Is BTC Clicks A Scam: Are You Doing Something For Nothing

I know a lot of people are into cryptocurrency.

Some of you may find that bitcoins might be the one that you’d like to take a chance with.

So instead of mining coins, you might think that a PTC site might be the answer.

No one wants to invest their time and money if they are dealing with a scam.

In this review, I’m going to let you know what the problem is with PTC Sites if BTC Clicks is a scam, and are you doing something for nothing.

Specs About BTC Clicks

BTCC Review

Product Name: BTC Clicks
Year: 2013
Free Access: Yes
Price: a little less than $6 for every quarter
Website URL: Overall Rating: 6/10

My Take

PTC sites are an interesting thing.

I’ve tried PTC sites before. There is nothing wrong with them as long as they pay. Who wants to spend their time viewing ads and then when it’s time to cash out your currency, there is a sudden problem.

With the experience I had with PTC sites, there were sites that I was able to cash out, but after a while, they closed.

There were some sites that paid at first and then they stopped paying.

I also experienced where people got paid, but when it was time for me to get paid, I didn’t and they made excuses.

Then there were sites that never paid at all after I spent my time viewing their ads and got nothing.

So what I’m getting at here is that you are risking your time even if everyone is saying that they got paid.

What Is BTC Clicks?

As you know already it is a PTC site. What BTC Click does is pay people to view ads and after their members reach their payout threshold, they pay via Bitcoin.

It’s a pretty simple process that people worldwide like to do because you don’t have to do much to earn while you are watching TV.

Also, with sites like BTC Clicks, if you click every day the better rewards may come your way.

Standard Members VS Premium Members

If you become a member with BTC Clicks you have the option of becoming a standard or premium member.

If you are a standard member, you earn,

  • 10-second ad pays 0.00009 mBTC
  • 20-second ad pays 0.00011 mBTC
  • 200 second ad pays 0.00026 mBTC

Premium Member

To become a premium member it will cost you, 1.51200 mBTC every three months. That amount is almost $6 every three months.

  • 10-second ad pays 0.00019 mBTC
  • 20-second ad pays 0.00022 mBTC
  • 200 second ad pays 0.00052 mBTC

On every ad you click pertains to how many seconds the ad is advertised on your screen.

As you can see, the longer the seconds show on your screen, the more coins you can make for an ad.

On average you will see around 12 ads a day. Ads can vary depending on how many advertisers purchase ads.

Are There Other Ways I Can Earn Money Through BTC Click?

BTCC ads

The only other way you’re able to make bitcoins is through referrals.

You can either purchase referrals or should I say rent referrals, which I don’t recommend people do.

You also have the option to obtain direct referrals. The best way I know to get direct referrals is through a website.

If any of your referrals click on a consistent basis, you can earn 0.00009 mBTC and 0.00018 mBTC if you are a premium member.

From the researched I’ve done with the rental referral price, it varies so I’m not going to list the cost per rental referral.

Also, this has happened to me with some of the PTC sites I’ve tried…! sometimes there are no referrals to rent for that day. If that happens, you can check the next day to see if any are available.

Being that I’ve done my share of PTC sites, I personally recommend before you even think about obtaining any kind of referrals, is to see if you are able to cash out first.

I know that might seem like a waste of time, however, if you are taking the time to obtain direct or rental referrals and you are not able to cash out, what is the use of even investing more of your time with a site.

Not only that, but you are also the one recommending the site and you should stand behind the products or services you recommend.

As I listed above, PTC sites are a kind of risky business even if a service has been in business for years.

There is a scenario where some people will rave and get paid through a PTC Site and then there are some who will not get paid.

I don’t know why some people get paid and others don’t, it could be because the Admin of a PTC site may only have a limited amount of money they pay out each day, leading some people to get paid and others not getting paid.

What Is The Payout Threshold?

BTCC bitcoin calculator

BTC Clicks has an interesting feature where they display different types of bitcoins. Besides the name of the bitcoin, the other difference pertains to the number, Lol. As you can see each bitcoin displays their worth if you were to cash out.

  • BTC cash out would be at 0.00010000 BTC
  • mBTC cash out would be at 0.10000 mBTC
  • Bits cash out would be at 100.00 Bits

When I calculated their worth, if you look at the chart above, it pretty much adds up to the same amount of money.

If you are new to all this and how the bitcoin math adds up, I recommend you use bitcoin to US dollar calculator.

So after viewing ads, once it is time to cash out you’re looking at $0.39. That $0.39 money made could take a month or longer to cash out depending on the referrals you get. That’s not a lot of money and I personally am not into the whole bitcoin thing.

But some of you want to invest and you might want to hold on to these coins because the value of them may increase in the future as it has increased since they were discovered.

However, it may end up being worthless as well in the future, so you’re taking a chance with BTC Clicks and Bitcoins leading you to do something for nothing.

What Is The Problem With PTC Sites?

BTCC earn or advertise

If you look at the way BTC Clicks work, it’s based on advertisers and earners.

The advertisers pay by bitcoin currency for their earners to look at their ads.

Just so you know, you could do both. You are able to advertise other opportunities at BTC Clicks and earn bitcoin currencies.

The problem can occur with the ratio of advertisers and earners.

If there are not enough advertisers paying people to look at their ads, how are they going to pay YOU as the earner?

Renting out referrals is another way that you can get paid.

One of the ways to solve this issue is to get their earners to rent referrals. You pay a certain amount for each referral you rent for 7, 15, or 30 days.

The way you earn is based on how many clicks each rented referral clicks.

If you have a rental referral that is clicking on a consistent basis, you would pay to keep them for another week to 30 days. If they don’t click, you can let those expire and purchase more referrals if there are any available.

Another way to make up for that cost is to have Premium Members. Some people don’t cash out and reinvest the money they accumulated to become a premium member.

Just Because…!

Just because a PTC site has been in business for a long time doesn’t mean everyone will be able to cash out.

Like I’ve said a few times within this article, there were people who were able to cash out with other PTC Sites I’ve done and yet, I wasn’t.

To give credit to BTC Clicks, they have managed to stay in business since 2013 so I’m sure there are people out there that we’re able to cash out.

So Are You Calling BTC Clicks A Scam?

BTCC try again later

Some people will say it is a scam while other people will say it isn’t a scam and they cash out all the time.

I won’t call BTC Clicks a scam, however, what I’m going to show you is a red flag. If you look at this image above, it indicates to me that some people might not be able to cash out.

It says and I will quote it…!

“All payments are cashed out instantly if you fail to receive your payment for any reason, simply try again later.”

When I saw that in BTC Clicks Q and A section, it doesn’t say to contact support, it says simply try again!

That could indicate that the Admin only has a certain balance of bitcoins available on a daily basis and
once the Admin reaches that threshold, other members can’t cash out until the following day.

What could end up happening is that you may have a tough time cashing out after spending months trying to reach $0.39 in US currency.

All In All

The choice is yours. I’ve done my share of PTC sites and I personally find them to be a waste of time. It takes a great Admin for everyone to cash out on a daily basis.

With PTC Clicks they even indicate in their Q and A that if you are not able to cash out try again later. You could end up spending months of your time doing something for nothing.

I will not call PTC Clicks a scam, but that Q and A answer to their question aren’t promising in my book.

What is your take about BTC Clicks, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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