Is It A Scam To: Beware Of The Sketchy Schemes

Sometimes when I see some sort of claim that is supposed to be the answer to making money online and I know for a fact that it’s a scam or these scammers are up to getting people to do some sort of illegal sketch scheme, I can’t help but write my thoughts.

Noticed that I didn’t finish my title and just wrote is it a scam to!

I did that on purpose because with so many business models online, people may think they are building a business that isn’t a scam when it just might be.

When you get a pitch about some great way to make money online, it falls on your hands to make the decision.

Some of these schemes show the money or some great list they got from a lead capture page.

Then people think they may have found the opportunity that just might help them build a business online or make money and don’t even realize they might be getting trained to scam people.

Making Money Online Is Growing Rapidly

Making money online is legal.

If you look at Amazon, it’s an e-commerce site that allows people to shop online.

Google is a search engine website that gives you data.

Social Network sites are where we go to connect with people.

Affiliate sites give us recommendations to products and services when we research for a particular item.

So yes even you can have the opportunity to make money online.

The online world is a beautiful thing because we are able to do a number of things without leaving our homes.

People are realizing that they can be their own boss online or may even find a job that doesn’t require that morning commute.

People do want to be at home with their children along with making money at home.

There are people who don’t have children yet they just don’t want to work outside their home.

Whatever your situation might be, the online world gives you that option to make money online.

Sketchy Schemes Are Out There

Some of these sketchy schemes are quite obvious while others you might need to do some digging before you take the plunge.

Either way, there are some sketchy happenings going on in the online world that may cause you to get sucked into some sort of black hole scheme.

Honest people out there are being told that you can make money doing dah, dah, dah not realizing that the dah, dah, dah they are doing is scamming others out of their money.

Okay, I often like to advise people to look for what are they asking you to do. If you can’t find that data out from their lead capture page ad, you are being suckered out of your money.

When people get sucked into the hole they are either given data that leads them to low quality info or they lead them into being apart of their scheme.

Here Is What These Schemes Look Like When They Want You To Get Involved

These ads don’t tell you how to make money as if it is the biggest top secret that they don’t want you to know.

What they do is explain to you if you want to start marking money you will have to pay a fee to get access to this top secret “idea” they have.

Sometimes they tell you what you will get vaguely without telling you exactly what you get unless you pay the fee.

Everything is always easy, a push of a button and you only have to work less than an hour a day that makes you tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes.

If you decide to pay, some of these schemes will have you promote the exact same scheme that landed you to pay that fee in the first place.

Their agenda is to make money off of you and the people you know.

People should put a value on these ads they come across. Ask yourself are you getting value from those sales pages or landing pages with those videos on them?

Or are they just showing you ads of what life would be like, over-exaggerated money they made, flashing a bunch of shiny objects that make you place your name, phone number, credit info, and your email address to get access?

The Bold Schemes

Some of these schemes will explain exactly what or how their scheme works.

They will have you open PayPal accounts to accept payments when PayPal prohibits these types of schemes to run transactions on.

They will even have you violate terms on sites that they say you can promote these schemes on.

They will even tell you how much it will cost you and most of the time it starts off with you paying a monthly fee.

But if you want to make the big money, you will get upsold and the cost is more than likely going to be 10 times more than what their service is worth.

The business model isn’t much except you promoting these schemes anywhere, anyhow and anyway.

Sometimes there are additional fees to promote these schemes that they didn’t tell you.

The Pyramid Scheme

Some people out there will consider all MLM or network marketing schemes scams no matter how many years they have been in business.

I understand why because most MLM businesses explain their comp plans. Their comp plans are based on recruiting people and not by product sale volume.

If they do show product sales volume, most of the time they explain in their comp plan it is based on recruiting people that buy their products on a monthly basis.

These schemes require you on a monthly basis to sell or YOU can buy a certain amount of products to qualify for one of their “executive levels”.

Most of the time in their fine print, what they don’t tell people is that you might have to get 3 to 5 people to pay these auto-ship fees consistently for a period of three months before you even get your first payment in the following month.

If you are unable to do that, you forfeit either your bonuses or payment.

This causes only the top people to receive that money. The people on the bottom are just paying to keep these pyramid schemes going for years by purchasing their products.

Most of these pyramid schemes people only make around $200 to $1,000 a year.

So you could be promoting a pyramid scheme and it is important to find out those fine print data that no one knows about except the creator.

All In All

It’s your dime and your time. Scams are out there. They will use whatever it takes to take your money. They know that not everyone is going to fall for it.

They are looking for people who believe that money can be made with a push of a button that requires no work to make millions online.

What usually happens is that people will pay a lot of money and get nothing out of it.

When you get presented with the lottery dream life, it is up to you to do your research first.

Real opportunity requires a lot of hard work that you have to do. There is no system that will do it for you.

They will say that, but the only thing you have to do is spend your time reeling people in which does require a lot of time and effort.

What is your take about sketchy schemes, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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