scammers using their names and images where these celebrities don’t endorse their products or services.

Scams use brand names to sell their schemes.

People get their social media hacked all the time, and scams use their profiles to scheme their contacts.

Magazines or info sites might have ads on their websites that they don’t necessarily endorse.

Job boards have a lot of scams posing as jobs when that isn’t the case at all.

Dating sites and charity schemes are on the rise. People’s images are always getting lifted and used to scheme people on dating sites.

It’s unfortunate, but when disasters happen, scams use a tragedy to scheme people out of their money.

That doesn’t mean everything you come across on the internet is a scam or a crime.

However, it is obviously out there, and people should research before they jump the gun.

One Of The Worst Scams I’ve Heard About

I believe I was watching Dateline. Parents were looking for their child who was missing. They didn’t know if a murder happened or if their child was still alive.

It was a high profile case, and the scheme took place by the parents’ vulnerability.

The scammer claimed that they knew where their child was, and if they paid them money, they would give the parents info about their child.

The parents did notify the police, and the police told them that it is a scam.

I’m bringing this up for two reasons.

  1. Criminals don’t care
  2. they prey on people’s vulnerability.

If you’re reading this, your mind is more than likely at peace.

So you might think, how can anyone believe such a thing.

If you have a child missing, and you’re trying to find out what happened, and if there is an inkling that your child is alive, you’re going to do what you can for answers.

If you put yourself in the parents’ shoes, I can see why a parent might pay. Their mind is everywhere. The schemers probably read some clues about what might have happened to a missing child causing the belief factor to rise.

Behind The Screen

behind the screen

The internet is the most impersonal way to communicate. We don’t know everyone personally, so scams tend to disregard the individual part when they scam.

They might look at the internet as an ATM if the intent is to make money from a crime.

These criminals don’t care how they get money. They don’t care what position anyone is in when they create their schemes.

A lot of people and even scammers might say, if they are dumb enough to fall for it, they get what they deserve.

People can get vulnerable at times, and their mind isn’t at peace for some reason.

The internet might not be the right place to go to if a person’s mind isn’t at peace when it comes to scams, but on the other hand, people might go to the internet looking for answers when they need help with something.

From the statistics above by Statista, internet crime is a concern that needs to get addressed.

It All Comes Down To The Intent Behind The Creation

Unfortunately, we don’t know the intent behind the crime that gets created.

When we research for solutions online, at times, we might be vulnerable when we have concerns.

A person might see a new solution to the problem they have.

Whatever got pitched on the internet might be the answer. However, we don’t know the person behind the screen, leading us not to see the intent of what their goal is.

We tend to believe the pitch and trust the intent, and that can very well lead to getting duped out of our money, time, or info.

If you look at Bernie Madoff, he pulled off the biggest Ponzi scheme ever. I know it wasn’t an internet scam, but he was in Forbes magazine before he got busted for his Ponzi scheme.

Imagine if Bernie Madoff did something on the internet, and he said he was on Forbes, which he was, and asking people for money to invest in the stock market.

A lot of people might do it because of what he achieved, not knowing his intent behind his creation.

My point here is I understand why people can get duped, especially if they pull off a scheme for years without any of us knowing the intent behind what he was doing.

In The Make Money Opportunities

I see this all the time where scams say they are featured in certain magazines or on TV when that isn’t the case at all.

I’ve seen ads placed on Google that used Forbes name that placed ads in Forbes, and the FTC has taken action against them.

It’s alarming when we trust names.

I’ve seen ads that used Warren Buffett’s name to scheme people out of their money. Warren Buffett didn’t endorse it, but as you’ve seen and I see online, scammers will do it anyway.

I Thought Everything Online Was A Scam

Many years ago, I was looking to earn through the internet from jobs to business opportunities.

There is a lot of info out there. It took a long time for me to find anything that would help me make my first dollar online. I told myself if I don’t make one dollar online, all of this Sh** is scams.

When my first online check cleared in my bank account, I knew that there has got to be more legit stuff out there.

I learned about Affiliate Marketing in the right way. I learned that it would take time and work. I was willing to do that, and I’ve been doing Affiliate Marketing for over five years now.

What Can We Do To Avoid Internet Crimes

Research, research, and do your research. Most crimes we can avoid by doing our research.

A lot of crimes that take place online are when people are vulnerable to something.

It doesn’t hurt to take a minute and research before you take action.

The FTC informs people about many crimes taken place online.

We may not avoid every single scam out there, but the more we are informed and understand how these scams work, the more likely we will avoid them.

All In All

It’s time to bring those statistics down.

We are not victims here in America. We need to help each other out despite our political views or where our ancestors came from.

I’m an American born and raised here, and one thing I know about us is when 911 happened at the time, not all of us agreed we should go to war, but we supported what our leaders did.

We live in a time where we are divided, but I know we all don’t want to part with our money through some internet crime.

It’s time to come together again, and help each other avoid these crimes.

If you have any questions or comments about internet crime statistics or if you want to report an internet scam or crime, feel free to leave your comment below. Thanks!

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