Is Software A Scam: They Trick Us

When a Binary Trading Software video comes out and I’m sure all of you are wondering if it’s the real deal.

You saw the video and how the software works.

Now you’re online researching if anyone used the software before you decide to give it a shot because they sure do like to trick us.

I must say that if you are looking at reviews and reading comments, that is great.

After viewing the video, you probably had a general idea about Gemini 2 already.

In this Gemini 2 Software review, we are going to relive some thoughts that you might have when you saw the video and why you should move on.

Specs About Gemini 2

Gemini 2

Product Name: Gemini 2
Year: 2016
Free Access: Yes
Price: Starts at $250
Website URL: Overall Rating: 0/10

The Rundown

What is Gemini 2 aka G2?

  • It a binary options service that has this software that is supposed to help you earn big commissions.

How does it work?

  • Gemini 2 is an app and they claim it has a 100% accuracy that is supposed to predict the binary options trades.

How much does it cost?

  • The software is free to download, but in order to utilize the software, you would need to at least deposit $250.

Who Can Join?

  • Global

My Take

These videos about any Binary Trading Software give out false hopes.

The claims that G2 (Gemini 2) make is no different.

It’s another rehashed video of the same story, different actors, newer cars, big houses, and a story about how the software was invented.

I believe people try these services because who doesn’t want that type of security.

With binary trading they make it seem so simple by setting up the software and going about your business.

Then in a few hours, you return to your device and you have thousands of dollars in your account.

Let’s look at all this realistically.

In the fantasy world, the story in the video is great. You got everything that you can imagine happening to you within a month’s time.

Now it’s time to break down this fantasy and start really looking at what they are saying in a realistic fashion, so let’s get started.

The Fantasy Video

Gemini 2 No Lose

I won’t cover the whole video, but just like the article I just wrote not too long ago, I went over what appears to be great may not be so great.

Even when a site uses great shiny objects and a no-lose fantasy software, you know that there is something missing and of course, that is the reality.

The video starts off with Brandon Lewis, the CEO of G2. He talks about how his software hasn’t lost a single trade. Just so you know, I heard that story before with The Amissio Formula.

Brandon Lewis claims that this software wins around 10 to 50 thousand dollars a day. We are talking about some big money here.

Brandon even demonstrated in real-time how his software was winning trades. He even showed dates that his results were not altered.

Brandon Hit’s the Streets

gtwo jerrythen

Brandon met a guy named Jerry Price. To make a long story short, Jerry has only $63.37 in his bank account.

The minimum amount of money to use the software is $250. Being that Jerry had less than 100 bucks in his account, that didn’t matter because they just went ahead and started trading and of course Jerry won over $1,000 in less than 30 minutes.

The guys even went to a bank to withdraw the $1,000 in cash.

When I saw that, what appears to me is that, they are saying that even if people don’t have that $250 to trade then it’s okay because their software doesn’t lose.

The Reality

They are actually telling people it’s okay, you can try the software even if you don’t have the money in the bank to start trading.

Think about it this way, it’s not their problem if your account gets overdrawn, it’s your problem.

Making Money Extremely Fast

You know and I know that things just don’t happen that fast, the video even showed how Jerry was living after 30 days.

He owns a Maserati Ghibli, a nice 3 car garage house that was fully furnished all within a month. Even if he rented that house, it would take longer than a month to go through the whole process.

Think About The Reality Of That Fantasy Story

Let’s say Jerry did make all that money within a month. There is a process that Jerry needs to go through.

In the first month, Jerry is probably partying it up with his friends.

Not to mention this large sum of money that keeps rolling into Jerry’s bank account. Jerry is just starting to make a ton of money and his bank is going to start investigating where the money is coming from. Banks are not just going to clear thousands of dollars without knowing where the money is coming from.

Unless that Maserati Ghibli was his dream car and Jerry knew exactly what car he wanted, it would take him at least a month to find the car he wanted. If Jerry is paying cash, the car dealership’s bank has to check and see where the money is coming from before Jerry has the keys to the car.

As for the house, you have to go looking for a house before you find the right home. Even if Jerry found that so-called his house within 2 days, he has to go through getting contracts signed and again the banks want their money so they are going to check if Jerry is laundering money or doing any illegal activities.

Getting it done within a month is just not realistic.

Okay, did I just make your fantasy lifestyle move to reality, Lol? Having money that rolls in like what that fantasy video displayed is great, but again, processes are going to happen and the whole video is just a story.

Why The Fantasy Story

Well, stories like these sell. People want a lifestyle without working. The video showed how easily it’s done and even went through how to use their so-called software.

Who wouldn’t want that, but it’s just a story and if the story sells, the people who made the video is going to make all the money.

Think About It

Why would anyone put out a video that says a software doesn’t lose. A person who doesn’t even have $250 in their bank account can even use this software because they will receive 1,000 bucks within 30 minutes.

Like I said earlier, people are going online trying to find anyone who used the software and want to know if what is stated in the video is true.

If you are searching online, your instincts right there is telling you it’s not true, but you want it to be true because the video shows the answer to what people want.

Then you come across videos that claim the software works and you can download the software for free.

The person in whatever video you saw is more than likely not even using the software but getting people to download the software so they can make a commission.

So Who Do You Trust?

Yourself, your own instincts that who you trust. Realistically you know darn well that this is not going to happen.

Why put yourself in a bind when you don’t have to. Binary Trading is addicting and people can end up in a financial mess sooner than they know it.

The Fine Print

Gemini 2 Terms

If you read the fine print, it says right there that actors are used. Yeah, it was the very last part in their terms, but it’s in there.

If you read the whole fine print, to me it’s kind of scary.

If you read that, then where is the trust? When I read that part of their terms, it tells me right there prepare to be scammed. That’s what my instincts told me.

If You Look At The Process

Nothing is that easy, even the people who came up with G2. They had to think of a concept to get people in.

They had to find actors, make the video, use props, edit, and release. If they can get as little as 1,000 people to trade that’s $250,000 in the bank. If they get 5,000 people to trade, that’s over a million dollars right there

Do you think they released G2 just because you’re going to get rich, no? If this Brandon was real, he makes a heck of a lot of money and wouldn’t bother trying to get 5,000 people to trade.

If you have seen any trading software claims, they are all the same and they know they can make money off people with these claims. That is why there are so many of them out there. They rehash them and replay them.

All In All

Your own instincts should tell you what you should do.

I wrote this article because I wanted to confirm what your instincts told you in the first place. To make money online, it takes work just like it would with any business offline.

Just like I said when they released G2, there was a process in how they released their story. It took them work and they used a website to get people to join.

I tell people this all the time and that is, you can make money online, but it starts with a website. You do not have to swindle people either. If you want to properly make money online, then I highly suggest you check out My #1 Heroic Site.

What is your take about Gemini 2, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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